A rather ancient character, Luci came from a source even she can't quite remember. She spent most of her time simply doing whatever she wanted; existing long before any threatening life at all gave her plenty of control... Eventually as countless years passed Luci ended up starting to encounter life-forms that she curiously observed and examined for countless years as some of the little entertainment she could attain at the time. From dinosaurs to mammals to humans; she lived throughout all of it, enjoying the new things that arose whether it be new species of animals/plants or gemstones/metals she hadn't seen before. This lasted all the way until the underground was sealed whilst she was searching for gemstones and the likes underground.


Luci is a somewhat small (5' 2) individual with clean, white hair that goes down to her abdomen yet her eyes have somewhat wide irises containing a dynamic rainbow pattern that constantly flows and moves. Atop her forehead (which is never normally covered by her hair) is a very narrow slit horizontal that can open into a third eye; it's slightly smaller than the main pair however it has a white iris. Luci has a mouth with human-like teeth and light red lips but it also comes with two tongues narrower than the tongue of a human, whilst between the teeth and mouth she has a very wide retractable tooth on the top and bottom row, somewhat shaped like the blades of scissors albeit curved. From the sides of her head (slightly above the temples, poking through the hair) is a rainbow-coloured (a similar pattern to her eyes but they pattern stays still) horn pointing in opposite directions to one-another, both are 7.5cm (~3 inches) long. There is another identical pair of horns a short distance behind the ears.

The somewhat pale skinned humanoid figure of Luci is slim and curvy with C cup breasts. Sprouting from just above her nicely rounded rear is a pair of somewhat long, black tails with heart-shaped tips. Hidden within her fingertips and toes are sharp claws (both the nails and the claws have the same pattern as her eyes), typically unnoticeable unless she extends them.

The clothing of the girl consists of an ivory white mini dress made from [unknown], its skirt only reaching to the knees. Its shape is mostly in a sheath style; somewhat tightly hugging the curves yet the skirt has a tiered/layered pattern, the edges of each tier/layer (as well as the rims of the sleeves which are so small that the dress curves inwards) have a gold rim. The torso area of the dress is shaped to somewhat reveal the chest but without showing any of the golden-coloured bra. The golden-coloured panties come with a small hole in the back to allow for the twin tails to fit through. On each wrist and her neck are a gold bracelet/necklace respectively adorned with a purple-red gemstone heart imbedded in them


A fan of shiny things such as rare metals and gemstones, Luci is quite greedy when it comes to such items. The small girl tends to enjoy relaxing whenever she decides to stay at home and will happily eat quite a lot in the process. Whilst not too open about it, Luci may get somewhat annoyed if someone can do something but she cannot; the reverse is true if the roles are reversed. Luci can become incredibly aggressive and whatnot to those who those she feel has wronged her yet she is a somewhat lustful individual, somewhat akin to succubi. Her years of isolation have left her a very patient individual albeit those same years have given a skewed sense of time; seeing long time periods as quite short.


Luci is a generally physically strong individual with a broad range of strong magical attacks thanks to how much time she has had to study albeit the most prominent of these is her telekinetic (and some other psychic abilities) powers. Her most powerful ability is being able to activate her third eye.

A relatively old ability for Luci is her ability to accurately and functionally shapeshift into a wide range of forms albeit if her third eye becomes smaller than usual its effects diminish; even though the reverse isn't true.

Activating her third eye boosts her senses and magical powers immensely however at the cost of said sensitivity making her far more sensitive to most forms of pain.

She also [CENSORED]



None that are currently alive.

Romantic Partners:

None. Or at least she hasn't had any that she plans to tell anyone about.



The initial encounter involves her searching for ores and/or gemstones...

She may or may not give rewards in return for finding gemstones and the likes and bringing them to her. That is, if you can get her to spare you...

Neutral Route:

Probably the same as pacifist.

Genocide Route:

It's just a fight, really. If you get her to spare you then you're playing Neutral, not Genocide. Idiots.


"You have some platinum? Well it's not like there can be too much platinum. I'd love to buy it from you." ~ If the player is trading with Luci and has attained platinum ingots.



  • Luci's favourite colour is white.



I can't draw for multiple reasons so expect for this to stay empty.

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