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Can you delete my page?
Yes, though you're going a little high on the staff hierarchy for that.
Hint: All other members of the staff team can take this, and you will likely get faster service the lower down the ladder you go.
I fixed my page's issues.
I'll look over it in a bit. Give me a link to the page, and be patient. For faster service, see a content mod.
Can you review my page?
Yes, though it may take some time, since when I do a full review I have to read the entire page. I'm a busy person so that can't always happen right away. Plus, if you catch me when I'm really busy, I may forget by the time my schedule clears.
I want to adopt a page.
Make sure you've cleared it up with the other user, and can prove to me that you have. If you can, then sure, by all means.

I have a page to report.
Leave a link and the reason(s) you think it breaks the rules.
Hint: All other members of the staff team can take this, and you will likely get faster service the lower down the ladder you go.
I have a user to report.
If the person was being problematic on the forums or on pages, leave me a link to the edit/reply. If the user was being problematic in chat, give me a screencap. Keep in mind that although I can take screencaps as evidence, they're not the most solid evidence in the world, as they can easily be faked.
Hint: Any administrator and up can also take this report.
I have a staff member to report.
Oh boy, this sounds like stuff I definitely need to hear. But please note that you're going to need a lot of proof to back up whatever claim you're making.
Hint: Fred can also take this.

Can you make a sprite for my character?
Please read my profile for directions.
Can you code my profile?
Yes, though you'll have to be specific about what you want.
Can you code my wiki for me?
Technically I can. Will I? No. Unless you've actually got something that's already off of the ground, my talents would go to waste. You can ask me how to do something though.

Why did you ban me!?
Undertale RP Wikia:Chat Rules
Why did you block me!?
Undertale RP Wikia:Wiki Rules
Why did you mark/delete my page!?
Undertale RP Wikia:Page Guidelines
You're abusing your powers as a bureaucrat/admin! I'm reporting you to Fandom!
Good luck with that. The big dogs don't care about local level staff unless the majority of the community cries out in anguish. So if you have a problem with how I run things, it would be much more productive to calmly talk out your issues with me or Fred.

I have a suggestion on how to make the wiki a better place!
We'd love to hear it. If it's good enough, the staff team will put it on our list of things to consider. You should get feedback on whether or not your suggestion will become a part of the wiki within ten days.
I would like to become a moderator/administrator
We don't do moderator applications here unless there's a highlighted thread up for it. We're a somewhat small wiki, and have all the staff we need right now. If you're still interested in getting on the staff team, the fastest way to do so is to be a helpful member of the community.
I would like to add a character to MafiaTale/AngelicTale.
The comments on the respective pages would be a better place, my dude.
Can you link me to the Discord?
No. We don't have one of those.

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  • Geshtro: 5 pt!

Cookie points are earned by doing favors for me! Earning enough cookie points might win you something! :D

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