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Lora was Natis's lover before the war. She was the Duchess of the Gorgons, and became quite reclusive after the War. She currently resides in and controls the Emptiness, an empty and glitched area in the Underground where several Monsters have been lost in a type of limbo.


Lora was the Duchess of the Gorgons, born approximately 23 years before the War with her radiant beauty as opposed to the ugliness of all other Gorgons. She was a noble Gorgon and mainly wanted to sustain the peace between Humans and Monsters.

One day, as she was visiting the First Human Village, she met Natis Prosec, who was the General of the First Human Army. They had a nice conservation, and became friends. Eventually, over weeks, the conversations turned into flirts, then hugs, then kisses, and they became a romantic couple.

However, this all stopped when conflict broke out between the two races. Natis and Lora ended up in a heated argument as the War began, and it grew until they ended up breaking up. This effectively caused Natis to wage war against the Monsters with hatred, especially after the death of his parents. Lora stood in the background, helping those who had to be protected from this dangerous conflict. The War ended with all monsters trapped Underground.

Lora, overridden with Guilt, had decided to isolate herself from the rest of the Monsters in a place called the Emptiness. She remained alive over the centuries due to her Guilt and her inability to let go of the War. Now, she will eventually return from the Emptiness... as she has two packages filled with reminders, ready for her to receive.


Lora is a Gorgon with green and blue scales. Her tail is rather long, and the tip of it is a rattle shaped like a Diamond. Her upper body is very feminine, with a bra and skirt covering her 'private' parts. Like all Gorgons, she has long snake hair, that goes down to her neck and is yellow.

Before the battle, her face is covered by a mask that looks like a typical Gorgon's face. During the battle, the mask is destroyed, revealing a very glitchy face. After the battle, her true face is revealed, being a rather gorgeous one with blue eyes at that.



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Romantic Partner(s)


Base Stats

HP: 500 (2500 in the Emptiness)

AT: 40 (75 in the Emptiness)

DF: 40 (75 in the Emptiness)


AT: Human Crossbow - 66 AT. Lora can change the soul's color at will with her colorful arrows.

DF: Glitched Face - 66 DF. Lora is very hard to hit when she isn't her true self. Pacifism is recommended.


Check, Hug, Persuade, Intimidate, Defend, *Cry

Note: * means that the option will only be available later on in the battle.


Lora can be encountered on two main occasions. The first time that she is encountered is in the Ruins, where she tends to fight only with two of her main moves, and tries to get you to scram. She can be killed over time, but she can be spared at any point in time. Whether Lora is killed or spared, the winner will receive a Pomegranate, an odd and very rare fruit that heals all HP on the spot.

The second time however is in the Emptiness, where she is encountered as the boss with her mask being broken. The Emptiness cannot be accessed except in the True Pacifist Route. As a result, it is nearly impossible

^ Moves defined by this symbol are only encountered in the second fight.


Lora's snake hair increases in length, and snaps at the soul from different directions. If the soul is hit twice, it is poisoned similarly to the Dark Corpse's Scorpions.

Lora's tail coils onto the bullet board in a spiral, and it spins around as snakes slowly crawl across the bullet board.

^ Lora changes the soul's color to that of one that was previously encountered, and attacks with the move-set of that color. Example: The soul becomes blue, and Lora sends a bone attack.

^ Lora turns the soul into the infamous Rainbow Color, and unleashes an ultimate attack based on all of the soul colors.


To spare Lora for the first time, she must be Hugged and Persuaded at least 3 times each. Then, she must be Spared at least 5 times, and she will calm down over time. Defending won't do anything, and Intimidating will only set you one step back with the Hugging/Persuading.

To spare Lora in the second battle, several requisites must be made. She must be Intimidated followed up by a Hug or Persuade at least once each. Then, she must be Hugged and Persuaded 3 times each. Then, she must be Spared at least 10 times. After surviving her ultimate attack and having low HP, the Cry ability will be available to end the battle.


