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MafiaTale Title



The Underground is a complicated network of crime-infested cities. On the outside they seem like normal places to live, but the law enforcement and crime rings both know that these places have much more beneath the surface.

As there has always been, there is tension between the major mafia godfathers and gang leaders. But recently, due to some new independent thieves in town, tensions have been rising, and soon might break out in an all-out war. Everyone's taking sides, hoping that they'll end up on top at the end of it all, and corruption is leaking into even the most noble and innocent of SOULs.

Story ever expanding


  • To join, you must...
    • gain approval from 2/3 leaders of the AU
    • be accepted by the head of any mafia/mob/gang you're trying to join
    • provide a brief description of how your character should fit into the AU
    • have your OC's page up to standards.
  • All OCs should either be in a gang, mob, mafia, with the police, or owe something to/be working against one of the aforementioned, to be able to fit them into the plot.
  • Only leaders of the AU may edit or add canon Undertale characters.




  • At least one RP in this AU was done before the page was made.



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