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I wish the best of luck to you, i hope one day, we could be friends. -Khira at the end of a neutral battle.


He is a pretty young looking fire elemental, but has fought in the Human-Monster War, making him a pretty average aged Elemental. His flames keep a nice purple/violet tone with it sometimes changing to different colors. One of his eyes changes into a red eye whenever fighting him in geno.

Khira's Home

His home is a modern looking home, 21st century style. He has a lot of antiques like weapons and art. He also has multiple photos of old friends and allies, some of them originating from the war or before that, like a picture of Khira with his friends, Maria and John Alucard, and he has a picture of Rose and Lucian aswell in the war. (He thinks of them of friends, but more likely to them, he was a bit of a nuisance, but a strong friend to have.) He also has a copy of Lucian's Glaive set on the wall, along with some old books on the arts of Dark and Void Magic.


The Human-Monster War.

Khira's story began during the Human-Monster war, when he was a rookie in the Royal Guard, wandering the battlefield when he saw his mother, who was a Knight, in the Royal Guard, It shook him, since it was about 10 years since they were together, but the reunion was cut short when a human warrior attacked his mother, and turned her to dust, and he just ran.

Before he started to train and fight, he colllected a few items from his old home, and went to form his parent's sword. Then he went to the monsters, and quickly rose to some of the highest ranks in the royal guard, with fighting alongside Asgore and Gerson.

Humans and monsters never really knew where he went, since he didn't go in with the monsters in the underground, and only turned up a month after the war ended and the monsters were undergound.


After the war, he became a scientist and took up under Dr. Gaster, mostly as a intern, to the public, but to Gaster, he was the closest scientist to him, helping him with the DETERMINATION Experiments, long before Alphys came, and made Flowey.

One day while wandering around Snowdin, he met Grillby and Fuku, and they got along really well, to Fuku, he was her Role model, to Khira, She was the person to live around, to keep his sanity.

The Fall

"The Fall" was the day when Khira fell into the void, at the CORE.

He was playing around with Fuku, but accidentally slipped and was trying to hold on with his hands on the floor, then Fuku wasn't sure what to do, Khira told her to get Anyone, and most importantly, Gaster.

Fuku left, then Khira wrote a quick note, which said "Remember", with a picture of him and herself.

When Fuku got back with Gaster, then, he somehow lost his grip, and fell, all of them, watched how he fell into the CORE.

The Void

Once Khira fell into the core, he landed on something hard and soft, It was painful and aswell calming. Once he awoke from the pain, he saw endless darkness, only deciding to wander the void, until he saw inside the real world, like the RUINS, Snowdin, etc. During the time between wandering the void and meeting Gaster, He learnt more about the void, and its mysterious properties, like the freedom of some powers inside the void.

The Return

After wandering through the void, returning to meeting Gaster, to his surprise, they talked for a really long time, after that, he went back up to the core, and wandering to parts of the underground, like the RUINS, CORE, Judgement Hall, etc.



  • His family was wiped out during the war, but only his sister remains (who is practically dead, but alive.) Meridian.


  • He mostly hangs out with Fuku, Gaster though, he would on really rare occasions, go meet him.


  • He had a wide range of acquaintances, but he only kept the important ones, like with Joseph, due to his skills. He tried keeping relations smooth with Platinum, but during the times now, Platinum seems like she has a personal vendetta against him, from Khira's perspective.


  • [CLASSIFIED] No one knows except him.



  • HP: 4000
  • AT: 55
  • DF: 50
  • EXP On Kill: 50
  • Gold on Win: 500


  • HP: 1000
  • AT: 25
  • DF: 20
  • EXP On Kill: 150
  • Gold on Win: 750


  • HP: 7500
  • AT: 65
  • DF: 60
  • EXP On Kill: 0
  • Gold on Win: 500



AT: Golden Blade - 50 AT - A sword made out of pure 24-karat gold, sharpened to pure perfection, give bleeding effect on chance if hit. Bleeding effect 1 HP per 7 sec. for 35 sec.

DF: Armored Lab Coat - 25 DF - A modified lab coat, that was modified to have better protection to the user, it was enhanced with a Core Shield, a item that can give invulnerability to the user for 1 turn.


AT: Copper Dagger - 10 AT - A weak dagger, must a be antique, since its very old looking.

DF: Lab Coat - 5 DF - A normal lab coat, crafted for protection against lethal elements.


AT: Soul Blade - 80 AT - A Broadsword, made with the finest Ruby coloring, forged out of a unknown, extremely powerful metal, filled with Determination, to give out the most powerful attacks, included with a burn after effect that deals a high amount of damage in a short period of time, min 10 dmg in 2 sec and max 40 dmg in 5 sec.

