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Karl is basically a communist revolutionary who seeks to bring down Asgore and his 'oppressive' regime which is 'against the humble worker' and 'allies with the bourgeoisie'. He is a human who wears a trench coat, sunglasses, and carries a copy of the Communist Manifesto with him at all times.

He lives in a cabin in the Snowdin forests, which is decorated with many flags of the USSR, hammers and sickles, and one portrait for each of the following: Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin. He also uses a double-barrel shotgun in fights.


Karl is charismatic, usually giving many speeches in the middle of Snowdin town and talking to people to try to persuade them to join him whenever he feels is a good time, trying to gain the support of the people. He usually reacts calmly when he is insulted, but his restraint can break at sometimes.


Karl was a young man, roughly 19, when he entered the underground, being sent on a mission by communist leaders to see if the underground truly existed, and promote communism if it did. When he entered he had: 2 copies of the Communist Manifesto, a shotgun, portraits of the people mentioned previously, several USSR flags, and many images of the hammer and sickle.

He eventually made his way to Snowdin where he decided to build a cabin to live in and base his operations, and thus, over 10 months built, decorated, and furnished his forest cabin in the Snowdin forests. He then spent the next few years writing speeches and making propaganda.

5 years later he took to the streets of Snowdin putting up propaganda, making speeches, and speaking to the people of Snowdin. It has now been 2 months since he began, and he has been in the underground for 6 years, now being 25 years old.

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