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The super handsome prince of skeletons, beloved by all, he is awfully shy but incredibly strong, despite of this and was orphaned at a very young age, he is also part vampire and his eyes shine like diamonds in the light of the twilight, he is the only vampire-skeleton in existance, also secretly the long lost half brother of the skelebros.

Lol made ya cringe didnt i?

Keep scrolling for the REAL deal. XD


Igneus Symphoniae on first sight appears to be your average ever lasting ray of sunshine, always trying to see the positive side of things and with seemingly endless energy.

He is very friendly, sometimes annoyingly so, but if you get to know him better you might just get yourself a good friend who will always have your back.

Despite being on his own most of the time, usually traveling all around the underground in search of some kind of "adventure", he lives for others, nothing makes him happier than seeing others happy and because of that, he tries to be happy all the time, because there is no better way to make others happy than being happy yourself, or so he thinks.

He might seem like he is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy all the time but this is not the case, he just tries to seem happy to lift the spirits of those around him but not everything is always as it seems.

Igneus likes music, juggling, magic, acting, and any other forms of entretainment, he tries to learn as much cool tricks he can in order to be able to keep people entretained and happy.



  • Unknown (Not saying he might be related to the skelebros, just leaving it open in case anyone wants to create an OC that is related to this guy).


"Everyone is my friend!

Like that guy i met once when walking around the city, and that shop clerk, and that lady who greets people, oh and the king! Yeah! I once got to hug the king, he is so fluffy! Sure, the guards almost killed me since i kinda hugged him by surprise but hey, its a cool story now, right?"


(Anyone and everyone who goes through his line of sight even for a second).


"Enemies? No way!

Everyone loves me and i love everyone!" (Or so he thinks).



  • HP: 150
  • AT: 5
  • DF:8
  • EXP On Kill: 25
  • Gold on Win: 100


  • HP: 5555
  • AT: 12
  • DF: 11
  • EXP On Kill: 130
  • Gold on Win: 550


Check, Cheer, Show a trick, conduct, Ignore

Flavor Text


*A skeleton stands in your way, he tries to amuse you with tricks. [Encounter]

*He likes to make everyone smile and have fun. [Check]

*Igneus is so eager to show you some tricks that he rattles his bones. [Neutral]

*Igneus hums a little song while preparing his trinkets. [Neutral]

*Igneus stretches. [Neutral]

*Igneus seems glad that you liked his tricks, he adds more Bravado to his tricks. [cheer #1]

*Igneus rejoices, his tricks get Bombastic. [Cheer #2]

*You should show him what you can do!

His tricks grow with Grandiosity. [Cheer #3+]

*You turn away, he seems confused by the sudden change of heart. [Ignore #1 after Cheer #1-3, this will reset Cheer and Ignore actions]

*Igneus likes it but he is trying to entretain you. [Show a trick #1+]

*Igneus absolutley loves your trick, he wants you to show him how you did it! [Show a trick #1 after Cheer#3, becomes spareable]

*So much to share! [Show a trick #1-7 after spareable]

*Ok thats enough of that.. [show a trick #8+ after spareable]

*Waving your arms is fun but it doesn't do much. [Conduct #1+]

*You don't show much interest, his tricks get Scarce. [Ignore #1]

*You don't find this amusing, its getting to him, his tricks become lesser. [Ignore #2]

*You really don't care for this, he doesn't know how to get your attention anymore, his tricks are diminished. [Ignore #3]

*You turn to him, there is a glimmer of hope and joy in his eye sockets. [Cheer #1 after Ignore #1-3, this will reset Cheer and Ignore actions]

*Knowing he can't get your attention, he leaves. [Ignore #4, Auto-Spare]





"Why, hello to you too!" [Check #1-7]

"Is there something on my face?" [Check #8+]

"Wow human, you really think im that interesting!" [Check #12+]

"Oh, Oh!

I have a lot more tricks!" [Cheer #1]

"Oh This one will blow your socks off!" [Cheer #2]

"How about we increase the fun!" [Cheer #3]

"Hold on!

I want you to show me that one after im done!" [Show a trick #1+]


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