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"Allow me to play a melody for you..."

Maestrom is a ghost, much like Napstablook , however, the two are not related. Maestrom spends a lot of his time composing musical works, mainly of the Classical genre. He plays a lot of songs on his violin, and his battle theme is a rendition of Ghost Fight played on one.


Maestrom is a ghost that wears a powdered wig, red bowtie, and grey glasses. He is always seen carrying around a wooden violin.


Any ordinary monster would see Maestrom as a quite extravagant person when he is on stage, who is very open when playing music, be it in an orchestra or solo. That, however, is merely a facade. In actuality, he is socially awkward and tends to seclude himself from others when not on stage. Because of this, it is rare to see him anywhere other than during his preformances, which brings difficulty when it comes to trying to befriend him.

When one gets to know Maestrom a bit better, more interesting traits will make themselves known. Maestrom is revealed to have a good sense of humour, and enjoys attending Sans' comedy act at the MTT Resort. He also, despite being a classical composer, has an interest in more modern musical genres like Pop and Rap, and mentions that he would one day like to compose a dubstep song. He also enjoys anime, but is not as obsessive over it as some people. He thinks Mew Mew Kissie Cutie is okay and bears no hatred towards its sequel.


Due to typically secluding himself from others to compose his music, he doesn't really have many relationships with people.


None, as of yet.


Mettaton - Maestrom has acted as a ghost composer for some of Mettaton's musical numbers, though none of the ones featured in the main game are by him.

Napstablook - Maestrom is aware of their existence, but does not often encounter them.

Sans - Maestrom often goes to MTT resort to watch him do his comedy act.

Alphys - Maestrom tends to avoid her, because he fears she will think less of him if he shares his opinions with her.



  • ATK 10 DEF 10
  • To spare him, you must Request, Hum twice, and then Applaud.


  • ATK 15 DEF 255
  • In his Genocide battle, Maestrom will block attacks with a grand piano, like a shield, until it eventually breaks.


Request, Hum, Applaud

Maestrom's battle utilizes the same SOUL mode as Muffet , except his has five purple strings, like a musical staff.

AU Versions


"How about I play your funeral hymn?"

Underfell Maestrom is, to put it frankly, psychotic. He lulls people into his chamber with his sweet songs, and then stabs them through with his violin bow. If you somehow manage to befriend him, conversations with him involve him rambling on about what his violin told him last night in his sleep. It is presumed the voice of his violin bring him to kill people.


Sciencetale Maestrom mainly focuses on the effects of music on certain factors of life. He has coined the term "SOUL Song", a theoretical concept that SOULs are capable of direct communication through means of music that cannot be heard consciously. The theory also states that this is where concepts such as love and friendship originate. He has attempted on several occasions to record these songs, but has only been able to find traces in living human souls, which unfortunately means his research cannot continue, since there are no living humans in the underground...yet.




  • "This song ought to get you moving." [Before note attack with orange notes]
  • "You may want to stop and think about this one." [Before note attack with blue notes]
  • "This tune will heal your broken soul." [Before note attack with green notes]
  • "This one's an old classic." [Before normal note attack]
  • "I apologise. Perhaps you could sing it for me?" [Request]
  • "Ah, so like this?" [Hum #1]
  • "Alright, I got it from here." [Hum #2]
  • "Thank you, thank you." [Applaud after 2 hums]


  • "Quite curious, is it not?" [Scripted #1]
  • "You've been fighting for so long... it just comes naturally at this point, doesn't it?" [Scripted #2]
  • "I'm usually not one for cheating, but do you really think I'd just let you kill me?" [Scripted #3]
  • "Listen, child, you do not know the can of worms you open." [Scripted #4]
  • "The skeleton knows your sins, and they WILL crawl on your back." [Scripted #5]
  • "Heh." [Any turn spent not attacking]
  • "Oh. ...Well." [Shield broken]
  • "..." [Used until HP is 0]
  • " seems this is the end. My only regret is that you were my final audience. ...Adieu." [Kill]

Flavor Text


  • Maestrom begins the concert! [Encounter]
  • This composer plays quite spiritual songs. [Check]
  • Maestrom is tuning his violin. [Neutral]
  • Maestrom swings his bow around like a baton. [Neutral]
  • Smells like musical notation. [Neutral]
  • You request a song from Maestrom. He doesn't seem to know that one... [Request]
  • You hum a random tune. Maestrom keeps playing his own thing. [Hum before Requesting]
  • You hum the tune to the song you requested. Maestrom tries to follow along. [Hum after Requesting]
  • You keep humming the song. Maestrom seems to understand the tune now. [Hum #2 after Request]
  • You hum a little more. Maestrom doesn't need it, but appreciates the gesture. [Hum #3+ after Request]
  • You applaud Maestrom's magnificent piece. Maestrom lowers his ATK for a turn. [Applaud before 2 Hums]
  • You applaud Maestrom's ability to play your song. Maestrom seems happy. [Applaud after 2 Hums]
  • Maestrom plays a grand finale song for you. [Spareable]
  • Maestrom takes a bow. [Spareable]


  • You walk up to Maestrom. [Encounter]
  • That piano won't hold sturdy forever. [Check before breaking piano]
  • Go for the grand finale. [Check after breaking piano]
  • Maestrom is playing an aggressive piece. [Neutral]
  • Maestrom seems to shiver a bit. [Neutral]
  • Smells like classic cowardice. [Neutral]
  • The piano is breaking apart. [Shield HP low]
  • Maestrom is accepting his fate. [Shield Broken Neutral]
  • Maestrom begins playing "Ooh Whatcha Say" on his violin. [Shield Broken Neutral]
  • Maestrom starts laughing for no reason. [Shield Broken Neutral]
  • Maestrom takes one final bow. [HP Low]


  • His name is a portmanteau of Maestro and Maelstrom.
  • His original appearance was going to be more intimidating and more stormy like, but the idea was scrapped.
  • Despite being a ghost, he can be killed. This is because he formed a corporeal body with his violin, hence why he always carries it around.
  • His username of UnderNet is SongoftheMaestrom


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