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Julian Quintin was born on July 5th, 201X, long after the war with the Monsters and the Humans and raised within one of Hotland's many dark caverns along with his older brother Gregor Quintin. He grew up living a peaceful and sheltered life as he got to know his community better in Hotland. He'd always go around trying to help others in any way he can. Later he met Alphys when he was a young preteen and became good friends with her, always coming to visit her during her studies and experiments. He became interested in many fields of science after watching her and went to school to learn more, excelling greatly in each subject until he finally graduated as an expert scholar. He then applied for a job as a Royal Scientist and was immediately taken in by Alphys and Sans, who also became a good friend of Julian's. He studied under them as a trainee, still learning more and more from their expertise; especially from Sans and his surprisingly vast knowledge. Julian didn't mind the minor position as he got to work with his friends. He always tried to work with the two of them on a way to break the barrier by studying souls and magic. He's even developed useful and helpful inventions to try and further their research studies.

Julian has always believed in the good of others and always willing to give them a chance. He'd never take insults to heart from bullies who picked on him just because of how different he was and his Monster type as a Dorokonian, having been persecuted by other monsters because of what happened in the war with the humans. But he paid no heed to the bullies' words. So he has had a more open, optimistic side despite having gone through hardships in his life. However, he has come to blows, fortunately verbally, with his brother as they had conflicting views on certain matters. While Julian has given people a chance to change as better people in both heart and mind and believes people can change if they just try, Gregor judges people based off of their first initial meetings with him and decides whether or not they can be trusted. Despite this, the two maintain a healthy brother relationship and are always there for each other.

Sometime later, while still a Royal Scientist, he met Toriel around New Home whenever he had to report to King Asgore. Julian would always chat with Toriel when he had the time, sharing a cup of tea and a slice of butterscotch cinnamon pie. He always had a crush on her but new he couldn't be with her since she was married to Asgore, and he was content as long as she was happy.

When the First Human fell in the Underground, Julian was ecstatic to hear about them; not because they were a human that could further his research, but that he could meet the one who made Asgore and Toriel happy as their adopted child. Personally, Julian never got to know them well enough, having only seen and talked to them a few times before their death. When he had heard about the deaths of the human and Asriel, he was there to help comfort Toriel. Over the next few years, as Asgore's new policy, after declaring war on humans, to kill any human that fell into the Underground, Julian grew more and more distant from Asgore and Alphys, wondering if what he was doing was right when it came to his research and experiments. After hearing of Toriel's disappearance and denouncement of her role as queen from Gerson, Julian quit as an Royal Scientist and returned home, spending his time on a way to make everything right again for everyone while contemplating his actions.


Julian is akin to his species' docile nature. He's courageous though, kind and compassionate while never resorting to violence unless needed and won't kill unless he has to. He is a very kind, caring, and wise person, like Toriel. He somewhat has a monk-like personality, but is always willing to protect others, often being selfless and puts himself in harms way. He is quite intelligent and analytical for his species, being qualified enough to become a Royal Scientist for King Asgore.

X-Tale: While still keeping his kind and docile nature, within the AU X-Tale, he seen as a calm individual most of the time. But he uses this to hide his anxiety and doubt over himself and his actions. He's constantly conflicted with his experiences in life once the war between Waterfallians and Hotlandians started and usually kept himself isolated since it started. However, he still normally acts the same.


Dorokonians are either bipedal or quadruped dragons with wings, tails, and six small, short spikes on the back of their heads. They are normally tall, large, and strong in appearance. They are covered in powerful scales and are well-known for their impenetrable armor-like body. They have a variation of green or yellow colored eyes, but can change into black colored eyes with a variation of green or yellow sclera when using their night vision ability. Their skin/body are normally either black, gray, purple, yellow, orange or gold colored.

Dorokonians are normally a docile, peace-loving species. Secretly, however, during the war with the humans, they had used their anger and aggression as a weapon. They became much more powerful during combat, but caused causalities for both sides as they couldn't control their rage, hurting not only the enemy, but their allies around them and themselves too. When they were sealed away underground, the Dorokonians swore never to use their rage as a weapon again, forming an oath to become docile and tranquil (The reason why they are calm and content the way they are now), hoping to forget and never use their destructive powers again. They originate from Hotland, and still live there in dark caves after having taken refuge there after the war. However, small groups of Dorokonians migrated from their original home and adapted to their own subspecies in Waterfall and Snowdin.

Dorokonians have a variety of different abilities such as pyrokinesis and fire-breathing, umbrakinesis which they learned to use by adapting to their environment and became prominent in shadow manipulation, flight, night vision from adapting within the dark caves, armor-like scales, enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, and endurance. Though their stamina, durability, and endurance are more powerful than their speed and strength. So this makes them strong opponents but nothing a human or a strong monster can't handle. They also have a secret signature but locked away ability that all Dorokonians share known as Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode, Dorokonians could harness their rage and anger as a power source to make them stronger and dish out powerful attacks... not without a cost however. Their blind fury would often go out of control and cause destruction around them unless they powered down, no longer using Rage Mode until the next time its active.


