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Being the quiet character, this Schoolgirl who seems to be always late for lessons wanted to be a musician just like her older brother, but she was always too nervous to show her talent off to other monsters but whatever the cause she always had her brother behind her back whenever she felt shy.

Until some time ago Her Brother went to Hotland for a new treatment and promised he'd back back soon but he never did, which made her docile from these changes but whatever the cause she kept doing her talent of playing guitar the best she could with making some friends along the way... that and rushing for class.

When the Human fell into the Underground she was aforementioned late for class she bumped into the human whilst in a hurry, apologetic she tried to repay the human by playing her newest piece of music with a positive outcome in the end making her happy that someone enjoyed her music.


  • Older Brother
  • Shyren
  • Fuku Fire
  • Frisk


She appears in a casual School-Girl outfit like most Scholars wear in the Underground included with Black Knee socks, with white cloudy hair that seemingly floats in the air and grayish skin alongside to represent a cloud with her Guitar that's a literal Electric Guitar in the shape of a lightning bolt.


  • HP: 300
  • ATK: 14
  • DEF: 16
  • EXP on Kill: 28
  • Gold on Kill: 18

ACT's: Check, Hug, Insult, Compliment

In Battle

  • "O-oh dear, I didn't mean to run into you I'm so sorry!" [Encounter]
  • "D-don't stare!" [Check]
  • "Well alright..." [Insult 1.]
    • "..." [Insult 2.]
  • "I-I never knew my music was that good." [Compliment 1.]
    • "Thank you for your kindness." [Compliment 2.]
  • "Thank you Human, I really appreciate this." [Hug]
  • "T-That hurt!" [Hurt]
    • "I'm sorry I got in your way..." [Death]

Flavor Text

  • She seems in a hurry. [Encounter]
  • A Young Musician [Check]
  • Smells like Electricity. [Idle]
    • Maye is tuning her Electric Guitar. [Idle]
  • You say her music is not out of the ordinary. [Insult 1.]
    • You tell Maye that she should give up on music seeing as she's a bad player entirely, she runs off with tears visible before she leaves. [Insult 2.]
  • You tell Maye her music is wonderful to listen to. [Compliment 1.]
    • Persistent, you explain to Maye that anyone can be a good musician if they tried. [Compliment 2.]
  • Comforting, you hug her waist she seems to like this. [Hug]


  • Her Older Brother was actually an experiment by Alphys who tried out determination on monsters of which failed and whom is now an Amalgamate.
  • She shares the same class as Fuku Fire and Skateboard Girl.
  • After leaving the Underground she became a secondary player alongside the likes of Mettaton, Shyren and Napstablook.
  • Her Guitar was inherited from her brother.
  • She seems to stutter when she talks.
    • Though it seemingly changes when she's calm.
  • Her hair floats... how does it float?

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