Cookie pointsEdit

● Geshtro: 5 pt!
● Slade: 5 pt!


Can you delete my page?
Absolutely. Just link it and tell me why.
I fixed my page's issues.
I'll review it in a bit. For faster service see someone else.
Can you review my page?
I don't do reviews anymore.
I want to adopt a page.
Make sure you've got permission, then come to me.

I have a page to report.
Leave a link and the reason(s) you think it breaks the rules.
I have a user to report.
Leave me a link to the edit/reply on forums, or a screencap if it happened in chat.
I have a staff member to report.
Please go talk to Yossi or Fred.

Can you make a sprite for my character?
Please read my profile for directions.
Can you code my profile?
Yes, but be specific.
Can you code my wiki for me?
No thanks.

Why did you (ban me)/(block me)/(mark/delete my page)!?
Undertale RP Wikia:Wiki Policy
You're abusing your powers as an admin! I'm reporting you to Fandom!
FANDOM does not get involved in matters of local staff. Speak to Yossi or Fred.

I have a suggestion on how to make the wiki a better place!
I'm all ears.
I would like to become a moderator/administrator
We are not looking for more staff at the moment.
I would like to add a character to MafiaTale/AngelicTale.
I've pretty much given up on those.
Can you link me to the Discord?
No. We don't have one of those.

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