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Magical Sabrina was featured in May 2017.
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This product of the popular Sabrina Dolls Toy-line, Magical Sabrina(™), has been carefully manufactured by ParTriangle Studios. Please do not edit this toy-line without given permission unless you agree towards the Terms of Service.


The fans of our previous work for following along with us!

Our friends over at YP Manufacturing and Shipping Co, for helping us with that billboard you saw at the beginning!

The toys appearance was recreated in sprite form by Second Edge Studios!

Our fans who nominated this page as FA!

Important Note

On this very date, the Magical Sabrina toyline stopped production. It's future reincarnates, the Little Witch Sabrina™ and the Heroine Sabrina™, did not successfully living up to the fame that the dolls had. However, a possible reboot of the dolls may come. It may come on the month it became popular.

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