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Honey is an Undertale fan character that is affiliated with the Condiment Crew and is the money launderer of the group. Not only does she launder money, she also does the laundry.


Being that Honey is a slime girl, she is translucent and she has a yellow color palette that's similar to the condiment of the same name. Her "hair" flows down to the ground and can act as an extra set of limbs, which proves to be useful whenever Honey is transporting money or needs to fight. Her eyes are just a black color and the pupils can move (though her eyes are just closed most of the time).

Clothing is useless to Honey, seeing as A) She's a slime girl and the clothing would just squish her and B) She has nothing she needs to cover. The preteen is approximate 4'6" whenever she doesn't try to manipulate her form and weighs a mere 90 pounds. You'd think that you'd be able to see her SOUL because of her transparency, however, this is not the case as it only appears when she wills it to appear.


If you were to compare Honey, she'd be like Nui Harime from the anime series Kill La Kill. Like the latter character, Honey is very happy-go-lucky in personality and will maintain this personality trait even when in combat. Unlike Nui though, she isn't the one to go headfirst into combat as she has higher priorities than fighting. However, if she does have to fight, your only warning of when she's about to fight is when her eyes snap open.

Also, Honey isn't off her rocker like Nui. She's well composed and has a well-maintained sanity, despite being a Money Launderer. Speaking of which, her advantage of being a money launderer is her age. Since she carries around her money in a bag that's similar to the bags used for schools, she can use the excuse that she's a school student. Albeit, the excuse is now unbelievable seeing as she's a most wanted by the Royal Guard plus it has been overused.

Battle Stats

Basic Stats

HP: [phase one] 50 points [phase two] 70 points

Attack point: 5

Defense point: 6

Exp Worth: 10 EXP

Gold Worth: 15 Gold


  • Check [A Slime Girl who isn't all she seems.]
  • Talk
  • Offer Money
  • Make fun of



  • Why hello! You certainly don't look like a monster.
  • What's this? Oh, I'm just a student, hahah!

In Battle

  • Out of my way, dear!
  • Are you seriously gonna keep on? I'm impressed, haha~
  • Hmm.. I suppose I should reward you for your valiant effort. OhdearIhopeIdon'tgetpunished.


  • ...Hello dear! Looks like you've been around the block, judging by the ashes that stain your shirt.
  • ...This isn't your job.

In Battle

  • Come on, allow me to use my attacks on you!
  • I seriously hope you didn't touch anyone I care about.
  • [upon being taken down the first time] *Hmm.. I suppose you've won?
  • [Second phase] *Nope! Not yet, aha!


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