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Jerrigar Jerrichi is a mage within the ranks of the Royal Guard, specifically RG10. He is known for his enchantment skills and for his treatment of those lower than him.


Jerrigar is a short monster, being around 4ft tall. Most of his physical features are unknown, thanks to his clothing, but Jerrigar has burning emerald eyes. He wears a blue robe with a fur collar, which has a white Delta Rune on the front, bordered by a golden diamond-like shape. The some border is also on the back of his garments, but instead there is a silver symbol of a clenched fist, the emblem of the Jerrichi family. Jerrigar wears armored boots, along with an armored glove on his left hand. Below his elbow has been amputated on his right arm, so he wears a shoulder plate that covers the entire arm, for protection. The hood of his robe usually covers his facial features.

Jerrigar's staff is an iron bar that is welded to a green core, with resembles an eye. His giant gauntlet-hand, used in substitute for his right hand, is consistant of enchanted metal plates that connect to form the gauntlet. However, they can also can rebuild themselves into a portable container.
Monster SOUL


Jerrigar is quite the narcissist. He considers himself to be superior to others, but he still shows respect to some of the higher-ranking Royal Guardsmen. In concern to "inferior" beings, he loves to toy with them. This may delay his ability to get stuff done. Also, Jerrigar is rather devoted to his family, so he may chose to place their goals over the Royal Guard's.

From his childhood, Jerrigar has always felt guilt. He had always strayed away from what his family had wanted, and their anger and frustatration left a permament effect on him. Sometimes, when he has gone too far, he will feel guilt that only rekindles his oldest emotion, and that can drive him to ask for forgiveness, much to his own embarassment.


Born into the infamous Jerrichi family, Jerrigar was an only child met with high expectations. The Jerrichi family's lineage stretches back far, as aristocratic as can be. Yet their reputation remains spoiled, because of some conspiracy that occured before the War, regarding a group of human serial killers. Even so, many members of the family are known for their contributions to the Royal Guard, even with their horrible status. Anyways, Jerrigar was expected to follow up with his ancestors, but instead decided to rather spend time locked away, messing around with some type of experimental magic. Still, he was quite effective in combat, so he joined the Royal Guard, to continue the family line and whatnot. 

Now, Jerrigar enchants weapons for the other Guardsman. Sometimes, he might decide to help them with something. With the ruined name of his family sitting upon his shoulders, he still won't bother to care too much about redeeming them or something. But maybe, one day, a human might stumble into the Underground, and if so, that chance for fulfillment will come.



HP - 1222

ATK - 7

DEF - 4





Sparing Him


Battle Text





  • Perhaps the most Vinny out of all Vinny's characters. I dunno.
  • Not related to Jerry in any possible way what-so-ever.
  • There is a headcanon that Jerrigar resembles a black cat-like entity underneath his robes. But you didn't hear it from me.
  • His official family title is "Sir Jerrigar Jerry Jerrichi VII".

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