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"Hey, I know I haven't got that long to live. But do I let that stop me? Of course I don't! I'm going to live my life to the fullest, while I still have the chance to!"

Guinevere (Known to most by her nickname, Gwen) is a Hellain native to West Helk. She comes from a family of great Helk Beast hunters and is very proud of her heritage. She uses great axes (Specially made to pierce the natural armour most Helk Beasts have) in combat, and is said to be one of the most potent warriors to ever live in the Helk.


Gwen is known to care about her appearance greatly. Like most Hellains, she looks like a Human, though has some strange features to differentiate her from them. For starters, her hair is a light-ish purple and is both curly and awfully long. It goes down her back and almost reaches the floor, but not quite. Gwen wears a lot of makeup: Purple eyeshadow over her (larger than average) eyes and also mascara on those very same eyes! Lipstick is an obvious choice, and she wears a lipstick of a very bright pink colour. She considers herself somewhat of a beauty queen but doesn't let that get in the way of her work.

Her clothing… leaves very little to the imagination, you might say. It’s quite revealing, mostly because it's easy to get around in. Said clothes - or what remains of clothes - are white and blue as Gwen thinks she looks best in them. Light armour sits on her shoulders and around her waist, offering at least some protection from the mighty Helk Beasts. Her clothes cover virtually nothing on her body, however, functionally only covering what regular underwear would. Everything else (Barring the shoulder armour, of course) is completely open.

Matching the colours set by her excuse for clothing, Gwen wears gloves that are white with blue stripes so she doesn't get her hands dirty during combat. Sometimes she takes them off for a better grip on her weapon, but rarely so. She also wears boots that are a few sizes to small for her. Again, she often takes them off in combat so she can use 100% of her abilities rather than being limited by her fashion choice. Said boots are white and blue, just like everything else she wears. On her back sits her trademark axe, which she wields with surprising strength and agility despite looking rather skinny to the average onlooker.


Gwen is one to rarely be seen without a smile on her face. Though she knows of the sad fate that awaits her, she wishes to live out the rest of her days in happiness and wants nothing more than to have fun. She's great at perking other people up with her natural happy-aura, and even gives various gifts to people with what little money she actually has. She has little care for evildoers, and prefers to smite them away with her surprisingly large axe before they can do any harm to those she cares about.

She has not told her parents about the situation involving her lifespan, and plans not to so that they don't worry too much over her. Nonetheless, she still goes on Helk Beast hunting trips with her mother, a famous hunter from long ago who passed on her axe to Gwen as a child. Even though she is kind, if anyone even tries to insult her - or her parents - she will be as ruthless as she usually is happy, and will walk away as if nothing happened when she finally teaches said person a lesson.


From a long line of Helk Beast hunters, Gwen's expectations were high from the moment she was born. Her mother would use powerful axes to destroy the Helk Beasts' strong defences while using a bow to attack from afar. Gwen's mother bonded with her over the defeat of the Helk Beasts, and she always looked up to her as the strongest person in the world - a title that which her mother respected, she truly didn't think she deserved.

Eventually, her mother grew too old for axe-fighting and passed her very own axe onto Gwen herself. She went on her first trip alone (Though in reality, her mother followed her in secret should she have gotten herself into a sticky situation) and was able to slay a beast known as Kerias with little help. She didn't even know that such a beast was reserved for veteran hunters until returning home, where a party was held in celebration of Gwen's great feat.

Hunting the Helk Beasts became her profession, and she joined a hunter's guild - the same one her mother had been in all those years ago. Then came the unfortunate day, she was sent out to hunt a very specific beast. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem for Gwen, as she always had a great eye for certain Helk Beasts, but this was different. She was sent to hunt an orange Skorpin, something which sounded crazy to her, as she had never seen an orange one in her life. She accepted the mission, though, and set out.

Entering the Helk's dusty desert regions was no easy task, especially in the clothing Gwen often wears. Finding the orange Skorpin, too, was a hard task in itself, as she passed numerous black and blue Skorpins before eventually finding the orange one she had set out for. It was surprisingly powerful even for Gwen's standards, though in the end she came out as the victor... at a price. She had been jabbed by the Skorpin's tail midway through the battle, and though Skorpin poison was deadly, Orange Skorpin poison was apparently something else entirely.

For days she made her way back home in excruciating pain. Returning the head of the beast to her guild, she took time off in such agony that she could barely move. A doctor diagnosed her with regular poisoning and gave her simple medicine, all was well for a while after that. Then came the dreadful day... She was informed that the Orange Skorpin's venom was different to that of the traditional Skorpin. While they both would put her in pain, only the regular Skorpin's venom could be destroyed with a simple medicine. The Orange Skorpin's would not go away. It would slowly continue to eat away at Gwen, gradually making her weaker and weaker until she could no longer be alive.

Distraught at such terrible news, Gwen debated on whether to tell her parents. In the end she decided not to, as having them worry over her would only cause more sadness in the world. She pretended it was a normal Skorpin to everyone else, and that she had been foolish to let it sting her. She went back to the hunter's guild and everything was well. To this day, barely anyone knows of Gwen's true fate, though the venom of the Orange Skorpin doesn't seen to have taken its first bite just yet...


Gwen disappeared from her home in the Underground one day without any sort of trace. It's possible she made it back to the Helk, but her whereabouts are completely unknown.


HP- 1000

ATK- 50

DEF- 10

During battle, Gwen's ATK and DEF will gradually lower, an effect of the Orange Skorpin's venom finally harming her again. If her DEF reaches 0, she will collapse and be unable to fight. When this happens she may be spared, but if given time she will recover and begin fighting again.


  • The Helk’s own version of another certain fighter. I wonder who that could be?

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