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Meowlice(sing. Meowlice) are a unique species of cat-like monsters.


Meowlice are typically white furred anthropomorphic cats(although there have been brown and even the rare black furred cats), with the distinguishing two black stripes on the side of their cheek. Black furred Meowlice lack these stripes.

Meowlice are normally tall in height and fairly athletic. There is a large variety in eye colours though, from blue and green to yellow and even pink.


The Great War

Before the monsters' banishment into the underground, Meowlice were known as the brute fighters who fought by claw rather than magic, since they actually don't possess any sort of magic anyways. They were the brutal flankers, but unfortunately didn't have much chance against the humans' magic.


Once the monsters were underground, the Meowlice originally lived in the small room in the Ruins with the sign saying, 'Please don't step on the flowers'. Once the monsters moved out of the Ruins, they lived in the forests of Snowdin until the CORE was built, where most of their community went.

The CORE Massacre

When the CORE exploded after the Royal Scientist W.D Gaster fell in, all of the families living there were instantly wiped out. The remaining four, fearing extinction, were desperate to find a safe place to live. The new scientist, Dr. Alphys, offered them a place in her own lab. They agreed.

The Casters




There is actually a limited number of families within the community. Originally there were about eleven in total, but after the CORE Massacre there were only four left. Although Meowlice do not have family names, families can be distinguished by their particular eye colour(e.g Both Glafe and Veli have yellow eyes). If two Meowlice have children, the female leaves her family to join the male's. Their children are also part of the male's family.

There are several Meowlices, however, who have lost too many members of their family to be recorded anymore. They are typically seen as outcasts, although no hostile behaviour is shown towards them. Sometime two Outcasts may form a new family, but most of the time these families aren't recorded.

There are four currently alive extended families, based on their eye colours(Section WIP):


  • Kurz(Kurzast)
  • Kage(Kagesta)
  • Jerv(Jervandi)


  • Glafe(Glaferno)
  • Veli(Velipulli)


There is a large and extensive history behind naming.

During the Great War, Meowlice have been known to hide their true names from each other as they fear betrayal. This tradition is still passed on, with every Meowlice having two names - their common name(usually a shortened version of their true name) and their true name(e.g Glafe and Glaferno, Veli and Velipulli). Members of the family know each other's true names. To be given a Meowlice's true name is a sign of utmost respect and trust.

Strangely, most Meowlice names seem to be half gibberish, expect in some cases(e.g Kage, which means 'Shadow' in Japanese).


There are no ranking within the community - every monster is on the each level with each other. No monster will be allowed to fall too far behind, and no monster is allowed to progress too much in front. They have no defined leader/s, it's every cat for themselves. However, despite this they still commonly work together.

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