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"I'm sorry but when was giving up on your brothers ever an option? Never was, never will be! Us brothers, we stick together!"


Mayhem 6x (said as Mayhem times Six) is a group of sextuplets that are all brothers. The group consists of the brothers (listed in chronological order): Odin, Kaleb, Climent, Ignatius, Jake, and Tobias. They all reside in the Underground, and they are usually seen parked in Grillby's because they come for a good time. What's unique about them is that they all have their own distinct color and personality, so it's pretty easy to tell them apart.

What's even more unique is that they all fight together. None of them ever fight solo; they all stick up for each other. Because they all fight together, their stats are multiplied by six, so they are six times harder to beat if they all fought singularly. But they do not fight solo, at all.


Odin: The Leader

Odin is the first brother to be born so he is the oldest brother. He is the red one. Because he is the oldest, he is the self proclaimed leader. However, he doesn't act like one from time to time, so many of his friends actually question if he deserves to be leader or not. Regardless, he loves his brothers dearly.


Odin is described as being 5'5.5" and weighing about 96 lbs. His fur is a vibrant red, but it's not pink like Tobias's fur. His eyes are simply green eyes. He wears a simple dark red flannel with black dressy jeans. His shoes are just simple red converses.


Odin is a very laid back individual. He usually doesn't care on what's going on around him, but when it involves his brothers, he does care. He usually spends his free time hanging out at Grillby's because he doesn't have "anything better to do." Because he takes on the leader role, he has some sense of dignity. Going on with that, he says that if anyone has to go first, it should be him, showing his everlasting love for his brothers. He usually tends not to take anything seriously, but rather as a "fun time."

Kaleb: The Charismatic

Kaleb is the second brother and is the second oldest. He is the blue one. He doesn't claim to be a narcissist, but he has high esteem and self loves himself a lot. He mostly does this because he wants to stay positive all the time. It's also safe to say he takes care of himself the most.


Kaleb is 5'5" and weighs about 95 lbs. His fur is a sky blue color, but the tuft of hair on his forehead is about three shades darker of a sky blue. He has rather dull but somewhat alluring pink eyes. He is known to wear a black jacket with tight jeans on him. He is almost always seen with his glasses on, obscuring his eyes.


Kaleb is known to have the most charisma of the brothers. He isn't exactly oblivious to his surroundings, but he has a bit of trouble figuring out what's going on around him. He always makes sure he gets what he wants, too. He loves his brothers very dearly, and he is said that his love for brothers is "more than the love for himself." Although, he is kind of a klutz, and he isn't always watching where he goes.

Climent: The Brains

Climent is the third brother and is the third oldest. He is the green one, and has a strong yearning towards the color. He is the smart one, and he usually tries his best to make the plans. If Odin wasn't the leader, Climent claims he could be the leader. He is known to analyze the situations given, and the brothers rely on him for strategies.


Climent is about 5'4.5" and weighs 94 lbs. His fur is a rather dull green, but it does bring out his red eyes. He wears a flannel, like Odin, that is green and also wears dark jeans. He is the only one out of the six to wear actual glasses (Kaleb only wears his for show).


Climent is very intelligent, and it is he who solves all the problems within the brothers. He usually tends to think his situations strategically, but he knows that doesn't always work. But because he's the smartest, he's also the one to show the least amount of affection. However, underneath that stone cold personality, is a rather warm and compassionate heart. He is the one that makes sure his brothers stay in line and not mess up, similar to Odin's role.

Ignatius: The Loner

Ignatius is the fourth brother and is the third youngest. He is known to be the purple one because he loves purple. He is the pessimistic one of the brothers, and he always makes sure to input his opinion. He is the least motivated of the six, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. He, in fact, does care; he has trouble showing that he does.


Ignatius is about 5'5" and weighs near 100 lbs. He has purple fur, but it's usually mattered and not brushed like his brothers' furs. He has rather yellow amber eyes. He doesn't wear anything fancy other than a purple hoodie, sweatpants and, of course, sandals with socks.


Ignatius is known to be the silent one. He usually doesn't voice his opinion all the time because every brother knows Ignatius's going to say something rather snarky. He is shown to be constantly tired, which leads him prone to anger a lot faster than the brothers. He has trouble showing his emotions, so the brothers always have to make sure Ignatius is taking care of himself. However, he really does care about his brothers and his brothers are aware of that.

Jake: The Hyperkinetic

Jake is the fifth brother and the second youngest. He is the yellow brother. He is the optimistic one, and he always sees the positives in life. He is also has a strong affinity for baseball, and sports in general. It's safe to say he's the fittest one out of the six. Jake is known to be extremely hyperactive. Him and Ignatius get along the most because of how contrast the two are.

He also has ADHD, and the only known brother to have it.


Jake is about 5'4" and weighs about 92 lbs. He has sunshine yellow fur that is soft to the touch. His purple eyes compliment his yellow fur as well. He wears a darker yellow hoodie, but he is the only one that wears shorts out of the six. He wears yellow converses as well.


Jake is extremely hyperactive, and he is known to speak in a really fast manner. He is usually upbeat and euphoric, always making sure he enjoys the best out of life. He makes sure that Ignatius and the other brothers take care of themselves. However, because of his hyperactivity, he is less likely to be in a serious mood out of the six. It's not that he doesn't care; he just doesn't know when's the perfect time to show a serious emotion.

