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Malware Quanzay is a very dangerous Inpyre Monster residing somewhere within the Underground, being classified as a SOUL Reaper. He doesn't reside within a particular area of the Underground, as he seems to move from place-to-place in the background over time. Much like the name may suggest, Malware is a rather malicious individual and would grasp most chances to kill and take the SOULs of his victims. Malware is the cause of the Inpyre civilization's downfall.


Soul Reapers are considered to be the most dangerous of all Inpyres out there. They are very rare, very Soul-hungry, and have very complex tactics in killing. However, whenever examples of Soul Reapers are brought up, the first one to always pop into mind is Malware Quanzay, the most surprising individual of them all.

The Quanzays were a rather peaceful bloodline that have dated back to the beginning of Inpyres. They took roles of hard-working yet simple jobs such as a farmer or jeweler. It is thought that one of their generations was actually part of the Court for Monsters, which helped maintain peace long before the War. They never even wanted to eat Souls, they only took one when it was absolutely necessary.

This changed with the 27th generation of the Quanzays, which was born about 59 years ago. There were 4 Bloodlings during this generation, 3 of which were a trio of siblings, and the other being a first-cousin. All four Bloodlings were behaving like any other Quanzay; they were playful, peaceful, and overall good-hearted children.

One day, each of the Bloodlings were each being fed their Souls to have their lives remained sustained. The first-cousin, who was now 13, was given a chance to harvest a Soul directly from a sleeping Monster for practice. However, it turns out that there was two Monsters sleeping there, and the Bloodling took both of their Souls perfectly.

Over time, the first-cousin started to act more differently than the other Bloodlings. He was slowly getting more greedy over time, and was reading up more and more techniques on how to steal a Soul. He seemed to have been losing bonds with his family members as well, and he was turning more and more cryptic and manipulative with his words.

At the age of 15, the first-cousin was placed into his egg to come up with a name. After only one hour, the first-cousin came up with a rather peculiar name... Malware. Not only was this a real word, it meant materials meant to harm other things. Malware soon left the egg, smirking as he was sent back home.

Over the next four years, Malware soon learned more and more techniques on how to steal a Soul. Each years, approximately 5 Monsters have disappeared under Malware's name. At the age of 17, Malware had decided to cut off his own wings, and learned how to float one year later. Other Inpyres, especially the Quanzays, were concerned for him.

Then it happened. At the age of 19, a number of Inpyres rallied to hold down Malware, hoping he would stop being so malicious. Rather than backing down, Malware suddenly changed to his True Inpyre form, and shrouded a nearby Inpyre in darkness... the two soon disappeared. Malware had officially become a Soul Reaper, the most dangerous class of Inpyre.

That very day and the following week is now known as the "Malware Massacre", as most of Kilon was set ablaze, many Inpyres such as the dictator being killed by his clutches. As a result, Kilon had fallen into despair, and the civilization had essentially been destroyed. From this, the Inpyres had then dropped drastically in population, and became rather rare.

Since that very day, Malware has been nowhere to been found. However, up to the present day, it has been reported that 4-12 Monsters have mysteriously disappeared each year, and all Inpyres could easily guess who was responsible for them... for at least a third of those Monsters are always other Inpyres.


Malware Quanzay is an Inpyre Monster standing at 6'8" tall, unlike most Inpyres. He has very little hair, similar to that of a wrestler such as John Cena. His horns are similar to Ram Horns, except they are grey and curve towards the sides in a counter-clockwise pattern.

Malware used to have small bat-like wings, but were chopped off to make room for the ability to float. His eyes are rather sinister-looking, with red pupils and yellow irises. He has rather sharp teeth similar to that of a saber-toothed tiger, with fangs large enough to pierce armor.

His tail is rather large, about two-thirds the length of his body. It is covered in spikes, and the tip of the tail is is a blunt sphere covered with spikes, similarly to a mace tip. He tends to be in torn clothes colored grey, to fit with the Reaper part. He occasionally wields a scythe for the Hell of it, but this doesn't happen too often.

Malware tends to change his appearance in slight ways to catch his victims off guard. While he can't turn into a completely different Monster, he can change to look like a different Inpyre, changing traits such as horns, tail, clothes, skin color, and even growing temporary wings.



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  • The Quanzays (Bloodline)

Romantic Partner(s)

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Unique Powers

Due to being a Soul Reaper, Malware has a certain set of abilities unique to himself as opposed to other Inpyres, giving him an advantage in most battles.

Darkness Shrouding

Being a Soul Reaper, this is the initial move Malware uses on his victims. This causes the victim and himself to be absolutely covered in darkness, making it much harder for the victim and witnesses to see what's going on, and making the fight much easier for Malware as a result.

Blue Fire

As opposed to the yellow fire breath of most Inpyres, Malware uses a special type of blue fire breath on his victims, which is several times hotter than the typical fire breath. As a result, this makes his fire breath all the more potent.

Shadow Attacks

At certain points in time, Malware's shadow can actually assume a life of it's own, and attack the enemy via their shadow. It is suggested that this is a separate entity at certain points in time, as Malware could actually use his shadow when shrouded in darkness, making light not really seem as a necessity.

Super Strong Body Part

Malware usually has a singular body part which is a lot stronger than the rest of his body at all times. However, this usually rotates through unusual parts such as the neck, shoulder, knee, etc. This usually causes some of Malware's battles seem rather weird, as he attacks with an unconventional part of his body.

Soul Ripping

Malware has the unique technique of taking the Soul out of his victim after he has won, still beating like a heart. Surprisingly enough, the Monster still lives for a bit, before Malware chooses a rather gruesome way to execute the Monster... such as sending him into a fiery inferno. This isn't really a power that helps Malware win battles, but it definitely brings fear out of anyone around him.


Base Stats

HP: 3000

AT: 75

DF: 75


AT: Scythe - 50 AT. Malware sometimes wields this fearsome weapon just to fit the name of a Soul "Reaper".

DF: Torn Clothes - 10 DF. Malware usually wears torn clothes to also fit the name of a Soul "Reaper".


Check, Challenge, Plead






Flavor Text




  • Malware's "Soul Ripping" power is a reference to the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Malware's blood is flavored like Hawaiian Punch.
  • If a True Pacifist Route is completed, one of two things will happen to Malware Quanzay. He may still remain as a Soul Reaper, killing an average of four Monsters each year. Or, he will actually become reformed and realize his mistakes, accepting any punishment that is flown his way by the few remaining Inpyres.


Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and to Neko for providing the base page. Also credit to Contactor and HolyTraitor for making the species. Thanks to Edge for making the Battle Sprite!

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