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Hazix is a small Monster, not particularly resembling any kind of animal, but rather a Human. He's 3'2, with bright green eyes with no pupils, and shaggy and curly red hair. He wears black clothes and a scarf wrapped around his head, not covering his face. Hazix has four fingers on each hand, and pointed ears. His feet are similar to hooves, except that they each have a single pointy-spike toe in the front.  Hazix's facial features doesn't exactly give away his gender, or his age.

For his, ah, "safety" gear, Hazix wears a mask with a breathing apparatus, although it does not cover the eyes. He also wears a protective black vest with a red emblem on the front of it.


Even if Hazix wasn't as young as he looked, he certainly acts like it. At first glance, he seems to be your average wandering and lost child. Also playful, creative, and constantly smiling. He's certainly gifted with puzzles and whatnot, even being able to understand complex mechanisms. He also likes to draw and craft small trinkets, being semi-decent with art and the like. He doesn't talk about his past, or family, at all. Completely ignores or avoids it, usually with a simple answer like, "I have none".

Of course, every child has a flaw. And this child's flaw is fire. He loves the stuff. One might notice that the edges of his hair is singed, or that his clothes are slightly burnt (hard to tell since he wears black). In fact, Hazix likes to start them, and to watch it. He even has magic related to it. One could say this is to the point of near-insanity.




Hazix isn't too good with magic, and he only has one simple power. He can create fire, but there's a catch: It's channeling magic. That means he must have some sort of object to channel the magic through, whether this be a magic stick, or a small match. Depending on the size and compatibility of the object, the size and intensity of the channeled flames vary.


  • If Hazix was to hear voices in his own head, it would be that driving sense that replaces his own conscience.
  • Hazix has a pet slug. That's partly artificial. It lights on fire, too. He doesn't have a good name for it.

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