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This product of the popular Sabrina Dolls Toy-line, Magical Sabrina(™), has been carefully manufactured by ParTriangle Studios. Please do not edit this toy-line without given permission unless you agree towards the Terms of Service.


This character is no longer an Undertale OC. This page will remain on the wiki, until the owner decides that they want it deleted.

The Magical Sabrina() is the new and improved model of the previous Magic Sabrina toy! Gaining not only new and improved features, such as better quotes and box, but also the ability to insert objects inside of the toy!


You should only be able to find the Magical Sabrina(™) in a box, near the area of CORE only! Any others should be reported towards our Customer Service. The box reads many things, including quotes, reviews and even special tricks she can perform! The whole box is purple, with a shade of lavender here and there, with a clear plastic material to see the doll in the middle.

The doll was originally meant to look like a magician. Her hat, despite the main source being so easy to copy, ended up being like a witch. The hat is triangular, with a shade of purple. It also should be mentioned that the hat can change, only with a special circumstance. Her dress, because the creators got lazy, was made black, not actually coloured in the correct way. The doll resembles a human, with a purple hat and dark dress.


The dolls are meant to be loving towards their owner, wanting to perform their tricks along with the owner. Each one, however, doesn't have the power to really preform tricks.They need SOULs, human or monster, to live. Otherwise, the doll can only give out normal quotes. They can attack, at the cost of falling over. None of them specifically have much power. Unless you count the defects known as "Magical 6."







ACT:Check, Unbox, Break.

To spare:Unbox 4 times. This would proceed the option to spare the doll.


It's only attack is a box, afterwords it falls over, and cannot attack afterwords.

Flavor Text/Quotes


  • It's a Magical Sabrina!
  • It fell over...
  • Smells like plastic.
  • You unbox the toy. A cut is made on the top.
  • You continue unboxing. Monster begin to surround you.
  • You continue to unbox. Monsters upload this towards Undernet.
  • You finish the unboxing. Monsters cheer, as the doll is proceeded to be taken away. [Instant spare]
  • You break the doll. [Instant death]


  • My name is Magical Sabrina!
  • You're my best friend!
  • *Magical noises*
  • Teehee, lets preform special tricks!
  • Magic is so much fun!
  • ...
  • Ouch! Why did you hit me?
  • I will always be your friend!
  • Life is almost always like a dream!
  • *Crack*
  • Magic?! Magic! MAGIC!!"


  • It is a doll.
  • Magic.
  • Loosely based off certain pony dolls.

However, a scientist, who dreamed of becoming the royal scientist after Alphys wanted to test something out. This girl put parts of her soul in 5 Magical Sabrina dolls, giving them life in the process. After an accident caused by an outside source, the remaining piece of her soul was put in a 6th doll, killing her, and bringing all the dolls to life. These dolls have been nicknamed "The Magical 6."

Sabrina A

This Sabrina doll lies in the Ruins, as a human hunter. This one is known to be the meanest of the group, as she hates most other monsters in the area. She is the weakest of the group, however, with the stats of a regular MS. The A in her name stands for Anger.

Sabrina B

This doll lies in Snowdin, as a neat freak. She wants to rid the underground of germs, hoping to keep the place clean. Even though she has the same stats of a normal doll, she is considered stronger than A, but still the weakest of the whole group. The B in her name stands for Busy.

Sabrina C

This doll lies in Waterfall, hiding in the trash. She is the most timid of the group, hiding from humans who pass through, or monsters who could kill them in one hit. She is considered a decently strong member of the group, if only for her DEF. The C in her name stands for Crying.

Sabrina D

This doll lies in Hotland, as the serious member of the group. She is always studying, and the only one who isn't exactly strong in her attack power. Her HP is the highest in the group, but doesn't battle unless the player is on Pacifist. The D in her name stands for Deliberate.

Sabrina E

This doll lies in Core, as the caretaker of the regular dolls. She is the kindest of the group, wanting to let everybody know her love of everyone. Outside of that, she's pretty much caring for monsters in the CORE, despite nobody really caring. Oddly, her E stands for nicE.

Sabrina P

There is no P. She cannot be seen. Her P stands for Paint, but nothing else remains.

Sabrina P isn't lost. She was captured by ParTriangle Studios, specifically by Mystical Sebastion P. His soul was corrupted with power, and finally, having got a Sabrina, he could give a new way to broken intelligence.


Assimilate is a broken Sabrina doll, her dress and hat torn to shreds. Her arms have been replaced by more mechanical ones. In general, it's just a broken Sabrina with shreds of clothes hanging on the new mechanical arms.


She's lost all sense of personality. No will, no need, nothing. She's emotionless.

Battle Stats

ATK: 27

DEF: 33

EXP: 2

G: 5


The fans of our previous work for following along with us!

Our friends over at YP Manufacturing and Shipping Co, for helping us with that billboard you saw at the beginning!

The toys appearance was recreated in sprite form by Second Edge Studios!

Our fans who nominated this page as FA!

Important Note

On this very date, the Magical Sabrina toyline stopped production. It's future reincarnates, the Little Witch Sabrina™ and the Heroine Sabrina™, did not successfully living up to the fame that the dolls had. However, a possible reboot of the dolls may come. It may come on the month it became popular.