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Marviote is a young girl at the age of 5. She's an Earth Elemental and Spirit hybrid monster, being the daughter of Thera and Sythia. She is a very optimistic yet shy little girl who sticks by Thera most of the time but loves to help with Sythia with her pranks.


Marviote looks more like Sythia with her pale white skin and long hair. But has the same body structure as Thera. She has emerald green eyes and a cute little face. She wears normal clothes, but usually puts her long hair into a long ponytail with some vines. And she does have some rocks and plants for a necklace she wears.

Her normal clothes are just a pink dress with some tiny jeans.


Marviote is more like Thera, an introvert at heart and really only likes to be near her parents. She's got some of Sythia's love from pranking and mischief however and has got a tiny ego from Sythia as well. However, she's usually cheery and willing to follow what her mother tell her to do.

Inherited Abilities

Marviote inherited many abilities from her mothers. Thera's ability to change and shape her body's form has manifested itself into the ability to slightly morph her skeletal structure. As such, while she doesn't have complete control of her appearance, she can change some slight thing. Also from Thera, she does have Earth Bending abilities, able to control the Earth within a certain radius of herself. Just like Thera, however, physical contact with said Earth strengthens her ability.

From Sythia, Marviote has inhereted the ability to float off the ground. She hasn't yet gotten completely used to her ability, and as such, she isn't able to float any more than a few inches off the ground. And, also from Sythia, she has gained some few telepathic abilities. However, she doesn't know exactly how to use it, and often uses it accidentally, with people she really doesn't want to use it on. Like people she's pranking.

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