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Levi was the first of the five Hybrid, creator of the Oath, and first Oathtaker. Even though he was the strongest of them, his morals lead to his demise by the hands of Tiffany and Oathless. His SOUL was absorbed by Tiffany, but his influence is minimal.


Much like his brother Tiffany, Levi takes on a monstrous appearance that is more aquatic. If you were to classify him by his looks, you could very much call him the leviathan. He was the largest of the Hybrid, with a giant serpent-like body and bluish scales and plates covering the top of his body. The underside of his form had tannish scales, which were less protective than the rest. The top of his "head" was covered by the blue plates, covering the top part of his eyes, which restricted his upper vision. His eyes had two eyelids, and purplish blue pupils.

Levi has four appendages for legs, two larger back ones, which were more hardened and like spikes, supporting him, and two frontal ones, which also served as fins in water. He also had six more appendages for "arms," with two spiked ones as his lower arms, supporting the front side, and four tendril-like ones with claws that served as hands.


Levi was known to be very responsible when he was alive. He obeyed Noma and watched over his siblings, like any older brother should. At times where he was needed, Levi was unafraid to use his size and strength to keep the unruly ones in line. Other than that, he was pretty boring. Yes, Levi had a great sense of unity and family, but beyond that, in his personal life, he did mostly nothing else. It was as if he only existed to spout morals and enforce order in the family.

When the Hybrid were sent to destroy villages and consume SOULs, Levi was conflicted about killing innocents, but for the sake of his creator, he did so. Eventually, it came to the choice of pleasing Noma, or saving all senses of morals that he had, Levi choice the latter. When in hiding, Levi created the Oath, and convinced his siblings to take it as well. In the end, that pact doomed him as Tiffany and Oathless struck him down without him fighting back.






HP - 8,750

ATK - 20

DEF - 40

Levi was the largest of the Hybrid, so his size and natural protection tops his siblings'. Though he trained in combat under Noma, his pacifism had dropped his fighting spirit, unfortunately.


  • Like all Hybrid, Levi grew pretty fast. He grew faster than all of them, which his seniority only helped with.

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