DF: Delta Rune Armor - 80 DF - Armor, straight from the forges of the CORE and Hotland, maybe the True Lab or ???,maybe filled with Determination, with the robes of the Dreemur Family Runes engraved on them.


Neutral: Joke, Insult, Question, Challenge, Flirt, Mercy.

Genocide: Challenge, Brag, Smile, Flirt, Mercy, Burn.

Pacifist: Flirt, Smile, Question, Joke, Explain, Hug.


Khira is random to how he holds against humans, sometimes wanting to spare over fighting, since he sees it as the only way to forgive for his sins. Sometimes, he just takes the first turn with a fight.

Since of becoming a person who judges the human for his actions, like sans, he would spare you mostly when you are at LV 1

At LV 2-7 It becomes rarer, but, he still believes that you can change.

At LV 9-15 Its a really rare occasion, but it can happen.

At LV 16 and beyond is where there's no mercy, and the only way to win is killing him. (maybe)


His main attack is a Charged FIGHT attack, which where hit will land will have a red box with a ! in the middle, dealing a lot of damage if indirectly hit, and aswell with the chaos sabers, have a few little stars flying away to the sides, but if it directly hit, will deal a small about of damage in Pacifist/ Neutral, but in geno, it will deal about a low-medium damage, but the player will have the effect of burn damage.

His Secondary attack consists of what Asgore does in his final battle with the trident where he swipes it in the bullet box, with Orange or Blue attacks consist. it is the same with him, his eyes flash the colors, then he strikes.

The most powerful attack he can do is a mass [FIGHT] attack, that fires projectiles with high damage over most of the bullet box, also, he can cut the bullet box into multiple boxes, but that only happens if he doesn't do the fight with projectiles, and the next round you have to deal with 2 bullet boxes since he will sometime jump your soul to the other box so he can play around with the two.


Sparing him is a kind of easy objective, In neutral, you do Joke, Joke, Challenge, Challenge, Flirt, Mercy, but if your too lazy to do all of that, just do Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. In Pacifist, you can just already spare him, or do Question, Explain, Smile, Flirt, Joke, Hug, then you can spare him. But, if you want to spare him in Genocide, Mercy, Flirt, Smile, Mercy, and you have to do that for 5 deaths in a row.

Themes <---- This is the theme for Khira's Genocide Battle

Reunited - Undertale OST <-- Theme for Pacifist

Core - Undertale OST <-- Theme for Neutral




"I'm sorry, but this has to happen." [Encounter]

"Really nice joke, i like it!" [Joke #1]

"Wow, did i really walk into that one?" [Joke #2]

"Pure classic, but shouldn't you try something else?" [Joke #3+]

"Umm... i'll take that as a compliment, so thank you!" [Insult #1]

"Now that was unnecessary, did you kiss your mother with that mouth?" [Insult #2]

"Please, stop with them, before i wipe the floor with you." [Insult #3+]

"Kid, there's a lot of questions that need answers to, and i don't understand." [Question #1]

"The questions your asking are about me, you are really asking around huh?" [Question #2]

"Frisk, listen, i know you want to know stuff, but maybe later?" [Question #3+]

"You want a challenge huh? Well, okay, here's this." [Challenge #1]

"You want something more? Well fine, take THIS!" [Challenge #2]

"NGGGHHHAAAA!! FACE THIS!" [Challenge #3+]

"Y-you, w-with me? W-well alright!" [Flirt #1]

"Umm... I'm maybe not gonna go with you..." [Flirt #2]

"Y'know, I've would of gone out with you, if you only flirted with me once.." [Flirt #3+]

"Mercy, huh? I'll think about it.." [Mercy #1] (if you want to take the lazy way) "Mercy? Sure! You pleased me!" [Mercy] (after doing long route)

"You know, don't rush me, it takes time to think!" [Mercy #2]

"You know what, screw it, just. go." [Mercy #3]

"Thanks for your time!" [Spare]


"Wow! Its you! Welcome back, Frisk!" [Encounter]

"After all this time, you still want a date, well sorry. I'm taken." [Flirt #1]

"Well, you have nice hair, but, i just can't!" [Flirt #2+]

"That's a sweet smile you got there, Frisk, i hope that smile stays!" [Smile #1]

"I just can't look away from that adorable smile!" [Smile #2+]

"Wow.. you still remembered about the question, well okay, here goes!" [Question #1]

