After a long war with the corrupted humans, the Angel Monsters were sealed into the underworld with the demon monsters (side characters, normal enemies, etc.), and with their strong hatred, have had to cope with each other, but then the demon child Chara, who was raised by corrupted humans, fell into the underground, but just 3 years after Chara fell down, she died due to her weakness to angel magic. Then after many years, God Asgore has killed 6 kids, both angelic and demonic, but then after 5 years, Frisk the Child of Life fell down, the monster's prophesy foretold that Frisk would fall down and free the monsters, as well as redeem the Demons, now Frisk journey's through the underworld, looking for a solution.


to join you:

  • need to have either a demon or angel oc.
  • must ask me before joining
  • mustn't have relations to any canon or AU characters, that includes this.
  • No op characters.
  • no human characters.
  • must not mention au's unless its this one, you cannot mention classic undertale either.

Settings (renamed locations)

Ruins of History

The temples that resided before the Angels were sealed, the Ruins tell of past events that happened during the great wars. So far, Toriel resides there.


One of the coldest places in the underworld, Snowdown is filled with snow and reaches below -5 degrees fahrenheit, and so far, Demon Grillby, River Death, Angel Sans and Papyrus, Demon Kid, and a variety of side characters reside there


The wettest place in the underworld, the monsters there are mostly water demons, and it is one of the historic areas of the underworld, so far Angel Undyne, Napstablook, Onion-death, River Death, Doctor Angel Gaster, and a variety of side characters resides there.


Hell in reality, Hothell is inhabited by classic round-the-house fire demons, and the toughest live there, its one of the more very rocky and futuristic places in the world of Halotale, so far Angel Alphys, Mettaton C.H.K, Doctor Angel Gaster and a variety of side characters resides there.

New Home

Only the home of God Asgore himself, Asgore lives with other monsters who reside at his house, so far Flowey, Asgore, and a variety of side characters resides there.


  • Weed Flowey
  • Goddess Toriel (sprite made)
  • Napstablook
  • Angel Sans (sprite made)
  • Angel Papyrus (sprite made)
  • Demon Grillby
  • Angel Dr. Gaster
  • River Person (Death)
  • Demon Kid
  • Angel Warrior Undyne (sprite made)
  • Onion-Death
  • Angel Scientist Alphys (sprite made)
  • God Asgore (Sprite made)
  • Asriel A. Dreamer (spelled Dreamer)
  • All Side/Normal Enemy characters (all demons)


  • Sans is the only one with a halo

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