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Kai is a boyish humanoid cat monster, who looks like a “pretty boy” and acts like any other teenage boy, despite being a 18 year old female. She was raised by WOLF, but not as a normal girl. Kai strives to be more feminine, though she fails a lot of the time.

Somehow, she can attract straight people of her own gender through her appearance. Kai hates being called “cool” and “handsome”, but can be easily made happier through words like “cute”, “pretty”, and “sexy”. Kai is also looking for a boyfriend, due to her wanting to prove to she has a feminine side to her.


Kai is a humanoid monster with feline features, specifically a tabby cat. She has short, blonde hair with a horizontal white streak going through the bangs and bright orange cat ears. Kai has one green eye and one blue eye and a small nose. She has a yellow and white ring tail, used for balance when she runs. Kai's feet and lower legs are white cat legs and hind paws. There is a tattoo given to her by WOLF on her right upperarm.

Kai's casual clothes consist of a white T-shirt and a light orange button up shirt, and navy blue baggy sweatpants that end above the ankles, with bright green ankle socks underneath, ending before they reach the feet. Her exercise/track clothes are a black sports bra with the WOLF logo on it, and tight black shorts.


When Kai was a toddler, her parents gave her to WOLF, who said they would give her back when they were finished with testing. Kai was raised by the members of WOLF, mainly Dr. Vera Fang. She was treated more like a pet than a person however, and she didn't grow up to be like a girl, due to her constantly having to take tests for WOLF ever since she was 10. When Kai was 16, WOLF released her back to the Underground, where she lived ever since.


  • Kai has a deathly fear of humans.
  • Kai enjoys exercising, especially running.

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