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Ibli are often pale, and have yellow, orange, or even red eyes, although black eyes do sometimes occur. They have sharper teeth than humans, almost fang-like in appearance. They are somewhat comparable to demons, and are often mistaken for them. Some are born with wings, however this is rather rare, and they are often told to hide their wings. They are often tall, at least 5'9 on average, they are known to have dark hair, but some are born with lighter hair.


Ibli are shown to have a very short fuse, most having anger issues, however, there are some quiet and shy Ibli. Some are born with allergies to large amounts of water, but this is not common at all. Smart Ibli are uncommon, but they do happen. Most Ibli are shown to have slightly over average to below average intelligence, often having talents at certain things instead of being good at math or science. They often have an aptitude with using machinery, and often having surprising strength for their size.


The Iblis race started with two seemingly normal monsters, a male and a female. They were young, but filled with magic. Living in Naples, Italy, the two monster’s relationship was unknown. Some say they were brother and sister, others say they were good friends.

Despite how they were related, the next things that happened are documented facts. The two monsters decided to climb the mountain that was nearby their hometown of Pompeii. Upon reaching the top, they looked down to witness the boiling pool of magma within. They went to alert the rest of the town, but the female slipped. In a desperate attempt to save the female, the male tried to grab on, but slipped with them

Upon landing in the lava, something strange happened. Instead of them instantly melting or turning to dust, their large amounts of magic combined formed a reaction with the magma. This produced 2 results, on of which being the 69 AD eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed the town of Pompeii. The other result caused the two monsters to form into completely separate entities. The were still monsters, but much different.

They were creatures formed of purely magic and fire. They were an inferno of power. They were monsters, but much, much different. They were the true Iblis, more powerful than monsters or humans. Some rumors have spread that these Iblis controlled the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, yet this has never been confirmed.

The two fled the scene, fearing what would happen next, and went to a secluded area. Soon, they began reproducing. However, the power of the offspring didn’t compare to the power of the originals. This continued, leaving the legacy of the true Iblis behind, having their true power be lost forever.

Many centuries later, Iblis began to more closely integrate with monster traditions. It was true, they were different from monsters, however, not only were their origins within monster history, but they also had very similar anatomy to monsters, being made of mostly magic, turning to dust when killed, etc and etc. Thus, while most Iblis consider themselves independent from normal monsters, they happened to be classed in as a sub-species by most. Including humans, which meant that, once the time came, they were sealed, with the monsters, into the Mountain of Ebbot.

(Still being worked on... Maybe)


Pyrokinesis - It is well known that all Ibli can control fire, although when they are young they are only able to create sparks

Floating - All Ibli can float, and they have been known to be skilled at it, most of them would rather float off the ground than walk

Flight - Few Ibli can fly, but it has been known to happen, and it takes time to learn or master


  • The word Iblis was taken from a Game Grumps episode of Sonic '06


Fredbear and freinds for the history

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