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Leviathans are a rare Omnivorous species of monster that live in the water's of waterfall and uses coexist with a type of a large poisonous sea snake which they call sea dragons but are nicknamed Dragar. There is even a rumor that leviathans evolved from these beasts. They rarely wonder the underground without the Order's permission. There are different ranks that a leviathan can earn with High lord being the highest.


Leviathans have a human appearance looking like a young man or woman and sometimes a young child depending on age. They have blue reptilian eyes and dark blue (or any color in rare occasions) scales covering the sides of their necks, forearms and back. They slightly have bigger canines than most and secret a poison in their mouth. They usually wear long cloaks to conceal their body, a mask to cover their face and gloves to cover their hands.. sometimes the design of the mask and cloak resemble their personality. Underneath they wear typical clothing but are made of a special cloth to help retain moisture. There are gills under the scales in the side of the neck and are revealed when swimming underwater. Underwater the Leviathan takes on a different form have webbed feet and hand and having a more streamlined body.

Dragar's have a snake's body, yellow eyes and the color of it's scales depend's on it's owner's scales. It has horns at the back of the head and can grow to a large size in quick time. They do have a poison though far more potent than it's owners. They can also make clones of themselves by shedding their scales though shedding too much can harm them. The clones don't have horns like the original.



The first rank a leviathan earns once they reaches the appropriate age (usually five or six) and passes a couple of tests. They will also choose their first Dragar's which is newly hatched and will be their main companion forever and grow up with them. They are still not high enough rank to go onto land.


The second rank a leviathan earns once they has done a certain amount of tasks and has good behavior over time. They are considered okay enough to defend their homes but only small attacks and are only used as a last resort in a large scale attack.


The third class a leviathan can earn. They will officially earn their first badge and have access to leviathan weaponry and armor. They are able to go on land once they have obtained their land form, pass some tests and signing a contract. They must have a guardian though to watch them.


The fourth rank a leviathan can earn. This rank allows to a leviathan to command their own squad of leviathans without any supervision. Squads usually consist of three to four leviathans. They are given real missions to follow such as small assassination missions or scouting for rouge leviathans.


The fifth and one of the hardest rank a leviathan can earn. This rank is very hard to earn as a contest is made every year to sort out the strongest leviathans and rank them up. Only five leviathans can be ranked up to be captain, any more than five a lottery will be made to decide who will be ranked up to be captain.


This is the sixth rank a leviathan can earn and a extremely difficult one to earn. A leviathan must have earned the 'order's' full trust to earn this rank with many battles completed. A lord is able to meet the 'order' in person and is able to discuses details of their home. They are no longer able to participate in battles but that doesn't mean they can't fight still.

War Lord:

If a leviathan refuses to be a lord they are then ranked up to be a war lord. A war lord commands their own army and given war lord armor symbolizing their high rank. They are highly respected and cause big trouble for rouge leviathan.

High Lord:

The highest and most hardiest rank for any leviathan to earn. Leviathan who reached this rank are given many power and mostly make up the order. 'They are given High lord armor which is made of gold, diamonds and gems. Though High lords are watched every once in a while to avoid corruption.

Rouge Leviathans

Rouge leviathans are leviathans that have either commented a offense or murderous crime and have escaped the wrath of the Order. They are continuously being hunted as they are dangerous and offensive to their race. They are very few rouge leviathans alive but they are roaming the underground.

Lone Wanderers

Lone wanderers are leviathans who have chosen and have gotten permission to leave the order and go out on their own. However they will lose all support from the order but is still able to see and visit other leviathans. Lower rank leviathans will be dishonored when they become lone wanderers.


One day a strange things happened to some leviathans. They had a strange genetic disorder that gave them different abilities from other leviathans. Some grew wings and took the skies, some are able to swim in lava and more. Having these abilities are rare and usually appear at the age of two. Of course all leviathans are born underwater and with most variations the leviathans must leave the water. Strangely every time a leviathan is born with a variations a levi is also born with that same genes.

Flying leviathans:

Flying leviathans are leviathans with feathery wings. Their bones are much lighter and hollow in order to fly and have a streamline body to fly at high speeds. Their speed is increased greatly though their defense fall heavily too. The wings are flammable and have some slight resistant to water but they can't fly if trenched.

Lava leviathans:

This variation allows the leviathan to swim in lava (or magma if you want) and withstand high temperatures. Their scales are much harder and more heat resistant to withstand the heat and fire and have special eyes that allows them to see in lava. Their defense rises but the scales are extremely heavy decreasing their speed, but smaller lave leviathans are faster. Even though they can withstand high temperatures, their scales can melt if the temperature is over 3000 degrees and they do have a sensitivity to the cold however.

(more to be discovered.)

The Order

The order is a council made of high ranked leviathan to keep their kind in order. The order was was created after the war when monsters fled to the underground when leviathans weren't needed anymore. The order is usually in a large castle like building where lords live. A large room filled with seats are used to hold meetings to discuses problems and situations.


There were a lot more leviathans back then. They nearly filled almost every ocean in the world until the war. Leviathans were mostly used for water and land combat taking down ships or fighting with other land monsters. It was until then humans poisoned the water nearly wiping out leviathans. Leviathans soon had to withdraw from the battle as they needed to tended to the sick. They soon retreated to the underground like all monsters and made home in waterfall. They soon established the Order and eventually disappeared to most monsters to the underground.


Their home can be found in waterfall and if your lucky enough you will find a whole community of them underwater. To do this though a leviathan on land has to give you access in order to go underwater. Once they have given you access they will blow a huge air bubble underwater which will attach to your face so you can breath. Though if you can breath underwater or are a water elemental then the bubble is not needed.


Leviathans have powers in numbers and a lone leviathan can be taken down. With their low defense and health they can be easy to defeated but their speed and attack with weapons make up for it. Never fight a leviathan in water, they will completely overpower you by using similar techniques to whales and dolphins which uses bubbles to distract their prey. They also do dry up in hot places if they stay there too long and leviathans always hate fire. They do seem to have a slight resistant to the cold however.



The lava leviathan known as Adzeralt has been given permission to leave the order and is able to come back to visit. Guards on patrol and at entrance will be reminded to not attack.

The Order

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