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Ixca is a purple bird monster and the sister to Italias. Unlike her sister, the ends of her arms are talons as well, all 4 talons being black as night and feel almost scaly. Her talons are exceptionly sharp, able to cut into even Agarif scales with moderate difficulty. She has a crown of feathers sticking up at the back of her head, much like a peacock, but shorter and with normal feathers. She usually has a flower in it, but what variety is unknown, only being know to also be purple. She wears a baggy black jumper with a hoody, and red trousers. She is exceptionally quiet when she wants to be, to the point where you can't even hear her breath, and is good at slight of hand, lockpicking and climbing, due to her being a thief. As such, she is in a lot of trouble with the royal guard, being known through it by her escapes.

She is often found in waterfall and hotland, but frequents Grillby's a lot, to the point people see her asleep with her head on the table being a normal sight. She also sometimes drinks, but nearly never to the point of being drunk. She is skilled at healing herself and others, but her usually selfish nature makes her heal herself before others, and as thus is usually unreliable as support. She has little friends, and many enemies. Like all of her family, she is fast, and a great dodger, better then her sister, able to even counter attack.

Italias and Ixca have a love-hate relationship with eachother. They hate eachothers views, habits, and a lot more, but they will always fight together, Italias being the only relation she has. Ixca hates mainly two things, humans, and people who act upon their hate.




  • None


  • None


  • Too many to count, but mainly Le Gume


  • HP: 1500

AT: 11

DF: 10

  • EXP On Kill: 24
  • Gold on Win: 194


Quick swipe - a quick swipe with her upper talons, usually can cause heavy bleeding if the target is not blocking.

Power swipe - It takes a second longer, but this swipe is done to deliberately tear the very flesh off of her target, and even make armor useless with and exceptional hit.

Sharp beak - Her beak is very sharp, allowing for deep, painful bites.

Kick - Her feet, whilst their talons are not sharp, are very strong.

Sweep - She is able to sweep the feet out under lighter opponents

Healing - she can heal herself or others.

Silent + speed - Her fast yet silent nature can get her to deal heavy damage before her target realizes she is there.


  • She is Italias sister
  • Her most famous crime is stealing Asgore's trident as a dare. She anonymously returned it a few days later.