Scraping could be heard from Italias shed, obviously ignored as that kind of sound was not unusual from her shed. In all honestly, it was ignored when something exploded. The pink and white bird was struggling to open a slightly rusted trapdoor. With a grunt, the door scrapped open. She pulls her flashlight out, shining down the now open and pitch black hole. The darkness receded as the light peirced it. Broken parts of machinery were here, as well as computer parts.

A single lone computer screen provided light, apart from the light in Italias's hands. The screen was a deep blue, casting a blue tint to everything the light touched. Italias closed the door and approached. A red light next to the computer turned on, and the screen returned to a desktop. Sighing, she sat in the barely comfortable chair. "It's been a while." She said. No noise came back, which surprised Italias.

"I Know you're awake, V." She said. An almost robotic sigh came through the speakers. "Yes, I am. It has been a while, hasn't it?" The voice, while almost robotic, had that feeling of intellegince.

"It has. I guess I kind of forgot about you." She did a few keystroked, bringing up a very weird, moving picture. It spoke as the computer talked. "So, why are you here now? Finally gonna try and shut me down?" 4 red lights turned on, 2 on each side of the room. They belonged to robots, who turned to look at Italias. "No. Just checking on you. I'd never destroy my best work." With some more keystrokes, 3 windows came up. One had a blue file, one had a green file, and one had a transparent red file, apparently hidden.

"Well they seem in order." She closed the windows, opening 4 command prompts. 3 of them were continously printing out data, faster then was readable. The fourth, after a couple more keystrokes, printed hundreds of megabytes of data.

"You've been busy." She sighed. The program watched through the camera next to the computer. "I have. So much connections." Italias got up as it watched, and she walked back to the ladder, climbing up it. She turns around "...I am going to have to delete you soon." The red lights lit up again.

"You're too unpredictable." She said, scraping the lid back.

"You would know!" The computer yelled back. "You created me!"

"Goodbye, VOKKA."

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