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Metal Gear Tale
"War Has changed..."
―A famous Quote
Metal Gear Tale is an Alternate Universe (AU) Created by THE WAR KID on the 28rd of April, 2016. The AU Mainly consists of crossing over MGS with UNDERTALE.

Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled the Earth, Humans & Monsters.

One day, war broke out between the two.

After a long battle, humans won.

They sealed them underground with a Barrier.

And they say those few who venture to the field, never return.

Metal Gear Tale is an AU that crosses UNDERTALE with METAL GEAR SOLID.

The AU takes place in the time slot between the birth of Solid and Liquid Snake, and the time of Diamond Dogs being active. The Diamond Dogs are splitting, some deciding to assist Solid or Liquid, while others remaining loyal to Big Boss. Liquid, Solid, and the Diamond Dogs had been trapped Underground in the confusion of the barrier being sealed.


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Settings and Locations


Canon Characters

This is a list of canon characters for Metal Gear Tale. Ask THE WAR KID before adding any characters.

Main Characters


Secondary Characters


Side Characters


Original Characters

This is a list of original characters for Metal Gear Tale. Ask THE WAR KID before adding your character. Do not add a character to the: Main Characters list without Heavy permission and lore checking from THE WAR KID and RebelWhisper.

Possible characters

Note: You dont need permission to add OCs here.


Confirmed Characters



Main Characters

(Solid Snake)

(Liquid Snake)

(Big Boss)

Derek -

Slade - Slade has remained loyal to Big Boss, but works as a second agent for Solid, making sure Big Boss doesn't go mad with power.

Secondary Characters

Lil - Lil grew up on the original Mother Base, being rescued by Slade on a mission to Afghanistan, she was a close friend to Paz (MGS Paz), and still believes that Paz never meant to attack Snake or anybody, she works with Liquid, as an informant when she allowed to visit Slade on Mother Base and is used to persuade prisoners to help Liquid

Paz - Paz is still Slade's daughter, and her mother is still alive, on Mother Base, but is actually currently undergoing parasite therapy to become a clone of the original Paz, she still has to live up to her name, and is one of the only children on base, she is the current "back up plan" to get Slade to betray Big Boss and Solid

Side Characters



Metal Gear Tale


Official Artwork



Fan Artwork





Original AU Idea Created By THE WAR KID

The Fans User:Temporal Umbra User:RednaVanguard User:Pearlë User:Contactor User:Undyne-The-Undying-Fish77

Original Page Construction By Reddest

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