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Lucer is an Omega-class Agarif that could be considered one of the unluckiest Monsters in existence. His luck is as terrible as his name, but he moves on with life, supported by his best friend Auffle.


Despite his name, Lucer appears to be your average Omega Agarif. As expected, he has the usual light blue scales, and small, unpractical wings that cannot achieve flight, serving no useful purpose. His tail is also very average, being there for balance and whatnot. He has teeth clean enough to shine a bit, so that's a plus, if one at all.

Due to his luck, Lucer wears a lot of handmade good luck charms. They seem to be poorly made from cheap materials, but nonetheless they do not break easily, seeing how much accidents Lucer ends up in. Perhaps this is due to some magical properties.


You would think one with such bad luck would be quite the pessimist, but Lucer attempts to make the best of his days. That is why he tries very hard at what he does and makes good luck charms to motivate himself. It could be a bit of naivety at work, and it is evident that Lucer is quite ignorant at times. As part of his philosophy, he tends to hang around people he finds powerful and inspiring. In actuality, these standards are quite flawed, as he thinks Auffle meets those standards.

Lucer's also quite superstitious and believes that his charms actually do help, and sometimes lends them to Auffle to boost his performance. His goals are life are small, but he knows that Auffle strives for something better, so he'll be ready to go with him until those goals are reached, even if it means going beyond the Hive.




HP - 570

ATK - 14

DEF - 15

Lucer is an average Omega Agarif, so his stats are like so. He hasn't been doing any training, but he hasn't been lazing around either, so his strength is decent enough for his type.


  • Lucer is perhaps a distant cousin to Auffle, due to their similar naming.

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