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Liquard is the offspring of an Agarif and Water nymph, creating a unique class currently nicknamed ‘Aqua’ which makes them made of water. The class is named after their abilities, and the beautiful, near hypnotising aqua coloured scales with a rippling pattern, much like when a calm pond surface is lightly touched. They are often found in waterfall, rarely traveling to Snowdin due to the uncomfortable feeling of ice in her, and Hotland due to the feeling of evaporating (which doesn’t leave her body, but turns her more of into a body of steam). Her soul is visible under her scales or when they are in a softened state.

They are often changing personality a lot, and are unpredictable. She is resistant to Ice and fire spells, as ice increases her defence while fire evaporates her into steam making her have more attack. She can also technically be ‘drunk’ like normal water, but she feels extremely uncomfortable about this. She tastes like pure water, being that, and is often refreshing to drink as she is also filled with the usual monsters energy. Doing this heals 60 hp per mouthful. The scales stay as a solid form of water, healing 15 hp. When she dies, she doesn't turn to dust, instead she can either turn to ice, evaporate, or a mix of the two.

She also appears to be able to control parts of her that had been separated, allowing her to regen her body, however any puddle of water can heal her. She can also combine with water to a point, increasing all her stats at the cost of speed. Doing this can allow her to attack multiple times in the same instant.

She's had a surprisingly peaceful life, which is something to boast about when your a different class of Agarif. She left the hive at an early age, about 16, and has traveled the underground since. She is surprisingly adept with computers (even though she's water) and knows how to make basic programs.

She is extremely vulnerable to electricity, moreso then water (however she can easily take small charges, and separated parts of her can be used as a conductor if necessary). Due to this she stay's away from most electronics. Electrocuting her also has the side affect of making her temporarily highly suggestive, to the point she'll do anything as long as it doesn't kill her.



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