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Lily Harmina is a humanoid moon spirit, and because of this, most mistake her for a human when they see her. She has brown waist-length hair that is kept in a braid, and she wears six white hair decorums because of her relations to the moon. She has turquoise eyes, and typically wears a black tank top underneath a white jacket, paired with dark blue jeans. She also has a scar on her left cheek, a result of a disagreement with a certain short skeleton.

Lily is willing to do any job tasked to her, including murder, as long as she is paid a decent amount. She abides by a single code: All client information is to be held strictly private, and it is because of this code that she is trusted with sensitive information by different groups.

Her personality is mostly serious, due to her work, but she does enjoy the occasional joke. She loves chocolate, and sometimes will do small errands if she's given some as a reward. However, during a mission, she puts her personal feelings aside and completes each and every task given to her.

She has two powers: One is the ability to burn others with moonlight; the other is the ability to heal herself at night, which is why that is when she carries out more dangerous missions. However, she has a limit of only being able to heal herself once per battle, so she usually fights cautiously. Her primary weapon is her bow and arrows, and she is exceptionally adept with poison. However, the only ones who know her abilities are her victims, as she doesn't use them in front of people.



  • None (unless anyone wants to make an OC who is related to her; I am fine with that as long as credit is given where due.)


  • None (see above)


  • Most mafia/gang leaders
  • Toriel


  • Her targets



  • HP: 4,653
  • AT: 48
  • DF: 14
  • EXP On Kill: 58
  • Gold on Win: 47


  • HP: 7,394
  • AT: 60
  • DF: 35
  • EXP On Kill: 58
  • Gold on Win: 47


  • Check
  • Reason With
  • Joke
  • Plead




Target located.

Prepare to die.

Flavor Text

Lily Harmina (insert) ATK (insert) DEF; A cold-blooded assassin; Focuses solely on her target (Check)

She ignores your words and presses on. (Reason With #1-6)

You notice her hesitate slightly. (Reason With #7-9)

Lily seems to be struggling. (Reason With #10+; ATK lowers by 1)

The assassin doesn't react. (Joke #1)

You try again, but she doesn't even blink. (Joke #2-5)

You notice her smile for a second, but Lily quickly hides it. (Joke #6-7)

Lily bites her lip to keep from laughing. (Joke #8-9)

She can't help it anymore, she bursts out laughing. (Joke #10+; DEF lowers by 1)

(Sparing text)

... (#1)

Do you really think you can survive? (#2)

Everyone else who has faced me has fallen. (#3)

Soon you will fall as well. (#4)

Stop trying to spare me. You know it is futile. (#5)

I said to stop. Why don't you give up? (#6)

Is it because of your "determination?" (#7)

It is useless. (#8)

... (#9-12)

I told you, ENOUGH! (#13)

My job is to finish you. I cannot leave until you are no more. (#14)

...I don't understand...why don't you fight back? (#15)

You.....won't...fight...?............Why? (#16)

... (#17-18)

................I.......can't fight someone......who doesn't fight back..........I failed my mission........ (#19)


  • Lily was cast down from the moon because she attempted to murder a council member on behalf of a jealous star spirit. She doesn't speak about her past, however, because it gives those she is targeting leverage against her.
  • She wasn't originally a killer; Her parents had raised her in a proper manner, it was only after she was an adult that she realized that the world wasn't the happy-go-lucky place she always believed it to be. She learned to defend herself after being attacked by a gang, and soon her talent was known well among them. Lily was asked to become a mercenary, but she refused and decided to remain independent.
  • Lily can be very friendly and excitable, but only when she knows for a fact that her location is secure.
  • She is mostly found at Toriel's bakery, simply, more often than not, because she loves the cookies there, and also because she likes to help out around there in exchange for baked goods.


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