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Mayonnaise was an albino gorgon monster native to Hotland. She was quite young, but made a name for herself and several friends due to being a general nuisance throughout the entire Underground.


The gorgon girl truly believed herself to be a horrifying creature, able to turn any being into stone with a simple glare. Alas, this was not at all true, and Mayo's face was little more than a tad difficult to look straight at. Her eyes were maroon, the right always droopy. She had fangs, though they were extremely small and relatively unfit for combat purposes.

Mayonnaise's name came from the fact that every scale on her body was white. Yes, every single scale. She often wore colourful clothing to distract from the admittedly boring appearance that she had, her favourites being mostly greens and pinks.

As with all gorgons, Mayo's hair was made of snakes, 8, to be exact. The eyes of every snake in her hair were exactly the same as her own. The snakes did not do much of anything on their own, though they were known to have stood up tall if Mayo felt threatened.


Mayo was quite lively and bubbly, perhaps fitting of someone of her, ahem, occupation. This was a trait somewhat shared with the snakes in her hair, which appear to have had very limited intelligence. Speaking of said snakes, Mayonnaise was very possessive of things, and had named every single snake in her hair as if they were totally separate people (A thing not often done by sane gorgons, though calling Mayonnaise sane is a bit of a stretch). The names were: Felicia, Henry, Eve, Cain, Fiora, Jason, Sarah and Veigar. She often talked to them, even though they could do little more than hiss in response.

Due to her young age, there were many things Mayonnaise did not understand about the world. She could be very reckless with her actions, and failed to see the consequences of them most of the time. Also rather rebellious, any attempt to retain her and teach her proper manners had failed, horribly. She was also known to be a great drama queen and always blew things out of proportion, mostly in an attempt to have people take pity on her. She was great at fake-crying and acting in general, perhaps if she wasn't the leader of such a successful organisation then she'd have taken that up as a profession.

She knew she wasn't a great leader and this was often sitting at the back of her mind when she ordered people about. In reality, she happened to be a little self-conscious about her leadership but that rarely showed unless she was feeling particularly down. For those that actually complimented her on the leadership she gave, she turned out to be a very caring and generous person - provided none of the other Condiment Crew members were around. She'd hate be forced to show everyone her soft side.

She tried to speak with modern lingo and slang to sound cool to everyone. She didn't really know what she was saying, but she thought she got the point across well enough. In her free time she hid off in her office in the Condiment Crew base and played with action figures of the other members. She did this to give herself some sort of pride over her leadership, even if she was leading nothing but insignificant little toys.

Though she had problems with the whole leadership thing, Mayonnaise loved herself and had quite the ego. While she was definitely not strong and left everything to others, the Condiment Crew's many successes had left her with a feeling of invincibility on some missions. Unfortunately, this has cost the crew many casualties and even deaths in the past. When a Crew member she didn't really like got lost, her first order of business was finding another to replace their role. That often got her some strange opinions from other members, but she claimed that it's just business.


Mayonnaise's early life was as normal as it gets, really. She lived with her mother for a brief period, which was very brief, and was given to the (now abandoned) Snowdin Orphanage. However, the harsh cold of Snowdin is not healthy for a cold-blooded Gorgon, and she left herself in the middle of the night, catching a ride with the Riverperson. She awoke on the shore of Hotland, and decided to stay there for a while.

She had received little to no education, both in the knowledge department and basic manners. She began her life in Hotland by working for food, watering plants for people and such, earning money the good way. One fateful day, she met a strange man travelling the river that the Riverperson usually did. She asked him for a job, but he gave her advice instead.

"Workin'll no get ye anywhere, lass. Come w' me n' get some G the ol' fashioned way, eh?" He told her. She didn't fully understand, but nodded her head and jumped onto his boat (Much bigger than the Riverperson's, it was a wonder it could even fit into the river). He took her to Snowdin and they had a successful raid on Grillby's. The man split the money between them and returned her home, he was a man of his word, despite being a thief.

Mayonnaise, none the wiser that this was even a bad thing, continued this act, thieving away from numerous stores in the Underground, the Tem Shop being one of her favourite locations, the dim-witted Temmies most of the time not even realising their money is gone.

Mayonnaise was recently killed by the hand of the Virtuoso.


HP - 100

ATK - 7

DEF - 5

Mayonnaise wasn't very powerful and often relied on slithering herself out of trouble to get out of fights. Nonetheless, she could hit decently hard if given the chance but would likely flee after giving or taking any damage.



  • When she was a baby, she actually had a rattle at the end of her tail. This eventually fell off as she grew older, though.
  • Mayonnaise was the proud founder of the Condiment Crew.
  • The Virtuoso's first act.

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