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Max is a black cat, of a Bombay breed. He is not monster, but merely just your average house-pet. His fur is thick enough to feel soft, yet still he is classified as a short-hair. His eyes possess a dull lime coloring, although they still seem to have sparks of brightness in them. Grey is partially touching a bit of black fur, but this is barely, if not, noticeable.

It is unknown what SOUL color Max possesses, or if he even does, as he is not monster nor human. It is possible he has one similar to a monster.


Max is actually, despite his peacefulness with both monsters and humans, very shy. He doesn't seem to be too fond of dogs, and runs away on sight of anyone he thinks to be menacing and/or dangerous (That's a lot), thus making that one of a few logical reasons. Although he isn't seen around often, he'll make trips throughout the underground, even Waterfall. Maybe he'll be seen at New Home. While he does this, he tries to be self-conscious at all times, trying his best to not get wet or fall in lava. This has turned him into quite the paranoid cat.

He does not have any special abilities, being, again, non-monster. While this is true, it seems that he is a master of hiding and camouflaging himself within a set environment. This may just be an instinct or training of his, perhaps the color of his fur, but some other monsters think it's neat anyhow.





  • HP: 11
  • AT: 1.5
  • DF: 3
  • EXP On Kill: 13
  • Gold on Win: 13


  • Pet
  • Soak
  • Mimic
  • Play

Flavor Text


*Max approaches, attracted by your sudden looks. He seems curious as to why you're here. [Pacifist/Neutral]

*Max threatens, claws outstretched. He looks ready to pounce on anything in sight, including you. [Genocide]

Flavor Text

*Max purrs when your hand nears him. (Pet 1)

*Max rubs himself against your hand. Ironic, isn't it? (Pet 2)

*Max rolls over, purring loudly. (Pet 3)

*Okay, this is a bit much. Max doesn't care. (Pet 4+)

*Max stares at you, unamused by the wetness. (Soak 1)

*Max is no longer a cat, but a heap of drowning fur. (Soak 2)

*No. (Soak 3+)

*You get on all fours and meow at Max. He tilts his head, confused. (Mimic 1)

*Okay, now you just look weird. Stop that! (Mimic 2+)

*You toss around a ball on a stick and string. Where did you find this? Either way, Max seems pleased. (Play)


*Max is based off of Cakey's own cat, also named Max.

*She didn't know much about him at this time, so winged it on some parts.

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