It was time. After all those years trapped within the Underground.

A single Human child had fallen down and gone through it, making friends and sparing everyone they met.

It was finally time to use the 6 human SOULs to break The Barrier and free the Monsters...

But something wrong had happened.

The Barrier was broken, but something deep under the lab in Hotlands was released.

A deadly gas that was toxic to Humans and Monsters was released throughout the Underground and to the Surface.

The Human Race was starting to decrease, very few survived.

But the Monsters.

There bodies broke down, distorted, melted.

They became amalgams themselves.

Well. A t least most of them. Very few of them also were immune.

Robots were completely immune.

Now, the surface isn't as great as it was supposed to be.

A cure must be devised, and it depends on how the last Monsters and Humans on the planet can work together just as the Human Child could...

Land of the Beasts, is an AU that's supposed to take place right after the True Pacifist ending, but it's less of an ending and certainly not happy.

The goal is to gather together in groups, and survive the world now covered in Amalgamated Beasts, while getting along, and creating the cure to fix them.

Amalgamates are essentially zombies, only they rather attempt to kill people aside from eating them. They work exactly like Zombies other than that though. With powers.

(Rules and such)

Characters can be:

Amalgamated : Which is what it sounds like. Mindless Beasts that are melty and distorted. They can be cured.

Immune : Means that through some kind of means, they cannot turn into Amalgams, even when coming in physical contact with Amalgamates.

Half- : Something in a Monster's body is fighting off the turning. But it's not enough, and while it could take years, they will eventually turn. They usually have "moments"/"Phases". They cannot be cured until they fully turn as the cure will kill them if used early.

Normal : Simply. They are still alive or not Amalgams, but can easily be killed or Amalgamated like anyone else.

Characters can Also:

Fuse and Defuse Amalgams. : They can be stuck together, and split apart again. IF two Amalgams collide, they fuse. When cured, they defuse. But they can auto magically be fused or be by themselves.

Attack or kill Amalgams (That don't belong to anyone unless permission is given) : Just be careful about it. If you get touched by an Amalgam and your not immune, then you are going to turn. It's the way it is. You take a risk by attacking one. Cause even if your immune, you can still die.

Attack each other. + Half- and Amalgams can also attack, but keep in mind you touch them, your turning them into amalgams if they are not immune, and you can kill them if you want. Just be aware that Karma is a thing, and likely you'll be hated/hunted.

Canon Characters:

Flowey (Immune)

Toriel (Amalgamated)

Sans (Amalgamated)

Papyrus (Normal)

Monster Kid (Half-Amalgamated)

Undyne (Normal)

Alphys (Normal)

Mettaton (Immune)

Muffet (Amalgamated)

Asgore (Normal)

Original Characters:

Korriet (Amalgamated)

Emmi (Normal)

JuteBox (Immune)

Peter (Immune)

Corrilina ( Half-)

Lucas (Normal)

Tamera (Normal)

Morlock (Normal)

Emily the Agarif (Immune)

Italis (Normal)

Ixca (Half-)

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