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E.G. Flag

The flag of the Empire of the Grave


The Gravespawn are a race of skin shedding undead creatures that usually dwell in the shadows or will spend time recruiting more to their race, willing or not. They are usually seen wearing head and neck protection if in their true forms, as even a weak hit to an unarmored head will kill a Gravespawn, no matter how powerful they are.

In their true forms they are usually rotting corpses, but mainly skeletal bodies for most Gravespawn, as they have been around for a long amount of time and therefore time for the flesh to leave the body has taken it's effect.

Birdseye of the tomb

A map of the tomb: Red=Palace Black=Laggu Green=Residential Blue=Military Yellow=Industry/Lesiure/Commercial Grey=Walls Light Blue=Ground Purple=Roads Dark Red=Sides of Doom Valley

Any military force of Gravespawn will either attack in hordes, or use precise guerrilla tactics to attack and control strategic positions. The official nation of the Gravespawn, E.G (Empire of the Grave), is politically a Fascist Monarchy, giving full power to their Eternal Emperor and following his every command, though this only applies to members of the nation.


Although the Gravespawn are almost everywhere, the E.G is just a castle called The Tomb, though their empire once had much more land and cities. The castle is an evil looking castle, disguised as a ruin, in case of the unlikely event of an enemy. The castle lies in Doom Valley, the only way to get to the Gravelands, the home of the surviving Gravespawn tribes

In The Tomb there is a prison called Laggu, a living hell for all prisoners, as they suffer an eternity of pain and suffering with no way to end it due to immortality. Not much is known of the prison except that the screams of the imprisoned can be heard all over the city.

Special Features

  • Skin shedding- The ability to remove and place back on your own skin, which makes a good disguise outside The Tomb.
  • Unaged- Gravespawn do not age normally, so they can not die of old age. They can only age while conscious, and their disguise/old form only ages to mid-thirties, but doesn't age if they were above 35 when converted.
  • Skull weakness- Gravespawn have very vulnerable skulls, as even a weak punch could kill them.
  • Cold resistance- Gravespawn are much more resistant to cold temperatures and ice magics.
  • Dark Smog- Some of the most high ranking, powerful, and important Gravespawn are taught to breathe a deadly black smoke, which, if in large amounts, can turn someone else into a Gravespawn, and in normal amounts can cause serious damage.
  • Pain Ignorance- Gravespawn can ignore pain to an extent, because if they lose focus, if they take too much, or they are too exhausted they will feel pain again.
  • Decapitation- If a Gravespawn is decapitated it will still live through it's skull, but they will most likely die from the head falling anyway.


The Gravespawn were first created 200 years before the Human-Monster war when a mad magic user tried to find a way to gain immortality from age, started a ritual which he had devised to become ageless, though either something went wrong, or his ritual wouldn't cause immortality without a price.

After his mess up the now first Gravespawn found out about his skin shedding ability, so he put it to use. He started travelling around creating more Gravespawn. By the time of the Human-Monster war, there were approximately 1 million of them, but with the amount of death in the war, they started creating more and more after every battle. In the Human-Monster war, most factions of Gravespawn stayed neutral apart from the Skulltombs, which was lead by it's warlord Eneich Skullwind, and the Immortal Invaders, lead by the warlord Lord Commander Vladimir. These factions united under Eneich Skullwind and joined the war on the side of the monsters, and fought with surprisingly 25,000 losses out of the 250,000 troops.

When the war ended the E.G was founded and they had roughly 2 million and counting still, so they decided to go to war with roughly 2 million soldiers as military service was mandatory in both war and the time near to the declaration. Although they were unstoppable at first, a commander on the enemy's side discovered their fatal weakness, their head. With this new found advantage the Gravespawn were pushed back to The Tomb in 7 months, until a peace treaty was made. After this war the Gravespawn numbered only 100,000.

Currently there are 3,465,000 Gravespawn, mainly from all of the human wars, and the number is slowly increasing. Even though monsters turn to dust when dead, the Gravespawn developed a way to preserve the body so it doesn't turn to dust which helped increase the number too.


The E.G's scientists have developed many technologies in multiple fields.


The military's most advanced non-experimental weapon which everyone has is a crossbow and sword, however, the scientists have developed new firearms, mainly bolt-action rifles, shotguns and prototype assault rifles, and have begun to distribute them throughout the military which is expected to be complete in a few days with 3 in 5 troops having a firearm.


The E.G's transport is mainly comprised of horses and carriages, with them cars being reserved for transport of troops only.


The communication technology has reached the point of radios, phones, and in some rare cases telegrams to spread messages and other notices.

Military Ranks

The E.G military is similar to normal human forces, but with some differences.


The lowest rank, Grabfutter's are the unwanted soldiers, the troops which no Kriegsarmee wants, and those that have no hopes of being promoted. Only 2/3 of Grabfutters are actually armed with a weapon which isn't a stick and all of them have no armor.


The Grabstiefel are the newest faces to the army. Grabstiefel are all armed with crossbows, a pike, a shield, and a short sword, and wear basic medieval era armor.


A Fachkampfer is a skilled soldier, and has shown this is battle. Fachkampfers are equipped with a tower shield, pike, crossbow, and a large axe and have full body chain mail with some plate over it.


The Gerhartettruppe are hardened troops, who have fought and survived many battles. Gerhartettruppes are equipped with a tower shield, pike, siege crossbow, a great sword, and have a large amount of plate armor.


The Leutoffiziers are the 1 of the 2 officer ranks that are normally on the battlefield, and they are usually in command of a Kader. Leutoffiziers are equipped with the same weaponry as a Gerhartettruppe but have a reinforced shield and have full body plate.


The Gruppenfuhrer is the commander of a Kampfgruppe, and is the highest ranked officer usually seen on the battlefield. Gruppenfuhrers are equipped with the more effective versions of the Leutoffizier's equipment.


The Kriegsherr are the highest ranked commander of the military who isn't in the government, and they command Kriegsarmmee. They have Gerhartettruppe equipment.

Military Groups/Forces


A Kader is a group of 10-25 men, usually made up of 4-10 Grabstiefel, 2-7 Fachkampfer, 1-3 Gerhartettruppe, and 1 Leutoffizier.


A Kampfgruppe has 3-5 Kaders of 25 men and 1-2 Kaders of 10-15, but they also have 1-2 Gruppenfuhrers.


A Kriegsarmmee has 5-10 full size Kampfgruppes and is lead by a Kriegsherr.


A Riegekraft is made up of 20 full size Kriegsarmmees and have an extra 200,000 men in groups which haven't been put in a Kriegsarmmees yet. There are 15 of these in existence, each controlled by a high ranking member of the government

Governmental Groups/Organisations


The Satisregios are the bodyguards and personal army of the Eternal Emperor and are seen as the greatest fighting force and troops the Empire of the Grave have. The group of the Satisregios is the size of a Riegekraft. They all have full plate made of titanium, heavily reinforced tower shields, a crossbow, a great sword, a battleaxe, a pike, and a horn.


The Regestapo is the secret police of the E.G and are usually headed by the Director of the Satisregios. Most members are armed with a small, concealed crossbow, a knife or dagger, and wear a small amount of concealed armor.



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