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Kaizer the Mad Titan is a monster of gargantuan size and an appetite for SOULs.


Kaizer appears as a large, hulking monster. His six arms are a very prominent feature, as each only have two fingers and a thumb on their hands. The same goes for his two feet. He wears black armour in the shape of a humanoid body and an equally dark mask showing the face of a jackal. His mask is the only removable armour piece. Oddly, his mask seems to have organic eyes, looking pure red and bloodshot, fading in the center. The blood vessels in his eyes are a very vivid red, and his black armor has a blue tint. He is very tall, enough to hold Asgore as though he was a baby. If unmasked, it is revealed that his face looks exactly like his mask, with dark fur.


Born in a volcano on the surface, Kaizer's armour is made of molten metal that encased him as skin. His mask is actually a direct mold of his face, though without motion. After growing in the volcano for years he emerged, drowning an entire civilization in lava and rocks. He was hungering, and suddenly he felt a desire for one of those humans. As he lifted it's rock-encased corpse the small creature had a pale, red mist come out of it. The mist seemed to form the shape of a heart before floating directly into Kaizer's mask. Kaizer did not understand, but his hunger seemed to leave him. He removed his mask and ate the small creature, which did not please him. He began to absorb the other human's SOULs, each having a different colour. Kaizer felt no compassion for mortal life, and began to slaughter monsters. They had SOULs, yes, but none were as powerful as the delicious and satisfying human SOULs. After the war began, Kaizer fought for the monsters in order to gain more SOULs to quell his hunger. Some say the SOULs gave him power. This, of course, is not true. He simply ate them for sustenance. During the war, Kaizer was pulled to the ground by enormous hooked chains. As he collapsed to the ground, he was pulled by fleets of siege engines, until being dragged into the volcano he emerged from. After the volcano was sealed, Kaizer sunk into the depths, emerging in the Underground. He used the molten metal to fashion himself a castle, and eventually started molding monsters into his throne after they were banished to the dark caverns. He then discovered the hole in Mount Ebott and desperately tried to climb out. He was discovered by the monsters who were on their way out of Home and he was driven back into his castle, encased in stone and eventually forgotten. His hunger was growing, and the monsters he would find sneaking around did not quell it. Eventually, after countless years, Kaizer sensed that a powerful SOUL had come near, as a small human fell into the Underground. The reasons that the human fell did not matter, but Kaizer knew that he could finally absorb it's powerful SOUL. Kaizer was unable to reach the human, as he could not destroy the rock in time. Chara exited Home, moving to New Home in the castle. Kaizer knew not about this, but did finally destroy the rock after Chara died. Once the barrier opened, Kaizer began to steal ancient spell books used by the humans of old in their underground battle stations. The barrier shattered, Kaizer floated his castle up the volcano, creating a large volcanic structure on top of the now opened volcano. The castle rested upon a pillar with one large bridge for Kaizer himself. He used yet another spell to stop the volcano from erupting, before the book was destroyed in a battle with the USA military in Hawaii, where he lived. He sat upon his throne, destroying planes and killing islanders for sustenance. He was rather bored with himself. "Maybe," He thought, "I could kill them all."


Kaizer does not seem to have much in the way of personality, supposedly only wanting more food. This is not true. A mad titan, Kaizer is not very stable. He believes that he is the greatest being (Which he obviously is) because he believes he was created first. Knowing himself as the father of monsters and humans, he believes both came from his DNA flowing down and into the ocean while he formed. This is highly debatable, as there is no evidence other than physical similarities.


-Never directly met by Frisk, so stats and quotes are not on the page.

-He can communicate but only directly into ones mind.

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