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Jeroak is a fluffy and scaly monster that prefers to wander around Hotland and Waterfall. He has no set home, and can be fought in Hotlands. This page is a work in progress!


Despite how fluffy his fur looks, Jeroak's fur doesn't keep him all that warm. His fur is very thin, and if he bothered to brush it down it would form a thin belt-like area around his waist. This is also why he goes to Hotlands a lot and sometimes avoids Snowdin. His thin fur doesn't keep him that warm at all, so he generally stays to places that have warmer climates. Sometimes he goes to Waterfall as well, but he mostly stays in Hotlands. He is mainly purple and has green eyes. He is also usually seen wearing jeans and a green shirt along with blue fingerless gloves.

Personality and Traits

Jeroak is a nervous wreck, letting things get to him easily. This, combined with his soft voice, makes him very cute (personal opinion by Candykitty). He normally cuts off certain syllables when he speaks such as instead of having -ing he would speak with -in and such speaking like that. Despite this, if someone does him wrong he is always eager for revenge. His poorly made plans combined with his good hand-eye coordination make him somewhat unpredictable if he gets in a fight. Recently, he's taken a whole new interest in science. The reason is because he's been a part of a RESET, and retained him memories. He's tried toying around with what he can and managed to tap into other timelines and such, and learned that if timeline B was affected, timeline A would also be affected. Due to him learning this, he experimented with different ways he could affect his own timeline... He experimented enough to bring one of his friend's sisters to 'life' even though they were never really dead, just trapped. After learning about that, he started to take notes, do calculations, and study books about time and everything he could about the sciences. His studies aren't only limited to time either, as he also wonders how magic can channel throughout the body, and what would happen if a magical entity was deprived of their magic, and/or make it a different type of magic altogether. With this, he wants to find things he can actually test upon, but until then, he relies on already known basis of magical entities and calculates what would happen from there. Jeroak is actually a lot smarter than one would think, and he's very careful about everything he does. He makes sure that no one will hurt him or his friends, and a lot of the times he will put the ones he loves in front of his own needs. When he cares about someone, he truly cares.


Born to a happy family in Hotlands, Jeroak was a simple and humble kid and was that one kid that would always sit alone at the lunch table, not because he was bullied or anything, but because he didn't like to talk to people. After a while, he grew out of this but still stayed quite shy. One day, when Jeroak was only 11, his parents just... disappeared... It's still unknown where they actually went. Along the years, he's come out of his shy shell and started to go to people more... Even though he's not as shy as before, he's still shy and nervous, but just not as much. He doesn't really live anywhere and hangs around Hotlands most of the time, but can be found nearly anywhere. Recently in his life, a person by the name of "Doll" came around and took him in. She's been a friend to him ever since the start, and even though Jeroak doesn't really like her sometimes, he still stays with her... She might not be the best influence on Jeroak, but at least she's not the worst.


Tail sweep - 5 DMG - Jeroak steps to either the left or the right, and he swings his tail on the other side of the bullet board. If he steps to his right, for example, his tail will hit the left half of the bullet board. This attack lasts 10 sweeps.

Tail stab - 8 DMG - Jeroak stabs his tail into the bullet board, covering every inch of space. The tail is either colored orange or blue. The only way to not get damage is to move or not move depending on the color. During this attack, right before he stabs, he might reverse the SOUL so instead of moving when orange, you have to move when blue, and vice versa. This, however, is not common, only totaling to about 3 times it will occur if this attack is used 10 times.

Fury Punch - 2 DMG - A small exclamation point (!) with a box around it, similar to one of Asriel's attacks, but is actually quite different, considering instead of a lightning bolt, he slams his fist into the bullet box. The reason it only deals 2 damage is because there are 30 punches that occur within a 15-second timeframe.


He will enter a battle with the text "Leave me alone. Now." and he will be able to be spared automatically. If you choose to do ANY other action besides spare, you can NOT spare him anymore. In order to escape the battle, you can either flee or wait for 10 turns before he gets tired and just gives up.



HP: 350

ATT: 8

DEF: 10


HP: 450

ATT: 12

DEF: 30


"Leave me alone. Now." [Encounter]

"Oh you asked for it!" [If you attack him when he spares you]

"I don't got time for people like you!" [If you use any of the [ACT] commands instead of sparing him]

"Agh! Heh.. Nice hit." [When hit]

"Die already!" [6th turn]

"Gettin' tired of fightin' you... Just die..." [7th turn]

"I..*huff* You ain't dying aren't you..? *huff* You're a tough one... *huff*" [8th turn]

"*huff* Just.... *huff*.... Give..... *huff*... UP!" [9th turn]

"...Just...*huff*....die......*passes out*" [10th turn]

"Ack! think....I think I'm going to die.... T-That.....that hurt..." [When killed]

Flavor Text



Doll - Doll saved him from dying from Beleco. He's been a friend to her ever since. She's taken him in and given him a home, but sometimes the two have petty fights and sometimes act like brother and sister in a way. Doll is really the closest Jeroak can come to family as of now, and that's why he respects her so highly.

Beleco - Beleco slit his throat and left him to die. He's had a hatred towards Beleco ever since and hopes one day that he can kill her.

Naifu - She's been Jeroak's best friend, and stuck with him through a lot of his 'shenanigans'. She cares a lot about Jeroak, and Jeroak cares a lot about her as well. He'd do almost anything to protect her.

Ajax - Ajax is another one of Jeroak's friends. Although sometimes it doesn't seem like it, these two guys are really good friends. Jeroak hangs around Naifu and Ajax a bunch and shares laughs, and pretty much everything together. They go on adventures together, and Naifu always comes along with.

Espada - Jeroak was the one who extracted them from a timeline, along with Knife. They are best friends, even though they haven't known each other that long. Jeroak is very protective of Espada and will protect her even if it means sacrificing his own self. He hopes it won't come to that, but he won't second guess himself if it comes down to it. Recently, he has said to Espada that he liked her, and to Jeroak's surprise, she said she liked him back. Now the two are in a relationship.

Knife - Jeroak and Knife haven't talked that much, but from what he can tell, Knife is a pretty cool person. They hang around them sometimes, but mostly with Espada, so these two haven't had much contact and conversation exchange.


  • Jeroak is perfectly capable of making dirty jokes. A 'sinnamon roll', if you will.
  • Jeroak's parents are also assumed to be wanderers, although they were separated by unknown means.
  • Jeroak is 19 years old.

"<Jur-ock> Obama" - Yossipossi
it's actually <Jare-oak> not <Jur-ock>



Front/Back Ref (Drawn by Candykitty!)


Drawing of Jeroak with one sword by The Seventh Soul! Thanks!


Drawing by Cyber the clinically depressed xd. He's got that smirk from the new double swords now!

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