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This character, Lennox, was created by Djracem and Minkfi Yawa. Please do not edit without their permission, or you aren't gonna like what happens next. At all.


Lennox is a white cat-mink-human with blind aquamarine blue eyes. He has a sliver overcoat, always buttoned up. He has blue denim jeans, ripped at the kneecaps. He also dons black leather shoes, sheathing white paws. Lennox always has a neutral, serious stare, but fluster him and that will change.

A more descriptive description:

Lennox, Pansexual, White fur, Blind aquamarine blue eyes, cat-mink, with a bit of human mixed in, wears a silver overcoat, buttoned up, dons blue denim jeans, ripped at the kneecaps, and black leather shoes. 6 feet, 90 pounds.

Name Pronunciation: Len-Knocks Yah-Wah



To be seen in RP


To be seen in RP

Possible Love Interests:

Killer Pizza (Unconfirmed Ship)

Unseen in an RP, a pending relationship set up by Kaineborg and Minkfi Yawa.

End Credits:

White Text: "A strong and fearless ally."

Achieved Via: Pet, Pet x2, Flirt, Feed.

Yellow Text: "Residing in Snowdin from now on."

Achieved Via: Pet, Pet x2, Flirt, Flirt x2, Feed, Cry, Insult.


(OOC: Fix if overpowered.)

80 HP, 1 LV, (as of now) 0 EXP, (as of now) 55 ATK and 100 DEF.




85 HP, 1 LV, (as of now) 0 EXP, (as of now) 60 ATK and 100 DEF.


Taunt, Insult, Flirt, Cry, Pet, Feed.


"What the?" -When being pet

"Who are you even?" -Encountered

"I-I hate you..." -Feed x1

"That's pretty good..." -Feed x2 and after that

"W-what...?" -Flirt x1

"No... Th-thanks..." -Flirt x2 and after that

"Don't cry!" -Cry x1

"Oh..." -Cry x2 and after that

"Hey!" -All insults

"I can do better than you ever could." -Taunt x1

"Gah!" -Hit in Pacifist/Neutral Route

"Seriously?" -Taunt x2

"Ha, ha... Very funny. -Taunt x3 and after that


Mr. Mischief stands in your way!

Flavor Text


Don't you even dare. [Missing after attempting to hit him in Genocide.]

You are a murderous freak. What was your wish on the way here will be a curse on the way back. [Genocide Encounter]

You won't stop me... [Hit in Genocide]

No... I underestimated you, former friend... [Genocide Death]


So you spared some and killed others. Why exactly? [Seeing him by the Snowdin/Waterfall border]

I just love the flowers. [Meeting him in the Ruins]

Huh? You're sparing me? Okay...? [Sparing him in a mock battle]


I see kindness and mercy in your SOUL. [Talking to Lennox for the first time before exiting the Ruins]

My mother and father both lived here. [Random encounter in Snowdin. He is seen standing next to the Snowdin Library]

Thank you, for all you have done. [Thanking you before the End Credits]

AUs (as of now)


In the AU "Underfell" Lennox appears to have a more ripped up overcoat. It is still silver, however. In this AU Lennox has been terribly seared by a fire, causing his fur to appear black and soot-covered. He also now has two eyes on each side, causing him to have four eyes in total. These eyes are a crimson red, deep and menacing. He still has black leather shoes, however, they are damaged and worn.


In the AU "Underswap" Lennox is swapped with Killer Pizza. Rabid and ginger-furred, this version of Lennox won't hold back. He wears a golden overcoat, still buttoned up. His eyes remain blue, and blind. However, in this AU, Lennox doesn't wear any shoes.


He may have a murderous side to him.

He was based off of "Hatty" from Battleblock theatre.

His nickname "Mr. Mischief" was originally made for an old character, Mr. Mischief.

His nickname "Eye of the Blizzard" was because he has white fur, and blind, blue eyes.

His actual name, Lennox, is a mixture of Lenny (from this wiki) and Echonox (a geometry dash creator.)

He is Pansexual.

Recently I saw his name on a public transit.

He resides in Waterfall, but upon achieving the Yellow Text, it's known he now resides in Snowdin.

He is blind in both eyes.

He is the son of Minkfi Yawa and Tim.

Much like his father, he is extremely agile and swift, and can climb trees with ease.

He was very, VERY loosely based off of an old character I used once, named Kevin (aka Kev). Kevin never got a proper page.

He was going to be a lion-like creature, but the idea of him being the same species as his parents was better.


Lennox's Undernet account goes by the name of Hypo-Critical. It specializes in art, webcomics and fanfiction. He has also posted many blog posts, and has indicated he wants to become an author one day. He may have taken inspiration from the books in his mother's library.


Minkfi Yawa and Djracem for creating Minkfi and Tim.


No images so far. If you would like to make art for him, go ahead! I would greatly appreciate it. ^ ^

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