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A once moderately successful human author, Hope made the mistake of falling into the Underground after her studies took her to Mt. Ebott, where she now lives as an old, widowed witch on the outskirts of Snowdin. She often works as a fortune teller for those that pay a small price.


In her prime, Hope was a pale woman with smooth, bronze hair often tied into a ponytail. She had sparkling green eyes that always conveyed a sense of curiosity and adventure. For a brief amount of time, Hope needed glasses, though quickly switched to contact lenses after they caused her infinite distraction in her most intense time of writing.

Hope wore clothes that had many pockets and was not one to care much for fashion. In these pockets, she would carry a notebook and some pencils, and something to snack on should she get hungry while "studying" for her newest books. Though not being a fashionista, per say, Hope did enjoy wearing fancy clothes to parties in attempt to look richer- to fuel the ego that she always claimed to never have.

Now, though, Hope isn't what she used to be, as it's been many, many years since she's entered the Underground. Her hair is white as snow now, perhaps fitting of the location in the Underground which she calls home. Her teeth, once nigh perfectly cared for, are now a disgusting yellow, evident of the little care she gives herself.

Her clothing these days is little more than a cloak over herself to hide her face from the various Monsters throughout the land. She wears an eyepatch over her left eye, though it's not clear if she actually lost it. 


Hope once was a curious and ambitious person that was never afraid to speak her own mind. She valued her writing above everything and would write down anything she found interesting. For Hope, the world was a story, and she was the main character. When starting her career, she thought of herself above everyone else, though she soon calmed down as she matured after realising she was writing about rather touchy subjects.

When writing, Hope preferred to be alone rather than around anyone else. Any sort of distraction would have her claim her writing was being affected, and she would promptly remove any distraction no matter what it was. Though a writer, she barely read the work of other people, as it apparently distracted her from her own work. She had a strange opinion of what real distractions were, to say the least.

Hope was not as well known in the Underground as she was on the surface, but monsters that knew of her often thought of her as a wise old sage. She had limited skill in magic, though definitely was wise. She helped monsters with their troubles for completely free, in part due to her fear that they would find out her human identity, though she secretly desired to once again have friends, and monsters coming every so often filled the hole in her heart.


Hope was born a long time ago on the surface. Her parents loved her dearly, but her mother was killed when Hope was still very young. Despite being raised by just her father for the majority of her life, Hope grew up just as well, if not even moreso, than any other child in the world. 

A pencil was always the preferred tool for her to use. She originally loved drawing things, but after learning to write she gradually drifted toward that instead of drawing.  She wrote about many things: Animals, monsters, ghosts... you name it, she probably has a story of it written somewhere in her hefty book. Her talents were recognised by her father, who pushed her further into the hobby until she published her first book.

Very proud of herself, she wrote more and more until she burned herself out. It was at this time she began taking long walks and writing notes about the things she found. Hope met a lot of people this way, and eventually she met the love of her life. Though she thought him annoying at first, the two soon learned they actually shared many interests, and were wed a few years later.

Eventually, Hope's studies took her to Mt. Ebott. She had learned of the supposed Monsters that lived there and wanted to write a book on them. She climbed to the top with assistance from some locals and found the entrance to the Underground. She was surprised to find that it actually existed, but before she had the chance to write anything down, she fell. Almost as if the wind itself had something against her, it pushed her into the hole.

There she lay for a long time. Not yet had the flowers the Ruins are known for grown, so her fall was not broken by anything but the cold, hard ground. Somehow surviving, Hope endured a lot of pain, though lived in the abandoned ruins for a while. When a certain Monster went to live there too, she moved out, and found a little house in Snowdin to live in instead. 

A long time had passed since she entered the Underground, and Hope would wonder if she could ever get out. Though, there was one thing she didn't know when she went there... She was actually pregnant. She gave birth on a lonely night to two children, whom she named Zoey and Marshall. They were her only form of company, for the short time that they were with her, at least.

Another night, just as cold and dark as the last, a man with a slimy beard entered Hope's home unannounced. He found nothing of real value, and was about to leave when the cries of babies interrupted him. Hope awoke to see the man leaving her house and did as any good mother would do, she rushed to her children to protect them, but she was weak and overpowered by the man who completely dwarfed her in size.

He took both of her children as "Punishment" for attempting to fight him and simply laughed at her begging of mercy. He left the house as quickly as he entered, and Hope was alone once more. 


HP - 400

ATK - 12

DEF - 4

Physically frail as one would expect from an old woman, Hope's only saving grace in combat is her vast knowledge of magic. From offensive spells to defensive spells and everything in between, she considers herself a great mage (And not a witch as most people would say she is). 


Hope makes a living by telling the fortune of those that want it told. At a small price of 10G, Hope will reveal (at least some of) her client's future, but it is never clear enough for a full telling of what will happen. Her predictions are little more than that: Predictions. If she spies a bad future in store, most of the time she will offer help in changing it. She's known to lie about futures to those she perceives as "bad", often leading them into situations less than preferable.

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