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Kristen "JS" Rose is a monster of unknown species. She is in love with two things, Harcules, and rules.


Kristen is a blue, demon looking monster. She wears a brown, normal suit. Her hair, which is light blue, is almost always spread out, as she doesn't brush it. She focuses more on her obsessions rather then her appearance. Kristen happens to wear glasses as well. She is most often seen holding her book, which she calls her "only real love."


Kristen will only listen to the rules. As a result, she memorized all 2400085 rules in her book. Despite this, Kristen is easily tricked, and not smart in the slightest. She is easily excitable monster, that gets mad when things don't go her way. She tends to freak out at the slightest rule break. She will actually listen to anything directed to her, even if its meant to insult her.

Kristen dreams of becoming a Royal Guard. She follows them around, tells them about her rules, and even reports that same gift thief! Despite this, the guards don't really care about Kristen or her rules. They usually consider an annoyance, like Monster Kid.

Powers and abilities

Kristen mainly wields a scythe as her weapon. The scythe has abilities such as turning orange or light blue. She also has some abilities of her own. Her main ability is human sense, where she finds a human using her senses. Admittedly, Kristen's abilities don't exist, besides her ability with the scythe. However, her scythe's abilities don't even exist. She just buries scythes around every where.

Demise & Replacement

Kristen was killed by Terrence "T" Down after a disagreement. Her death was ignored, almost nobody had cared. She fell from the cliff, screaming until she landed. She was dead, but a mermaid creature known as "Dawn" had foud her clothing and others, and decided she'd become this girl. She thought of herself as a replacement to Kristen, to the point where she called herself "Kristen 2" at times.


ATK: 24

HP: 200

DEF: 21

EXP on kill: 2

G dropped: 2

Act options:Check, negotiate, listen to rules, disobey

Flavor Text

  • Kristen strikes!
  • A major rule follower. Seems like you broke one
  • You negotiate with Kristen. She ignores it.
  • You negotiate again. Kristen looks annoyed.
  • You negotiate once more. Kristen yells at you.
  • You ask to listen to the rules. Kristen obviously agrees.
  • Smells like rules.
  • You break a rule. Kristen's attack increased!
  • You stop breaking rules, Kristen looks at you strangely.
  • Kristen is sparing you.


  • Negotiate? You broke a rule!
  • Stop that!
  • I'm gonna....I'm gonna hurt you!
  • You wanna hear the rules? You...make me happy!


When Kristen died, the mermaid Dawn replaced her. In general, she kept the same basic personality, except for the fact that she wasn't really serious. Dawn is instead more of a party animal, wanting to have fun. She saw Kristen's death as a way to be accepted into the Underground, and went on to consider herself "Kristen 2." Dawn has also made herself look like Kristen, adding plastic devil horns on her head.


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