Tobias: The Devious

Tobias is the last and sixth brother, and he is the youngest one of them all. His favorite color is pink, and he loves pastel colors as well. He is babied the most, because he is the youngest. He has an excellent music taste and has an excellent fashion taste, too. However, he is a very sly person and almost always manages to get what he wants.


Tobias is the shortest, being only 5'3" and weighs a measly 90 lbs. His fur is a very vibrant pink, and he has sky blue eyes that go along with his fur. His hair is the most well done, but it is usually concealed by a hat. He usually changes his attire more than the six, but his primary outfit would be a pastel pink shirt with jeans and pink converses.


The brothers describe Tobias as two faced. Tobias shows the personality that everyone wants, which is the sweetest and most compassionate boy. However, he is known to have a rather weird twist. He is usually cold and cruel if he doesn't get what he wants, and towards people that wrong him. He is rather manipulative, always playing with the player's feelings, at least mostly on the genocide route.


Their upbringing was rather odd. For one thing, because they were the rabbit subspecies, sextuplets weren't uncommon to be heard of. However, when the other monsters heard of this, they were rather shocked. They thought their mother couldn't handle it, since she did have a record of having poor health. But their mother was strong and decided to carry them until the end. Unfortunately, their mother had passed away due to complications, so their father had to step in and raise them all. He did a good job raising them the best they can be, until they were ready to venture into the new world.

All the brothers decided to name their group "Mayhem 6x." They settled on this because there was chaos already in their household, but multiply that by six and hell insures. When they were all adults, they decided to explore the underground for themselves, rather than their father taking them all around.


Their stats are all divisible by six because since they fight together, everything is basically multiplied by six.

HP: 1800 (300 for each)

ATK: 60 (10 for each)

DF: 30 (5 for each)

EXP on kill: 60

Gold on Win: 60 (spare), 120 (kill)

* If you kill a brother first, they simply get more furious, but no stats rise.


Check, Distract, Offer to Fight A Brother Singularly


Flavor Text

  • The brothers are triumph to fight. All together, that is [Check]
  • They are all angry, you hurt a brother. [Check, if attack hits]
  • Now you're going to face hell. Times six. [General Quote]
  • You attempt to distract them all. Unfornuately, Jake falls for it, but he quickly gets himself back together. [Distract]
  • You try again, but it does not work this time. [Distract]
  • You say you want to choose a brother and fight, but the brothers will not permit that. They are going to stick up for each other [Offer to Fight A Brother Singularly]
  • You cannot use this button anymore because they simply won't allow it. [Offer to Fight A Brother Singularly]
  • You are enraged when Jake insults you. What are you going to do? 

Pre Battle

  • Odin: I never thought it had to come to this.
  • We could have had a simple conversation.
  • Climent: Or you couldn't have killed anyone at all.
  • Odin: But it had to come down to this.
  • Climent: You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Ignatius: A part of you doesn't feel guilt?
  • Tobias: How... inhumane.
  • Kaleb: I'm sickened by your actions.
  • But we most do what we do best.
  • Climent: Which is giving up?
  • Kaleb: I'm sorry but when was giving up on your brothers ever an option? Never was, never will be! Us brothers, we stick together!
  • All in Unison: YEAH!

During Battle

  • Odin: Six times the chaos
  • Kaleb: Six times the greatness
  • Climent: Six times the strength
  • Ignatius: Six times the annoying...
  • All in Unison: WE ARE THE MAYHEM 6X!
  • Climent: Begging for forgiveness is too late now, pal.
  • Just how are you going to make up those murders? You c a n ' t. [Mercy]
  • Ignatius: Aw, look, the febish human tried, but it can't.
  • Jake: I don't think it's human anymore, Ignatius.
  • It's gone too far without the touch of humanity. How it thinks is a mystery. [Attack]

​-no one talks for a while until-

  • Ignatius: Jake...... J-JAKE! WHY HIM FIRST? [Attack, Death of Jake]

-silence for about six attacks-

  • Odin: KALEB!
  • Climent: NOT HIM!
  • Ignatius: ...
  • ...
  • ... [Attack, Death of Kaleb]
  • Tobias: How will we keep going? Without our... oUR MOTIVATOR??????? 
  • Climent: We have to... for our fallen brothers.
  • Odin: It's my job as oldest to keep you all safe, and yet, I have failed two of them... Ridiculous.... But we must keep going.

-silence for about six attacks-

  • Climent: IGNATIUS!
  • Odin: HOW?!
  • Tobias: WE'RE ONLY DOWN TO THREE BROTHERS! [Attack, Death of Ignatius]
  • Odin: ....
  • ...
  • ...
  • How does this creature think? What is it's motives? What is it trying to accomplish?
  • Climent: Seems as if.... it's not living. It's a machine, programmed to destroy those who are in their way...

-a couple of squeaks but no talking-

  • Odin and Climent: TOBIAS!!
  • Odin: It's JUST US!
  • Odin: S T A Y C A L M ! F I G H T!!

-S I L E N C E-

  • Odin: ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • so it's just you and me....
  • h o w a w e s o m e....
  • i have failed them all... i am the eldest
  • i am supposed to keep them safe...
  • ...
  • ...
  • j ust kill me...
  • let me be with my brothers in peace.

-you attack him once and he falls-

  • Odin: I hope you know what you're doing... [Final Attack, Dying]


  • Mayhem 6x was inspired from the Osomatsu San brothers. 
  • If you were in a genocide route and choose to fight them, you cannot fight a brother by themself. You fight them all at once, but you can kill one brother first.


coming soon!


  • Osomatsu San (for inspiration)

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