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In the world of so-called 'Angels' and 'Gods', a crime was committed. One that led to the creation of a horrific and deadly species, the Hybrids. These creatures were both Human and Monster at the same time, unlike the Demons, who were half of each.


Only five Hybrid exist, so their appearances are quite limited. They also died off very quickly, so their appearances were not recorded. In fact, each of the five were quite unique. Imagine a perfectly spliced humanoid-dragon-beast thing. That could be what a Hybrid looked like.


In the time where the Monsters and Humans actually lived in peace, they interbred and created Demons. An 'Angel', Noma, looked upon the potential of the interbred. He saw how powerful their SOULs could be, and he saw their limits. So Noma decided to create a pure, perfected race. He kidnapped five humans and five monsters, ones who wouldn't be missed or noticed, and set up his experiment. The result? A horrific race of creatures. Giving that he only created five, they were quite limited in numbers. However, the Hybrid SOUL was one to be reckoned with. Under Noma's guidance, the five Hybrids went and destroyed a number of Human and Monster towns, absorbing both kinds of SOULs, exponentially increasing their power.

Overtime, the Hybrids developed a sense of right and wrong. They evaded Noma, leaving to hide in areas where they were never to be discovered. While in their exile, the Hybrids decided to create the Oath, a promise to never use their power and SOULs to harm others, and the Oathtakers dedicated themselves to a life of pacifism.

Unfortunately, not all the Hybrids took the Oath. Only three out of the five took it, and the other two refused to. This led to conflict, resulting in the event where the eldest of the Oathtakers lay bleeding at the feet of his two brothers. The other two Oathtakers fled from their fury. As the hunt continued, the remaining Oathtakers broke the Oath, and devoured SOULs to increase their power to defend themselves. That didn't save them. One was granted a swift death as he fled for his life. The other fought valiantly to no avail. Her end was a slow, torturous one.

The remaining Hybrids were left alone. One of the two, the most violent and destructive one, who was granted the consumption of his siblings' SOULs, turned on his last brother, the most intelligent and crafty of the Hybrid. The challenged fled, evading the challenger's reach. In a swift move, he decimated his own physical form and fled as a mist form, never to be seen again. The challenger roamed the lands, disappearing as well.

As of Noma? He mysteriously vanished as well. Perhaps one of the two destroyed him too.

Powers & Abilities

Again, only two Hybrids live up to this day. Each have unique skills, some being more physical, while some empowering their soul. However, these are the most basic powers of a Hybrid.

Some Hybrids have wings, so they can fly. Most of them have sharp claws, strong jaws, and pointed teeth just for destroying their obstacles or enemies. They mainly rely on physical attacks. Hybrids have the power to emit time waves, which slow down time around them for very short intervals, usually a second each. Hybrid souls are also very powerful, being both Human and Monster. 

Hybrids have the ability to change their appearance, though this is very difficult, possibly only doable once for each Hybrid, and the new forms bare resemblance to their older selves. Seeing that the Hybrids bear temporal abilities, they are a powerful source of Determination. 


Hybrids bear few weaknesses, seeing that they aren't meant to be flawed, but they do have weaknesses. Hybrids expend a large amount of energy in their actions, which is problematic. They become tired with each consecutive attack, which drops their defense and attack. Hybrids must rest or end their enemies quickly to combat this weakness.

Hybrids are also susceptible to extreme heat or cold, for that either burns or numbs them, and that expends energy even faster. Normal weather in the Underground probably would not affect them.

Notable Hybrids

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