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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, a war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the Monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later.... 

It is the year 201X. Via the dump, Monsterkind has adapted aspects of the Human Culture into their own. Their source? Anime. Throughout their research of this "Anime," Monsterkind realised what they needed: Schools that followed that of Japanese Schools. So thus, King Asgore made 3 public schools for each 3 main regions of the Underground, and one private school within the Capital.

One day, a human known only as Frisk falls into the Ruins, and they begin their adventure in Yuki No Gakkou School, which is located in Snowdin. With their friends: Sans the comic relief, Papyrus the overachiever, and many more, will Frisk discover their true power? Will they discover love? Will they overcome the other schools in the nationwide events? Find out in the next best anime of 201X, KAWAIITALE!

*cue J-POP anime opening*


  • As with other AUs, follow the typical rules such as no Godmodding, must have preexisting character, etc.
  • The direction we are going for this is more of a Fantasy/Slice Of Life/Sci-fi/School genre. So don't go overboard with the tropes, as it'll drive the story out of the water, and in a bad way. TL;DR: Don't go overboard.
  • Please apply before joining any RP that's Kawaiitale based. 
  • Monsters only (Other races may be considered.)
  • Apply on our, the creators' ( Amo) wall. We will then take the applications and review them before accepting/declining them.
  • When applying your OCs, please review the template we have for applying. Thank.
  • When you post your application, also put "Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo." following it to prove you have read over the rules.
  • No hentai, please.


The setting takes place within the Underground and does take place during the time period of Undertale, but is obviously an Alternate Universe.

  • Ruins: Where Frisk fell down and started their journey. Here they were introduced to Sans and were introduced to how things were run in the Underground. 
  • Snowdin: The snowy region that holds one of the three public schools: Yuki no Gakou. Frisk attends this school as well as Papyrus and Sans. It's a rather small school, but the community is rather close. 
  • Waterfall: The wet region that holds one of the three public schools: Mizu no Gakou. This school is attended by the notable Undyne, Napstablook, and the Temmies from the nearby Temmie Village. This area is most notable for its crystals which shine like stars.
  • Hotlands: The hot region that holds the third out of the three public schools: Hi no Gakou. This school is  attended by scientific prodigy Alphys and the famous TV star Mettaton, as well as others. This region holds MTT Resort, which leads to the CORE. Hotlands is where Mettaton films for his show, and it is also where Alphys' residence is located.
  • The Capital: This is where the Private School is held. Hana no Gakou is one of the best schools and is where Asriel goes. Toriel teaches here and is praised as a fantastic teacher. Only the best students go here.

Canon Characters



The main protagonist who fell into the Underground. They reside in Snowdin, in Sans' and Papyrus' home when they aren't at school. They're the typical shounen protagonist, being special for a power no one else has- DETERMINATION. 


The comedic friend. Whether it be jokes, pranks, all of that sorts, Sans is still loyal to Frisk until the day Frisk ever lays a hand on Papyrus, in which case Sans will dropkick Frisk. He is Frisk's roommate along with Papyrus, and runs an illegal hotdog stand on school grounds in Hi no Gakou. Why he hasn't been banned from said school is currently unknown. 


Sans' younger brother and co-leader of the Royal Guard Fan Club. Papyrus has great potential and wishes to enter Hana no Gakou in order to further his Royal Guardsman training. He finds his brother annoying, but nevertheless loves him greatly and isn't afraid to put his entire education on the line for him.


The strongest pupil in the entirety of Mizu no Gakou and leader of the Royal Guard Fan Club. Undyne, like Papyrus, is seeking to be transferred to Hana no Gakou in order to fulfil her dream of becoming a member of the Royal Guard. She lives on her own in Waterfall but is visited frequently by Alphys and Papyrus.




The son of Asgore and Toriel and prince of the Monsters. Naturally, Asriel attends Hana no Gakou and is very proud of his education. In KawaiiTale, Asriel is a very proud and cocky individual with a personality more similar to that of his Flowey persona. In his spare time, he draws manga and calls himself The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath!





Original Characters


  • The creators of this AU were very tired during the progress of development.
  • All of the public high schools have the standard, typical high school uniforms. Hana no Gakou has uniforms that are Purple and Gold. 
  • The original version of this was pretty eh. 

Application Form

OC Name:


School they attend (Subject to change):

Blurb about them (classes they take/instruct, their extra curricular activies, etc.): 

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