"A lot of things happen, and one of my things, was how i wandered the void for a long time, guess i was just lucky." [Question #2+]

"Those jokes are classic, i really like them!" [Joke #1]

"Like i said before, shouldn't you try something else?" [Joke #2]

"Wow.. isn't that a great journey you took? It sounds amazing!" [Explain #1]

"You should tell me more about this when we get to the surface!" [Explain #2+]

"W-wow.. that was unexpected, w-well okay! I'm here for you, even if your hurt" [Hug #1+]

"Thanks for your great time, see you on the surface!" [Spare]


"... Its you. People say, that the most evil people can change, if they tried really hard. That's a understatement for you. I think you have no remorse." [Encounter]

"You want a challenge, hah! Okay. EAT THIS!" [Challenge #1+]

"So... you killed everyone, from Toriel, to Sans... They'll get vengeance.." [Brag #1]

"And that vengeance starts... with.. YOU." [Brag #2+]

"Stop it." [Smile #1]

"You're creeping me out here kid, stop with the smile." [Smile #2]

"I said STOP!" [Smile #3+]

"Never. Never in a million years." [Flirt #1+]

"M-mercy? You are something: Killing everyone, but sparing me? Good luck with that." [Mercy #1-2] (You die instantly with this action if you have the path to sparing him.(after doing it twice.))

"Hmm... Are you a doormat?" [Burn #1]

"Since i would LOVE to step on your FACE!" [Burn #2]


"S-so y-your back! I'm h-happy, but, p-please, reset." [Spare]

Flavor Text


Khira sadly blocks the way! [Encounter]

You think of a good pun to tell to him. [Joke #1]

You narrowly think of a pun that he right now walked into. [Joke #2]

You try to go with one of Papyrus's Jokes, and it barely succeeds! [Joke #3]

You couldn't think of any pun to tell anymore... [Joke #4+]

You look into Khira's eyes, and insult him! [Insult #1]

You tell a really horrible insult, and it shocks Khira! [Insult #2]

You try to insult him again, but you fail to think of one.. [Insult #3+]

You try to question Khira's Reality, but he doesn't understand.. [Question #1]

You ask around, and people wonder as well, then return to ask again. [Question #2]

You try to ask again, but he stops you.. [Question #3+]

You ask for a harder challenge. [Challenge #1]

You ask for a even harder challenge. [Challenge #2]

You ask for a extremely harder challenge, and he starts raging! [Challenge #3+]

You use a extremely well pick-up line! [Flirt #1]

You try to use more pick up lines! [Flirt #2]

You try to say another, but he stops you. [Flirt #3]

You ask for mercy.. [Mercy #1] (for both)

You plead for mercy! [Mercy #2]

You beg and cry for mercy! [Mercy #3]

You win! You earned: [Spare]


Khira waits for you! [Encounter]

You ask Khira something, then instantly say a pick-up line! [Flirt #1]

You beg Khira to have a date with you. [Flirt #2+]

You smile happily! [Smile #1]

You smile even more! [Smile #2+]

You ask the question, and you ask him to answer. [Question #1]

You wait for the answer! [Question #2+]

You think of a really great pun. [Joke #1]

You try to say another pun, but he stops you. [Joke #2+]

You tell Khira of your journeys through the underground! [Explain #1]

You continue to tell of your amazing journey, but he stops you. [Explain #2+]

You hug Khira, with you crying happily! [Hug #1+]

You Won! You earned: [Spare]


He's here... [Encounter]

You ask for a challenge. Let's see how well he does it. [Challenge #1+]

You brag and tell how you murdered EVERYONE, seems like it affected him. [Brag #1]

You say about how you will erase this timeline, and kill everyone, over, and over, and over again. [Brag #2+]

You smile unnaturally... Must be creeping him out.. [Smile #1]

Can you please stop smiling, you are starting to creep me out as well.. [Smile #2]

Stop with the smiling, its hopeless! [Smile #3+]

You flirt with Khira like nothing happened! [Flirt #1+]

You beg for mercy! What an idiot. [Mercy #1-2]

You think of a really great burn! and it works! [Burn #1]

You wonder if that was a flirt.. [Burn #2]

You are too much in shock to think of another burn, since you got burned, hard! [Burn #3+]

Y-you win? Impossible! NO! [Spare]


  • The only reason he has lived so long is that he was given a human soul when he met a scientist that was attacked by the human armies due to him thinking that monsters and humans should co-exist.
  • Most humans think that the fire elementals are made of chemicals, well, the colors, and it goes the same for Khira.


Thanks to Rakgnarok, for making the Sprite.


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