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The Middle-Season Angel

An shy little owl monster, Juniper is a Horned Owl adapted to autumn, from the other side of the Underground, and an apprentice Druid. He comes from the other side of the Underground, not seen in-game.



Juniper is a short Horned Owl that appears to be around 9 years old, whose head is slightly larger than his body. He has autumn leaves for hair instead of normal "fur" or feathers, and his eyes are most of the time shut, due to him not needing to see, thanks to his really good hearing. Two feather fluffs point upwards from the sides of his head, which look like horns. He has wings on his back that act like normal wings, and feathery arms, with claws instead of hands. His teeth are slightly sharp, enough to crack walnuts and eat them. He mostly uses them to eat walnuts, mice, bugs, smaller birds and their eggs. He rarely eats kittens, since he does that as a last resort.

His feathers are thin, slick and sharp, which help him fly long distances and high altitudes. Since his body was made to live on tall autumn trees, his legs are built to jump high. Using his autumn-like palette, Juniper can hide in autumn bushes to run from predators.

His skin resembles a human's, having a slightly dark skin color mixed with a pathetic, tiny little bit of gold, as well as a little light skin color. He has a few freckles on his cheeks and a small, round-ish nose, hidden from view due to his long hair.

He wears a ragged sack of potatoes and a bandage on his forehead, under his hair.


Juniper is an introvert, depressed little fellow. Or that's what he seems to be at first. He can experience too many emotions, as well as being able to read them well. However, due to him being an introvert, he has issues expressing his own emotions. There is a chance that he can experience too many of them at once.

Though they may seem depressed and look like an introvert at first, if you bring something that might offend him up, he will go on a rant about it, without letting you utter a single word.


OVW sprite

He may forget a few events once in a while and never remember them.

When he's enjoying himself, he can be very open.


Leaves - Juniper can send out leaves by shaking his head into the bullet board. They move around in different directions, and can even come back up, if Juniper sighs, creating an air current.

Trees - Juniper can make trees rise from the bottom of the bullet board, some of which will release green leaves that heal, while others can fall down while quickly changing from blue to orange. Few might even contain a few Blue Jays and Starlings, who are also green.

Tears - Juniper can start weeping if you insult him, and his tears fall down into the bullet board, in a similar fashion to Napstablook. The more you insult him, the faster the tears are and the more tears are made.

Claws - Juniper can swing his claws around in the bullet board in certain occasions, if you talk. Sometimes, he will use the claws on his feet to try to stomp your SOUL.

Seeds and Nuts - Juniper can extend his arms and then quickly shut them, sending a bunch of seeds and nuts towards your SOUL, similar to Flowey's friendliness pellets.

Sap - Juniper can flood the Bullet Board with sap by creating an orange tree, shooting a blue seed at it and having white sap come out of it. The sap can have certain spots where you won't take damage.

Vines - If angered enough, Juniper can shatter the Bullet Board with vines, and the shards will fly everywhere, damaging the SOUL.


Health Points: 25

Attack: 7

Defense: 4

Execution Points on Kill: 5

Gold on Win: 3


* Insult, Greet, Hug, Comfort, Talk (Pacifist)

* Mock, Laugh, Hit (Genocide)


True Pacifist Ending Credits

  • White Text - "Lost In Waterfall, Looking For His Parents"
  • Yellow Text - "Living In An Orphanage, Barely Happy"
    • To achieve Yellow Text, one must greet before doing anything else, then talk, which will make him vent out his feelings, and afterwards, comfort him, causing him to weep sadly. Once you've done all of this, you must hug him, which will make him feel better, and you'll be able to spare him.



Pachiratsu, Zak Maz, Chouette, Zombeh, Paige


Jerry (Bully), Gabriel ("Scary" Teacher)


Lilith, Zamia, Junchi


Unnamed Father (Deceased), Unnamed Step-Father, Unnamed Mother (Deceased), Unnamed Step-Mother, Beleco (Adopted Mother, AU), Teli (Adopted Mother, AU)


"H-Huh? Who are you? W-Why are you here? P-Please, leave me alone... I don't know where I am, I don't know what this place is, I'm scared... I said leave me alone!" [Encounter Pacifist and Neutral]

"Please... stay away from me... p-please! I d-don't wanna die!" [Encounter Genocide]

"I want to b-be alone... b-but... I don't want t-t-to be abandoned l-like this..." [General Quote Neutral]

"Nobody l-loves me a-anyway... my parents a-a-abandoned me, like trash... I-I'm nothing..." [General Quote Neutral]

"J-Just whatever! Life is awful, a-and... I-I don't know..." [General Quote Neutral]

"I-I'm lonely... will you be my f-friend? D-Do you want to play with me?" [General Quote Neutral]

"Y-You hate me, d-don't you?" [General Quote Neutral]

"Why are you talking to me? I-I'm trash..." [Greet #1]

"I-I don't get you... go find s-some other kid to play with..." [Greet #2]

"Leave me ALONE!" [Greet #3+]

"W-Why are you doing this to us?" [General Quote Genocide]

"What d-did we do to deserve t-this?" General Quote Genocide]

"D-Don't... kill... me..." [General Quote Genocide]

Flavor Text

What a pleasant surprise. [Encounter Pacifist]

Here comes Juniper! [Encounter Neutral]

Pathetic child. [Encounter Geno]

Like a little angel. [Check Pacifist]

Just a kid... [Check Neutral]

Somebody who wants to be LOVEd. [Check Geno]

Smells like the fresh smell of autumn morning. [Flavor Text, Neutral/Pacifist]

You try to say hi. Juniper looks away. [Greet #1]

You try to greet him again. Juniper grunts, holding back tears. [Greet #2]

You try to greet him one last time. Juniper starts screaming. [Greet #3]

You already tried greeting him. [Greet #4+]

Smells like burning leaves. [Flavor Text, Genocide]

Sounds like crying. [Flavor Text, Neutral/Genocide]

Sounds like insecure squealing. [Flavor Text, Neutral/Pacifist]

A tumbleweed rolls by, scaring Juniper. [Flavor Text, Neutral/Pacifist]

The child looks terrified by your knife, squealing in fear. [Flavor Text, Genocide]

A refreshing breeze flows through the air. [Flavor Text, Pacifist/Neutral]

The dust in the air is scaring Juniper. [Flavor Text, Genocide]


Other credits

Thank you, The Royal Keen, for helping me with Juniper!

Thank you, TheBrightestEyes, for the drawing of Juniper!

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