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The Royal Scientist of the Underland, Katherine (Less formally known as "Katt" or "TK"). She's thought to be a bitter, cold woman with no respect for others. To an extent, that's true, but she's so much more than that beneath the flesh... metal parts? Whatever.


To put it bluntly, Katherine resembles an white-furred anthropomorphic cat, with the right side of her face being covered in a metal coating, yet still made to resemble a feline. Her ear is still there, as is an eye, but it looks... lifeless, cold, perhaps one could even say dead. Nevertheless, it does give her some abilities those of a non-cyborgial nature lack. Checking is a particular skill that Katherine has, her cyborg eye can scan others and tell her their exact ATK and DEF, as well as a random piece of trivia about them. A very useful skill, but this is deviating from her appearance, let's continue.

Most of the right side of her body- disregarding her torso and leg- is also mechanical. Her right arm, far stronger than her left, is patented with a small "00" on the area her muscle would be. Said number's relevance is unknown as of now, but it will probably be revealed later. On the subject of her torso, she's skinny as a skeleton- not to be taken literally. She has no way of improving her body, its far too weak for her to even consider doing that, so she stays skinny, not because she wants to, but because she must. Besides, there's always the possibility of her outgrowing her mechanical parts... and that wouldn't be good at all.

Katherine's attire, obviously, changes quite a bit. For her own personal attire, used within her lab and such, she wears a standard lab coat, one or two sizes too large for her. Pens are carried in the labcoat's pockets, which are all arranged perfectly from red to black, and a tiny notebook is there for good measure. Under her labcoat is a generic TMT-branded T-shirt, think of it what you will. For pants, she keeps it simple and black, and her shoes aren't anything too unique, either, they're just black with straps.

For formal occasions, Katherine chooses to wear a striped dress- actually resembling that of a tiger, how coincidental- and high heels that she simply cannot walk in. She doesn't bother herself with makeup or any of that nonsense. On the occasion that she does decide to go outside, she wears her lab attire, under a large, brown cloak covering all her mechanical features. She simply cannot stand the heat, both because it is damaging to her robotic parts and its just horrible in general.


Katherine is rude and cold to those not as smart as she is. That is, a lot of people. She believes they're insignificant, what they think and what they have to say is meaningless, simply because they're not as gifted intelligence-wise as she is. With intelligence being the current topic, let's just say she's insanely intelligent. Her already great mind coupled with the "improvements" she made with her robotic modifications makes an extremely smart woman.

Capable of solving mathematical problems in the blink of an eye and creating TWO robots from scratch, Katherine's mind is the strongest part of her body, which brings us to the second part of her: Her physical strength. Even with her robotic modifications, her strength is laughable, even when compared to someone like Monster Kid. Without them, she probably wouldn't have the power to even walk.

All that being said, there are some she does have at least some respect for. Namely her brother, Renault. He was her only childhood friend, as she spent all her free time studying and expanding her knowledge. Other than him, she has Tiger and Owl, her two created robots. She treats both of them as her children, while she's incredibly strict, she has a motherly attitude toward both of them, even if they seem to find it strange at times. Nevertheless, she also has a friendly rivalry with Q, whom was the one that elected her Royal Scientist, quite a while ago... Perhaps she may also become friends with a Human? Only time will tell.


Katherine was the first child born to the Whitefrost family. Her father- a monster native to Snowdin- chose to move to the Underland after her birth, so as to not bring any hatred toward her or her family for being partly human, and so they did. Her life was a normal one, not riddled with any sort of silly monsters watching her from beyond the grave, or anything like that. 

Despite that, though, Katherine was always a loner. She never had any real friends, outside of her own family members, so she spent all of her free time studying. At an age of around 10, Katherine was out with her brother doing standard siblingly things. Her speech began to slow, and she looked light-headed. Her brother knew something was wrong, but didn't know what to do, so did nothing. Eventually, she collapsed and had to be brought back to her home by Renault.

Katherine had come into contact with some sort of disease, a serious one. She couldn't walk and could barely speak for quite a while, but Renault took care of her for as long as she needed. Eventually, she regained the ability to walk independently, but was much weaker than she was before. She, with the assistance of her brother, built herself a mechanical arm so that she could be equal with other people her own age. 

Later, she realised her face was beginning to succumb to this disease, too. She quickly built herself a "replacement", and placed it where her face once was. It fit perfectly, and also expanded her knowledge even more. After this, she built a prototype of The Mechanical Tiger, and was soon elected Royal Scientist. She then continued to build robots and research things... Which is her job.

The Richt's takeover did little to change Katherine's life. She stayed as the Royal Scientist of the Underland and is still one of the smartest minds to live there. The two robots built by her, The Mechanical Tiger and The Mechanical Owl, were both deemed failures. Owl developed some sort of jealousy over his sister and attempted to murder her. Though the loss of her two robots was a major setback, Katherine was mostly indifferent to their disappearances and continued with her research. Learning to never make a sentient robot again, she is currently developing weapons for use in the Demon army.


Katherine left the Underland and resigned her position as the Glien Royal Scientist in pursuit of a better future. She lived in the Underground for only a short time before she was assassinated by an unknown individual.


Katherine is only fought in a Genocide route in her lab. She dies in one hit, like a lot of other bosses, but does say some interesting things beforehand. It is not possible to spare her.

Upon attacking her once, Katherine will fade away, the mechanical parts of her body being all that's left of her. Defeating her gives 1 EXP.


"Oh, look who it is. The 'Unclean Sibling Executor', as my book would put it. Well, if you've come here looking for a challenge, you're not going to find one, so you might as well walk out the door." -Pre-encounter

"Or, maybe it's something more than that. You don't want to fight just to win, do you? No, a mind like yours desires something more. You just want to end it all, don't you?" -Pre-encounter

"...I'm not the challenge you'll be facing. No, she's going to be much, much worse." -Pre-encounter

"Take another step toward me, and I'll have no choice but to activate her." -Pre-encounter

"Fine then. Don't say I didn't warn you, you beast." -Pre-encounter

"Ga- I shouldn't have done this... I miscalculated your strength... How could one so small deliver such a...? But... at least I won't... die in v-vain." -FIGHT

"Tiger... PRIME... Permission g-granted..." -FIGHT continued

"I always did wonder... What death would be like... If Father was right about... HIM. I-I suppose I'll... find out, won't I?"  -FIGHT continued

"I'll see you... in Hell... you monst-" -FIGHT continued. A second slash is delivered before she fades away.

"Battle" Text

*A challenger. -Encounter

*Katherine, 1 ATK 1 DEF. Her intelligence far outweighs her strength. -CHECK

*Katherine stands in silence. -Neutral

*Katherine is confused... Why would you run from her? -Attempting to flee.


  • Katherine was totally not used in another Roleplay place with the name "Katt" or anything. The nickname "TK" totally didn't come from this Roleplay Wiki, either.
  • Katherine is a big fan of "fictional" stories recording the events of the Hybrids. These are called "The Hybrid Files", and she has an entire collection of them, one on each Hybrid, and she is currently looking for the 6th book in the series, detailing "Amon". She has yet to find it anywhere she looks.
  • Yes, her surname is Whitefrost.

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