Julian is 7'2 (excluding the tail. 13'2 with tail), bipedal, has green eyes (Changes to black eyes with green sclera when using night vision), averagely muscular build, around 217 lbs, and usually wears white robes with gold trimming and ascents with the Delta Rune on his chest over his heart. He has gold skin/scales, large wings with a 8.9 meter/29 ft wingspan, 6 small and short horns on the back of his head, and a 1.8 meter/6 ft long sleek Dorokonian tail. Julian has also been known to wear glasses sometimes.



  • Gregor Quintin (Older Brother)


  • Sans (Scientist Associate), Alphys (Scientist Associate), Toriel, Needleteeth (X-Tale)


  • Gerson, Asgore, Papyrus, Mettaton, Undyne.


  • None.


X-Tale: Julian was a Royal Scientist for Asgore before the war. He was conducting experiments, one such was how to safely break the barrier without collapsing the Underground. But before he could try to find a solution, Undyne rebelled against Asgore with the other Royal Guards when it was her turn to give up her soul for the barrier. War began while Toriel had fled to the Ruins. Julian decided to retreat with Toriel to the ruins to live in peace with her, not wanting to choose either side to fight on and wishes the war was over. Only a few Dorokonians want to fight for their own reasons or are either forced to. Otherwise, the rest of the Dorokonians stay out of the fighting and are often persecuted and discriminated for not fighting for their side. He kept himself isolated from others and is conflicted because of this, but tries to improve himself and hopes that the war ends soon with little to zero causalities. Though he constantly tries to figure out a way to help, trying to be a mediator and settle the quarrel.



  • HP: 10000
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 70
  • EXP On Kill: 500
  • Gold on Win: 0
  • (For justification on Julian's high AT and DF Stats, his monster species is a little more stronger than regular monster species.)


  • HP: 10000
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 70
  • EXP On Kill: 0
  • Gold on Win: 0
  • (For justification on Julian's high AT and DF Stats, his monster species is a little more stronger than regular monster species.)


  • HP: 15000
  • AT: 80
  • DF: 80
  • EXP On Kill: 1500
  • Gold on Win: 0
  • (For justification on Julian's high AT and DF Stats, he has those stats when he's "killed" but has enough determination to continue fighting but in a stronger sort of form, like Undyne the Undying or even Toriel the Gatekeeper and Mettaton Neo. At least, that's what I assumed when I saw some examples for Yossipossi's X-Tale RP and their rather high Genocide stats.)


-Check, Talk, Threaten, Meditate, Read, Insult, Experiment.

-Location: Hotland, Ruins (X-Tale)



Julian has no weapons that he relies on or uses.


Julian has a wide range of abilities, some unique to himself that he obtained.


Due to his Monster type, Julian is an expert in pyrokinesis. He can manipulate fire to create fireballs of varying sizes, flaming vortexes, explosive shots, and fire breath.


Like his kin, Julian has adapted to his environment and is able to use shadow manipulation. He can create small to medium balls of dark energy, entrap others in shadow snares, create small shadow constructs (even living ones), and can create small orbs that he can use for surveillance.


With his wings, Julian has the ability to fly around freely. He can also flap his wings to create power waves as an attack or a way to repel others.


Julian can use his tail as some sort of whip, swinging it to knock his opponent around.

Night Vision

Julian is able to change his eyes aesthetically in order to see in the dark. Everything he sees is green and brightened just like night vision goggles.

Armor-like Scales

Julian is covered in durable scales that work as a sort of armor. This makes him, like any Dorokonians, formidable in taking plenty of hits. However, a weakness to their scales is consecutive hits, weak or strong, focused on a single spot over a varied duration of time. If the focused attacks are weak, it'll take longer to break through their armored body.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

When he was younger, Julian was trained in hand-to-hand combat with his brother Gregor. Although, since Julian isn't a fighter and doesn't want to fight, he isn't as skilled in it as Gregor or Undyne.

Physical Prowess

Dorokonians are known to be strong Monsters, definitely stronger than say Moldsmals, Vulkins, Whimsuns, and others of the like. But Dorokonians are not in any way stronger than Boss Monsters. They're just a little above average than regular monsters in terms of power, speed, stamina, etc.

Rage Mode

While Rage Mode is very dormant and latent for Julian, he does still have the capability of using it. He can harness his rage and anger as a power source to make them stronger and dish out powerful attacks, such as increasing his attack power, his speed and attack rate, his endurance, etc.

Geokinesis (X-Tale)

During his time spent living in the Ruins, Julian began practicing earth manipulation and magic at the start of the Underground War. He can manipulate elements derived from earth around him and use it as a weapon, like slabs of rock and using it as a projectile. He can also create earthen walls as a form of defense and cover. He can create earth constructs, even living ones such as golems of varying sizes. Julian can also burrow through the earth and use geokinetic flight by riding on a boulder or other masses of minerals.


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  • Julian's name is comes from the Julian Calender. His last name is derived from July's previous name, Quintilis.
  • In X-Tale, the only acquaintance Julian has is Gerson, who he knows from Gregor in both his headcanon and X-Tale.
  • Ever since he's known her, Julian has had a crush on Toriel.
  • Julian's blood type is AB.
  • Other than his name, Julian has been called by his associates in the lab as "Dr. Julian Quintin", "Dr. Quintin", or simply "Doctor".
  • Furthermore, Julian has also been called "Jules" by his brother Gregor and only him.


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