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X-0B is an android created by a long forgotten scientist, now living in Waterfall. After his creator went into hiding, X-0B was able to activate the ability of free will, and began to walk around the Underground. X-0B has shown to be very handy with tools, and enjoys to tinker with broadcasting equipment, more specifically HAM radios. X-0B can commonly be seen wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt, with the sleeves folded up and a white t-shirt underneath, with oil stains on it. He often has smudges on his face and wears black jeans to top off his outfit. He often speaks in a Russian accent, however, this is most likely due to a malfunction within his speech functionalities. Recently, he has developed a more normal name for himself. Normally using the name Hal Raidata.


Hal's skin is a pure white color, as if it was painted, although his skin color is very strange, he still has artificial skin. His hair is slicked into a somewhat Pompadour hairstyle, and is a chestnut brown color. He stands at about 6'6, and he sometimes shows insecurities for being so tall. Although his choice of what to wear is often times questioned, he has several outfits he wears in public.

Normal Outfit

His most often worn outfit includes a leather jacket, zipped up. He wears black formal pants along with black cowboy boots.

Mechanic Outfit

In his mechanic outfit, he wears a complete bodysuit, although it is somewhat baggy, it has a strange insignia on the right side of his chest, nearing his shoulder.


Slade - Slade was one of the first people to show kindness to Hal, although they don't talk much anymore, Hal refers to him as a friend.

Paz - Although their relationship is often clouded, Hal often times visits Paz or babysits her when Lil is busy, Hal teaches Paz an array of history and math, hoping that she can one day leave the Underground and have a "real" life.

Adelaide - Hal and Adelaide met at a Christmas party, although Hal went alone, only around because Slade had invited him, he soon found a friend in Adelaide. They danced, and Hal considers her his best friend.


  • HP: 20
  • AT: 8
  • DF: 22
  • EXP On Kill: 5
  • Gold on Win: 27







  • His last name is a mashup of Raiden from MGS and Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • His first name is taken from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • His body being white is a reference to both Fallout 4 Synths and Alien Isolation Working Joes




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