"Heheh....Pff...AHAHAHAHAHAHAH-..." - Kyle Laughing insanely as he finishes off one of his victims.



He wears a bloodshed White Hoodie, a Shirt, a Bloodshed Trousers, and a pair of Tennises, all of those, black. He also sometimes is seen wearing Fingerless Black Leather Gloves.

In general appearance

Kyle's skin is a little dark-ish shade of White, his eyes are colored Red, and his hands, are always covered in "Dusty Powder".


Kyle is a Psychopath. A Maniac. An Unstoppable Killing Machine. He will kill you slowly and painfully when he can, making you suffer for his amusement, without a little tiny bit of remorse. He is insane, He is soulless, whatever was left of human in him... Is gone.

Kyle will never change. His mind is no longer humanoid. He has turned into something other then human, now.


Referencial/Basic Stats

HP: 4.250

ATK: 50

DF: 10

Inventory Items

Soul Residue - Recovers 500 HP

Insanity - Recovers 1.000 HP

Bloodshed Sword - ATK 50

Rampage - Increases ATK by 5 when used.

Armor within - Increases DF by 5 when used.

Equiped Items

Weapon: Bloodshed Knife - ATK 25

Armor: None - DF: 0



He will approach, silently. You will have to find out by yourself that he's there.


Stab - A knife appears, and launches itself aiming towards the player's SOUL, if he dodges, another Knife appears and does the same thing, repeating for 10 seconds or until the player gets hit 2 times.

Dance - Several Knifes appear, they can be colored blue or orange. One knife will slash at the player, if the player dodges, another Knife of a different color will appear and repeat the same thing 5 times, each time that Kyle uses this attack, the Knifes get Faster and the number of times increases by one.

- T.B.A. -


Plead, Insult, Beg, Talk


"....Heheh..." - Encounter

"Pleading is useless." - Plead #1

"No Mercy" - Plead #2

"It won't work." - Plead #3+

"....." Insult #1

"....." Insult #2

"*Slow Claps." Insult #3+

"...." Talk #1

"...." Talk #2

"...." Talk #3+

"Heh." Beg #1

"Hehehehe....." Beg #2


"..." Beg #4+

Flavor Text

You tell him it doesn't have to be like this. Nothing happened- Plead #1

You tell him you don't want to fight. Nothing happened- Plead #2

You tell him to stop. Nothing happened. - Plead #3+

You tell him that he's nothing. He seems to be disappointed. - Insult #1

You try to tell him that he sucks. He doesn't care. - Insult #2

You tell him that he is stupid. It doesn't work. - Insult #3

You can't think of any conversation topics. - All Talks.

You think of telling him that you already killed him... But that doesn't make any sense. - Talk #1+ (after a second fight)

You sob, begging for him to stop it. - Beg #1

You tell him you can't take it anymore. - Beg #2

You cry. Beg #3

You try to beg again... He doesn't change. Beg #4+

Sparing is not an option. - Sparing.


  • Kyle is often referred to as "The Hollow".

More trivia will be added soon.


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