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"Heh, and they say I have a grim sense of humour."

Folklore often tells of the heroic fighters of the Human Army, the warriors who won the battle with nothing but their DETERMINATION alone. These are the ones remembered, but they were far from the only fighters present. Lance Cian, the Hybrid Hunter is among these... less-remembered folk.


Lance was a black human male, standing at around 6'2". He had green eyes that sparkled a tad in the dark, which was a side effect of the kind of magic he specialised in. He had very thick eyebrows, with decently long hair tied into a small ponytail as to not get into his eyes when in combat.

Almost never did Lance wear clothing that you'd consider regular. He was always in some sort of battle attire so that should the situation rise, he'd always be prepared. That being said, he did have some preference when it came to attire. For major battles, he often wore lightweight purple-ish armour with a white cape. On his left arm, he wears a bracelet given to him by a friend long forgotten.

On each of his legs always sat a holster for his two magical weapons. Said weapons were comparable to modern shotguns in size, though weighed far less than their modern incarnations. Lance used this to his advantage, the weight of the guns didn't slow him down at all, thus making it far easier to get a few kills.


A man who originally had a warm heart, Lance was an honourable soldier who cared for every person who fought with him. He was willing to do anything to spare the lives of innocents, even lives of Monsters despite how much the Human empire despised them. Though a kind and just man, Lance would never tolerate laziness or anything related to it. He believed that if something could be done, it should be done as soon as possible.

Years after the war, after losing his wife, Lance changed somewhat. The only thing to ever be on his mind was revenge on those who dared harm her. He retained the same outward appearance as he did before, but one would easily notice that Lance seemed more violent. Toward his daughter, he acted as a great father figure though would often leave her alone for extended periods of time, as he spent that searching for the Hybrids.

Lance always had a sense of humour that darkened somewhat after his wife's passing. Often one to crack a joke at the darkest of times, he was known to some as the "Grim Lance" due to his love of dark humour and sheer ruthlessness to those that could possibly have any involvement in his wife's passing.


The War between Humans and Monsters is not something to be spoken highly of. Various casualties on both sides mean it was a horrible event for both species. However, in the darkest of times shine the brightest of lights, and Lance Cian was among them. Originally not a member of the Human army, but a simple hunter. He was always skilled with firearms, something his family noted and somewhat pestered him into taking it on as a career. Though against joining the army initially, propaganda against Monsters made him reconsider in order to destroy the beats that plagued the world.

Trained as a mage, Lance was selected to join a specific division of the Human army known as the Gunmages. Combining the might of magic with the power and accuracy of firearms, Gunmages were ones to be feared. Lance himself was not the most powerful member, nor was he the most remembered. However, he was still a very reliable member of the Gunmages and slaughtered many a Monster in the Humans' path to victory.

He was not there to experience the final battle, however. An injury caused him to be unable to attend, but said injury gave him something even better. A woman arrived in his village and tended to his wounds. The two shared a familiar experience in combat, and Lance took pity on her lack of a family. Eventually, after many moons together, the two were wed, but not long after that did she go missing.

Leaving Lance with nothing but a note and a child, his wife apologised that she had to leave but could not bare to put him in any danger. Lance raised the child on his own, naming her "Hope" and giving her the utmost attention so that she would not grow up like her mother. Lance took it upon himself to rid the world of those that dared hurt him. The ones known as the "Hybrids", Lance wanted to destroy the ones remaining. He developed a new kind of weapon exclusively for himself, a type of gun that used magic to pierce through SOULs and searched the globe for the Hybrids.

Never did he succeed, as the two remaining Hybrids had already went into hiding. Lance lived out the rest of his days in anger. With a lust for vengeance that was never satisfied, he could never rest more than a few hours before going out and trying to find the Hybrid once more. Little did he know that his daughter had been keeping tabs on him, and had written a few short stories in his honour more than once. On the day of Lance's death, they say that even in death he had an aura of anger about him...

But what happens to humans who refuse to die?


HP- 99

ATK- 60 (10 without Lightbringers)

DEF- 10


  • Lance's custom weapons known to pierce SOULs are called "Lightbringers".
    • Only two are in existence, and they are dual-wielded by Lance himself.

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