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Can you delete my page?
Yes, though you're going a little high on the staff hierarchy for that.
Hint: All other members of the staff team can take this, and you will likely get faster service the lower down the ladder you go.
I fixed my page's issues.
I'll look over it in a bit. Give me a link to the page, and be patient. For faster service, see someone of lower rank.
Can you review my page?
Yes, though it may take some time, since when I do a full review I have to read the entire page. I'm a busy person so that can't always happen right away. Plus, if you catch me when I'm really busy, I may forget by the time my schedule clears.
I want to adopt a page.
Make sure you've cleared it up with the other user, and can prove to me that you have. If you can, then sure, by all means.

I have a page to report.
Leave a link and the reason(s) you think it breaks the rules.
Hint: All other members of the staff team can take this, and you will likely get faster service the lower down the ladder you go.
I have a user to report.
If the person was being problematic on the forums or on pages, leave me a link to the edit/reply. If the user was being problematic in chat, give me a screencap. Keep in mind that although I can take screencaps as evidence, they're not the most solid evidence in the world, as they can easily be faked.
Hint: Any administrator and up can also take this report.
I have a staff member to report.
Oh boy, this sounds like stuff I definitely need to hear. But please note that you're going to need a lot of proof to back up whatever claim you're making.

Can you make a sprite for my character?
Please read my profile for directions.
Can you code my profile?
Yes, though you'll have to be specific about what you want.
Can you code my wiki for me?
Technically I can. Will I? No. Unless you've actually got something that's already off of the ground, my talents would go to waste. You can ask me how to do something though.

Why did you (ban me)/(block me)/(mark/delete my page)!?
Undertale RP Wikia:Wiki Policy
You're abusing your powers as a bureaucrat/admin! I'm reporting you to Fandom!
Good luck with that. The big dogs don't care about local level staff unless the majority of the community cries out in anguish. So if you have a problem with how I run things, it would be much more productive to calmly talk out your issues with me or Fred.

I have a suggestion on how to make the wiki a better place!
We'd love to hear it. If it's good enough, the staff team will put it on our list of things to consider. You should get feedback on whether or not your suggestion will become a part of the wiki within ten days.
I would like to become a moderator/administrator
We are not looking for more staff at the moment, and likely won't be for a very long time. You can still help out around the wiki though!
I would like to add a character to MafiaTale/AngelicTale.
The comments on the respective pages would be a better place, my dude.
Can you link me to the Discord?
No. We don't have one of those.

Cookie points:

  • Geshtro:
    5 pt!
  • Slade:
    5 pt!

Cookie points are earned by doing favors for me! Earning enough cookie points might win you something! :D

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  • siramare, pls?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What is it that needs to be fixed on my page and how long is the protection?

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    • Your WIP protection lasts for one week relative to the time you placed it.

      The issues are...

      • Too short
        • Make sure that your page is at least 3 paragraphs, 20 sentences, and 2500 bytes.
      • No ownership claimed
        • I suggest using the {{Property}} template at the top of your page.
      • Possible canon tampering (Setting out strict date of birth and age, therefore forcing 201X to be within a more specific range)
        • I highly advise against using exact dates, since Undertale is set in an indistinct year. Looks like you already fixed this issue.
      • Bordering on direct relation to canon characters
        • This one isn't so much something I can actually mark your page for, but I do advise against making your OC too close to canon characters. People here tend not to like it very much.

      Most importantly here, you're going to need to pump a lot more content into that page in the next week. Looks like you've already got a plan for more sections, so that shouldn't be all too hard. Best of luck!

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    • Did I fix everything? I'm on phone btw so some things might not show for me.

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    • I count 15/20 sentences. Keep up the good work. You're getting there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Yo, I'm unsure if two requests are allowed, but I guess I'll find out soon. I was wondering if you could do sprites for Elvis Art and Emo Boy

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'd like you to review Watchers, please, if that's possible. Then again, if you can't do it right now, I understand.

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  • but do you think you could review Menschlichesreptil? I know you're busy so I'm fine with a yes or no.

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  • eeey so something recently happened with her.

    My good friend and I like to joke around and poke fun at stalking each other if we find each other on web sites. Well in Fred's defense shejp had no idea of this and of course he had no context but she deleted the thread deleted the thread claiming it was illegal and he would ban my friend. Slightly reasonable but who deletes a thread so they couldn't say it was a joke or come to there own defense? Later I want on his wall and explained the situation, he then sassed saying there was no context and it was still illegal. Along with all sorts of things, then he closed the thread claiming she would ban me if I took this any further. 

    Now I love the undertale community and the AU's and roleplays that come with it, my friend showed me the wiki and I was extactic! But I did not expect my first day in this community being threated along with my friend after I calmly explained the problem and joking about not jumping in head first and finding out what it is. 

    So I dunno what you'll think I'm hoping your a bit more reasonable as the head and don't ban me.

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    • Ok, I just wanted this resolved in some way. Also just a qesustion its not ment to be snarky in any way but its ok to threaten members of the wiki with a ban? Like its over now aaaall done but I feel like that's not quite right and should change a bit eventually.

      Byeee :)

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    • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade wrote:

      The next chronological installment in this escapade happens much more recently, with IPR's Message on Yossi's wall where there is an alleged death threat7 in the form of a short poem8. To me, this is does not constitute as a death threat, but rather as a failed attempt to spark conversation. The reason I interpret it this way is the stylization of the background, and the person receiving the message. In this thread, Yossi complimented IPR's CSS skills9, and this could be seen as a cute extension to that. Additionally, if indirect "threats" or references to murder in poetry are going to be grounds for warnings, I've certainly got some explaining to do about poetry I've previously hosted here, which alludes to the murder of an unfaithful groom10.

      Wait what?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Grandma Calibri shouldn't really be too hard to do, if that's alright.

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  • So do I need any permissions to make a new AU?

    Mine only contains the characters from undertale and that's it.

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  • Please post suggestions for new face emotes here. For reference, you don't need to ask for anything already in the Emoticons list.

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