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MOBAtale is an AU (Alternate Universe) of Undertale created by Dove of Death and TheVinnyLord. The world of MOBAtale is very different to the one we know. Enemies can fight side by side, or allies can be locked in brutal combat. It is a strange world, no doubt, and nothing can ever be counted on.


Long ago, two beings ruled over the world: Order and Chaos. Though the two opposed one another, there was always a perfect balance between them and thus everything was right in the world. All was fine until the day Chaos grew larger. A war had started between Humans and Monsters, and Chaos was assisting in it. Order, unable to do anything other than watch, grew mad at their opposite. They decided to do the one thing they could do: Strike down Chaos in the name of justice.

They fought for hours. And soon hours turned to days, and days to weeks, and weeks to years. Order and Chaos were equally matched and knew the other perfectly. Never could they deliver a blow to defeat their opponent, and never could they even wound their opposite for more than a few moments. The fighting stopped, Order had fought of another way to beat Chaos...

If they themself could not fight, then they'd have to find someone who could! Calling upon various rune magic, Order summoned a Monster. This Monster assisted Order in defeating Chaos once and for all! ...Or so they thought. Chaos came right back as if nothing had happened. Ready for revenge, Chaos themself also summoned a Monster, and said Monster engaged in combat with the one Order had summoned.

Unable to fathom what was happening, the two beings continued to fight. Summoning Champions of various realms to fight for them, the fight between Order and Chaos continued on. Never has it ended, and never will it. Such is the world of MOBAtale.


The main part of MOBAtale is the fights that take place within it. The battle between Order and Chaos has brought about them summoning Champions from other realms in order to assist them. These Champions, while they are identical to the originals, are seperate entities entirely so that the originals which they are based on are not disturbed at all by fighting for Order or Chaos.

A character will in total have 5 abilities. One passive ability, three regular abilities and one Ultimate ability. These can be whatever the user wishes them to be, but will be judged by Dove and Vinny on whether they are too powerful, not powerful enough, etc. etc. These abilities, along with simple punches/kicks/weapon swings (Known as Autoattacks) are the only way of fighting allowed. Anything else will result in the user being kicked from the AU.

Every character in MOBAtale is equally powerful, as to make sure even someone like Papyrus could defeat Undyne just as easily as he could defeat Skelenny. 

Characters & Pantheons

In MOBAtale, characters are divided into Pantheons depending on their origins. A member of the Royal Guard would of course be placed in the Royal Guard Pantheon. A canon character, however, is placed in the "Undertale" Pantheon. There are currently 6 'Pantheons in MOBAtale.


"Perfection never dies."

  • Noma - The Flawed Angel
  • Eden - The Perfected One
  • Levi - The Original Hybrid
  • Tiffany - The Great Devourer
  • Erza - The Selfless Hybrid


"Praise be to the Glorious Ones!"

Royal Guard

"Monstra invictos!"


"Determined for victory."

  • Currently empty.

Condiment Crew

"Eat, sleep, steal!"


"Just a prank, bro."


"You are filled with DETERMINATION."

  • Undyne - Captain of the Royal Guard
  • Papyrus - The Captain's Apprentice
  • Sans - The Skeleton

Joining MOBAtale

Currently, all applications for MOBAtale should be placed on either of the creators' message walls. The applications should include the following:

  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Pantheon:

Later, the kits for the characters will be placed on the specific pantheon's subpage, right now they are not required but include them should you wish to.

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