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Jackson is 5'2" and is some sort of unknown species, he has 2 horns or ears of some kind, a baggy hoodie with a blank face art on it, and parts of his pants that are pointing inwards. He has a blank stare and 2-inch claws he uses at his leisure and is a good pal towards papyrus and sans, he is also in a relationship with an unknown character, He is very short tempered and will kill if he is insulted or his friends get hurt. Jackson is roughly 19 to 21 years old. He wears a red hoodie that was given to him from someone special.


Jackson is very ill-tempered, and is extremely musical, mostly into lazy songs, he likes to listen to a song based off of a english version of a vocaloid song. He loved the outdoors and spends most of his time in watching over the underground as a retired knight after he got injured on the battle field, from there he started science, he began studying the mysteries of the world and started to become smarter and smarter working alongside Sans and Alphys, as people speculate with his weapon strategy and mysterious door on his roof, despite people pointing out he wears clothes like a lazy bum. He enjoys watching over the monsters, and enjoys being a mystery monster.


Jackson is not fully human, he once was, he started climbing Mt. Ebott around age 15 and fell through a sinkhole, but he fell into the ruins and fell onto a save star, but his arm landed on a creature of some sort and he transformed into Jackson the Mystery Hybrid. He then followed Toriel, saying he lost his memory, and then he started to live in snowdin, in a house next to sans and papyrus, then Sans started to work with Jackson alongside my OC Chase. From there Jackson's life became amazing.

The War's Influence

Jackson did get caught up in the Monster-Human war, he fought mostly core monsters and eventually got shot in the back by an arrow because a part of his body was exposed, He became deathly frightened by arrows and spears from the experience and is why he loves to do science, that's the influence the war had on Jackson



  • All Good Monsters
  • Asgore
  • Undyne
  • Royal Guard
  • Sans


  • Chase (my first oc), Droplet (a son of an OC of mine), (Unspecified Love Interest).


  • Sans, Papyrus (Normal), Undyne, Toriel, Napstablook, Frisk, and Alphys, Chase, Droplet, Love Interest.

Familiar Faces

  • Minor Monsters, Monster Kid, Asgore, and Mettaton


  • Chara, W.D. Gaster, Parents.
  • Flowey



  • HP: 800
  • AT: 10
  • DEF: 10
  • EXP On Kill: 200
  • Gold on Win: 90


  • HP: 900
  • AT: 5
  • DF: 1
  • EXP On Kill: none
  • Gold on Win: none


  • HP: 900 - 1000
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 30
  • EXP On Kill: 900
  • Gold on Win: 200


Check, Beg, Ask, Question

Moments with Jackson


When you meet Jackson, you're traveling through your town, but you hear rustling in the trees, then you hear Jackson speak and then you start a conversation asking what he is, but he completely ignores the question and then you become friends.

When You Are at His House

"I'm a hybrid of a species of unknown monster and a human, only thing known about me is I'm half human". That is what Jackson says when you go to his house after you meet him about 2 hours in, (making this up as i go), then he talks about his backstory and all of that.



GenoJackson has a torn and big frilled collar and his hoodie has turned into a split jacket, his horn ears have grown into demon horns and his human-monster soul is visible for the fight. His Claws have grown 2-inches longer and his pants form a pattern to make the royal family symbol. His eyes are totally empty and he has a angry frown and eye look on his face.


Jackson's cannons have grown in size, shooting bigger, but slower lasers, he can use his pillars of red energy as staffs and pillars to shoot from the ground, walls, and floor. His giant blades are now able to swing across the battlefield, yet very slowly, and he is able to turn them red, occasionally, upping the speed ever so slightly. He can let his soul go out onto the battlefield, much like Mettaton, and he can make them not shoot lightning, but shoot determination pellets at you, if you do grab them, your health will replenish and you will have 1 extra food item, it sounds OP, but if you put it into context, it isn't.


After you kill him, he falls onto one knee and monologues about his past and how he used to be our laid back and super smart friend, he then slowly leaves in the overworld and then it animates him patting you and leaving.


  • Jackson's attacks aren't the same, but similar, He has special staffs that are colored red that he throws at his leisure for an attack, he has 2 blades but is only able to use them on the attack box (in a fight), and he has Laser Cannons, not related to gaster blasters, they are small cannons that fire small and decent speed lasers that miss most of the time, but can hit if he bothers to aim
  • Jackson is actually some sort of animal monster/human hybrid.
  • Jackson wears the hoodie because it was given to him by his brother
  • Jackson's Knee patterns represent a part of the royal family's symbol in undertale, meaning he was a knight.
  • Jackson worked with my OC Chase and Sans to try to repair the machine, but to no avail.
  • Jackson has 1 percent of each trait, and the last 93% is revenge.
  • Jackson is not allowed powers, unless in emergencies or in genocidal cases like Chara
  • Jackson is not as overpowered as he sounds, he never uses his powers unless necessary
  • Jackson hates knock knock jokes
  • Jackson will do anything to protect Sans or Frisk
  • Jackson's genocide form has horns, not ears, but his overworld sprite looks like he has ears, which adds to the mystery of what is on his head
  • Jackson wears a red hoodie, unlike Underswap Papyrus (made by PopcornPr1nce) who wears an orange hoodie, and like him, he also smokes, but only when people aren't focused on him.


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