Encounter (First Time)

"Now what do you think you're doing here?" [Encounter]

"...Don't touch me." [Hug #1]

"Did you not hear me? I said, don't hug me." [Hug #2]

"I..." [Hugs #3+]

"...Oh? And why would that be?" [Persuade #1]

"Interesting... explain." [Persuade #2]

"Understandable..." [Persuade #3+]

"Your petty threats aren't going to work, child." [Intimidate]

"As expected of some..." [Defend]

"Okay, why are you not FIGHTing at all?" [Spare #1]

"Don't you want to kill me?" [Spare #2]

"Or maybe kill everyone else here... like Natis wanted?" [Spare #3]

"........" [Spare #4]

"Alright, fine... you can leave. Take this, if you're going a long way." [Spare #5, Battle Ends]

"Gah... I... this was meant to happen... I deserved this... at least don't make the others suffer for my own fault..." [Killed]

Flavor Text (First Time)

It's the Gorgon. [Encounter]

Your heart is having a real ache there, isn't it? [Neutral]

The Gorgon slaps her snake-hair to calm them down. [Neutral]

Is her face real? [Neutral]

The Gorgon seems to be getting... exhausted. [Neutral, Hurt]

You hug the Gorgon's tail lightly. [Hug #1]

You move higher up, hugging around her waist now. [Hug #2]

You stand up, hugging her normally and tightly. [Hug #3+]

You tell the Gorgon that there is no need to FIGHT. [Persuade #1]

You tell the Gorgon that you have no intentions of FIGHTing. [Persuade #2]

You tell the Gorgon that you intend on making your way through with MERCY. [Persuade #3+]

You threaten the Gorgon to stop, or she will be hurt. [Intimidate]

You prepare yourself for the next attack. DF increased! [Defend]

Encounter (Second Time)

"You little brat... I'll k-k-k-KILL YOU!" [Encounter]

"O-Off of me..." [Hug #1]

"L-L-Let go of me!" [Hug #2]

"....." [Hug #3+]

"I'm not l-listeNING!" [Persuade #1]

"No... just... no." [Persude #2]

"Y-You're bluffing..." [Persuade #3]

"............" [Intimidate]

"......!!!" [Hug after Intimidate]

".........?!" [Persuade after Intimidate]

"Fine then... prepare for THIS!" [Defend]

"S-Stop it..." [Spare #1]

"I m-mean it... we're not doing this AGAIN!" [Spare #2]

"I'm not letting you g-go like I let Natis go..." [Spare #3]

"Look at you... thinking MERCY is s-some sort of Jail-Free card!" [Spare #4]

"WELL GUESS W-W-WHAT?!" [Spare #5]

"I w-will... NEVER spare you here." [Spare #6]

"I will not let you run rampant like Natis did..." [Spare #7]

"I w-will not let another Human kill nearly everyone..." [Spare #8]

".........." [Spare #9]

T-THAT'S IT! NOW, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR DOOM!" [Spare #10, Rainbow Attack Incoming]

"Now... it's time for you to experience... THE RAINBOW SOUL!" [Rainbow Attack]

"O-Oh... what am I doing? This shouldn't be happening... Human, I'm sorry... let's end this conflict now. By the way... the name is Lora." [Cry]

Flavor Text (Second Time)

The Gorgon attacks, her face having a terrifying corruption... [Encounter]

The Gorgon looks at the painting, then at you. [Neutral]

The Gorgon looks as furious as Michael Jones. [Neutral]

The Gorgon is getting even more furious. [Neutral, Progress Being Made]

You quickly hug the Gorgon around her tail again. She hissed loudly. [Hug #1]

You hug her around the waist again, before pulling away. [Hug #2]

You quickly hug her once more, she remained silent. [Hug #3]

You told her that you didn't want to FIGHT anymore. [Persuade #1]

You told her that friendship is still possible. [Persuade #2]

You told her that you haven't killed a single Monster on the way here. [Persuade #3]

You threatened her to back off. [Intimidate]

You suddenly hug her tightly after your threat. She seems surprised. [Hug after Intimidate]

You told her that you've spared every other Monster in the Emptiness, too. [Persuade after Intimidate]

You shield yourself for the next move. DEF greatly increased! [Defend]

The Gorgon seems to be preparing something big... [Rainbow Attack Warning]

You feel tears welling up in your eyes. [Cry Available]

You begin crying, tears everywhere. The Gorgon sees this, and suddenly calms down. [Cry]

Lora is sparing you, her real face showing true. [Spare]



  • If the True Pacifist Route is achieved, one of two things will happen to Lora. She may remain in the Emptiness forever, never to leave the Underground at all. Or, she will finally leave the Emptiness for good, having coped with the past. She will then effectively and finally marry the love of her life, Natis. Nimir Numah, Agroid, and Natis Prosec will also be satisfied if she is satisfied.


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