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One of the newest recruits to the Royal Guard, Ketchup is a former member of the Condiment Crew who's decision to join the Royal Guard was somewhat forced upon her. To the Crew, she's a traitor. To everyone else, she can't be trusted. This level of resentment toward her has left her feeling little more than an outcast to the Monster society.


Ketchup is a short ladybug monster, barely reaching the waist of most other monsters and even then it's because of her antenna. As any ladybug does, Ketchup has a 'shell' with four black spots on it. She can open her shell, though flight is not possible due to an injury she sustained during her time in the Condiment Crew. On Ketchup's head sits two black antenna, which she styles like any other person would style their hair. They're long, but not as long as the antenna of other ladybug monsters.

The eyes of Ketchup are long, blue and slanted. She has two pairs of arms - both black with white hands- and one pair of legs. Her feet are red and slightly resemble shoes, which makes sense to an extent since she doesn't wear any clothes. She wields a halberd when fighting, which she is pretty skilled at using since she has so many arms. Finally, even though she doesn't normally wear clothes, a certain other Monster has inspired her to begin wearing custom-tailored dresses at formal events.


A silent individual with a sense of sadness around her. Ketchup opens her mouth only when she's around close friends. Though she is strong for a ladybug and very protective of others, Ketchup thinks very lowly of herself. Because of the Crew's hatred toward her combined with the general distrust of other Monsters, she thinks she's little more than a nuisance toward everyone she interacts with, no matter how many times Bella would tell her otherwise. Because of this and some other things, Ketchup rarely ever smiles.

Previously though, Ketchup was very different. From her entry into the Condiment Crew to around the time she got captured, she was very proud of what little strength she had. She was also extremely cocky and wanted to start fights with anyone she met. When the Guard captured her, she remained like this for some time until she got one message on the Undernet from someone she once thought a close friend. This message completely changed her outlook on life, as she lost all the friends she once had. She felt worthless.

Ketchup, however, has many friends she's made in the Royal Guard that help her through this sadness. Despite not many trusting her outside of the Guard she's recognised as a major ally within it and is respected by many. Guardsmen such as Bella, Sherlang En and Passion try to perk up Ketchup whenever they can, sometimes they succeed in cheering her up.


Ketchup's backstory is not a complicated one in the slightest. She was named after the first thing her mother thought of when seeing her. And, unlike a fair amount of the Condiment Crew, was never ridiculed too much about her name or anything else, partly due to the fact that ladybug names can be fairly ridiculous anyway. From a young age, Ketchup always thought there was something wrong with the law enforcement of the Underground. Various criminals could run free without even being caught, even with heroes such as the Hammer of Justice around. Taking this to her advantage, Ketchup joined the Condiment Crew as one of the founding members. She was known as the Condiment Crew's Enforcer and while she was not particularly strong for a Monster, Ketchup enjoyed her job and like many other Crew members, she thought the Royal Guard was nothing to worry about. This changed when during an unfortunate mission, Ketchup was captured and left behind by those she once thought as friends. She was confused. Why would they do that to her?

Taken in by the Guard, she was given two options. Either serve time in prison or join the Royal Guard herself. She had heard stories from Salt about how brutal the prisons of the Underground were, and not wanting to experience such terrors as that, she chose to assist the Guard, against her better judgement. She was sent back to the Crew as a spy, where they acted as if nothing had happened. She continued this act for a while, until she was found out by a little pixie who happened to be passing by while Ketchup was talking to some Guardsmen.

Shocked at such a betrayal, Mayonnaise kicked Ketchup out of the Crew the only way she could: via the Undernet. She sent one message to her, a message which would stay in Ketchup's mind for perhaps the rest of her life:


Ketchup never returned to the Crew's base after that. She apologised to the Royal Guard's leader numerous times about her failure and continued her job as a simple enforcer under the watchful eye of Bella. To this day, Ketchup follows Bella's orders to the point, and when she's not working, she's often alone in her own thoughts. She fears even going near Waterfall, due to her former comrades being based there.


Ketchup never fully recovered, and she never returned to her Royal Guard duties. Her friend, Bella, decided to have an early retirement so that Ketchup never felt alone. Even in her most joyous moments, never again did the ladybug smile.




Bella is Ketchup's best friend and the one who most often tries to cheer her up. Despite Bella's usual laziness, she tends to pick herself up around Ketchup to show that she's not just lazy. She was the one who suggested Ketchup join the Royal Guard, after the two met in Hotland and Bella recognised her as a member of the Condiment Crew.

Sherlang En

Bella's brother acts as a sibling to Ketchup, just as his sister does. She finds great entertainment in his over the top love of Justice and frequently works together with him in missions. Sherlang was the one who taught Ketchup how to use a spear, which led to her finding love in the Halberd.


Though Bella's retainer offers little in return, Ketchup thinks of Xyla as a close ally and a very good friend. Talks between them are short and sweet, but it's probably better that way.


Seymour's tendency to rarely speak means he and Ketchup have little interaction with one another. Despite that, he is a loyal butler and will follow her orders if Bella herself is not around.


Getting off on a shaky start, Richard was distrusting of Ketchup's criminal past but warmed up to her upon seeing Bella and Sherlang En enjoy her company so much. Things are often quiet between the Richard and the ladybug, with the former still not fully trusting her.


Maia serves a role quite similar to Bella and Sherlang in Ketchup's life. She is a motherly figure and frequently checks in on Ketchup so that she's not slacking with her Royal Guard training. She is one of the most influential people in Ketchup's life and the ladybug aspires to be one day as powerful and as friendly as Maia herself.


The Condiment Crew

Being a former member, it can be assured that Ketchup is most certainly not held in very high regard to other members of the Condiment Crew. In short, many hate her for betraying them so easily and much prefer her replacement because he actually gets things done, which she could not.


HP - 1,500

ATK - 10 (With her Halberd, this is increased to 20)

DEF - 10

She is not the strongest of Guardsmen nor is she the bulkiest. Ketchup is still going through training, however, and she can deliver very fast strikes with that halberd of hers. If it comes to it, she can even use her fists for some Flying Fists of Justice to assault the foe.


  • Ketchup is strictly unable to fly because of her injury. However, it is currently being treated and she has found a way to glide using her broken wings.
  • Her Royal Guard number is #018.


As of 08/04/XX, Royal Guard #018 is considered out of action until further notice. Reports from the recent expedition to Snowdin, during which she was accompanied by #10, indicate that at the mention of the word "Condiment", #018 was sent into a state of utter panic and shock. All duties originally intended for #018 will be passed on to other Guardsmen. The Royal Guard apologise for any inconvenience.

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