Mistress of the Night.

Lindsay Kingsland is an 23 year old female human/monster that hides out within Snowdin. Typically known for her helpful and somewhat crazy demeanor, and her long list of gentleman callers, she's works as a waitress at Grillby's. She lives underneath the bar, in a sort of secret room, with her child, Vera Kingsland.


Linds is a Spawn with average height of about 5'11. Her eyes are actually a dark red, to match her long, dyed hair, but many assume the colors are brown. Her skin is a lightly tanned white. Actually very muscular for a girl like herself, she is very athletic and takes care of herself, health-wise. Another noticeable feature is her cats ears, which stick out from the top of her head, near her human ears. She does also have a tail, but it's often hidden inside her pant leg to make sure nobody messes with it.

Not one for frivilous outfits, she wears a gray T-shirt with faded letters, as it once said something...over time, though, what it says has dissolved into obscurity. She also wears black pants and a dusty leather jacket, with an orange and white butterfly insignia on the back. One notable quirk is that her clothes are full of holes from her escapades on the surface, and she couldn't never get her hands on anything else. One could say that it's more attractive that way as well...She works in high heels, but switches over to regular shoes whenever she goes anywehre else.

She has a smooth voice, with a tendency to sing words and vowels. Sounds like she's seducing someone all the time. If you really need to know, she has D cups.


Lindsay is very eccentric individual. Being able to go from zero to a hundred and back in a matter of seconds, her emotions are often strong and very firm; she isn't persuaded easily. Despite her ability to attack and harm, she often chooses not to, and is an ardent pacifist. Often, she'll strike up friendly conversations with people she doesn't know and try to relate to their problems and struggles...This leds to mixed results, and leads to some naivity sometimes.

She has a very caring and loving tone to those she trusts, and generally extends a friendly (if not sarcastic) hand to the people she meets. Despite her happiness, though, something she fears greatly is loneliness. When she's alone, she gets anxious and sad and often falls into fits of panic and hysteria, and hostility to even her closest of friends. All in all, Lindsay is very expressive and fits well with others, but on her own, she tends to let delusional thoughts and nervousness cloud her judgement.

Main Story

She was born to a loving family with her mother, a human named Ylviere, and her cat monster father, Jason. She was a middle child, and had two sisters, Amity and Rosette; the triplets really cared for each other deeply. All was well, and Lindsay grew up, formerly studying medicine to be a nurse for the Human Army. But, as more and more patients came in, she would hear about horrible acts soldiers have done to Monsters and vice versa (burning down homes, stealing, sometimes unjustified murder, etc).

Wanting to get back at these bad seeds, inspired by her own half-and half species, she got together with some other friends she'd met while studying medicine. Known colloquially as the Monarchs, they would pay back the monsters that have been hurt by these soldiers. It started out nicely, with them being a pretty decent force to be reckoned with, and their oath to not kill was revered by sympathetic humans and monsters alike. Linds had Vera during this time, and the two were an inseperable duo, with magic and knife skills to boot.

However, after someone tipped the Humans about where their hideout was, they were wiped out in an ambush, and they scattered, Linds and her kid moving to Mt. Ebott to jump into the Underground. She lived outside in a tent for a while, destitute until Grillby offered her a job at his restaurant. Then, the room underneath the bar got built, and that's where Lindsay is to this day. She's motivated by seeing her family again and hopefully reuniting the Monarchs.


Lindsay's battle is optional and plays out akin to a date. Randomly, when walking through either Snowdin or Waterfall, you may encounter her strolling through. She'll strike up a conversation that eventually will turn to if you want to head to Grillby's to talk more. Say yes, and you can walk back there and she'll be ready for the date. Say no, and she'll walk away, a little surprised and disappointed.

Once you meet her, the date begins. It starts out like any other date, where you get asked questions and depending on your answer, she'll like you more or less. Eventually, though, when the date becomes tense, an actual fight will play out. This is still part of the date; you have only Act, Mercy, and Item at your disposal. Linds will attack you, and it's up to you to try and seduce her. Don't worry about dying in this fight, as if you reach 1 HP, she'll get bored, give you some food to restore your health back up, and the date will end.

Acts: Flirt, Offer, Listen, Talk, Set, Ask, *Kiss (available later)


Lindsay is a very sociable young woman, and loves talking to people and learning about their lives. In fact, she has no real enemies...yet.



  • +Fast and good at using a butterfly knife.
  • +Smooth-talker: can defuse situations easily.
  • -Prone to self-doubt.
  • -A bit naïve at times.


-If you say yes to the date and never show up, when you beat the game, Linds will scold you about standing her up after all the regular phone calls play out. She goes on to say that next time you need to treat her better. This sounds like it implies she knows about the routes, but really, she just expects you to come crawling back to her.


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